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An international exhibition and scientific conference has opened in Ashgabat
An international exhibition and scientific conference has opened in Ashgabat
Çap edildi 06.08.2022

Today, the capital hosted the opening of the International Exhibition “Construction, Industry, Energy of Turkmenistan-2022" and the Scientific Conference “Development of the Construction, Industrial and Energy Sectors of Turkmenistan” as part of it, organized by the relevant ministries and departments, as well as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the country.

The specialized forum, initiated by the President of Turkmenistan, is timed to coincide with the Day of Workers in the Construction and Industrial complex, which is the first time to be celebrated in our Fatherland on August 6, displaying a panoramic view of the new successful steps of the native land on the path of creation, steady economic growth and prosperity in the period of the Revival of the New Epoch of the Powerful State.

Various events will be held throughout the country to celebrate this professional holiday, established in honor of the glorious workers of the dynamically developing sectors of the national economy, including awarding ceremonies for the forefront workers.

The enormous resource and economic potential, environmentally friendly and super-technological facilities, focused on the manufacture of high-quality products that meet the requirements of international standards, provide today a high rating for the domestic construction and production industries in foreign countries.

Placing emphasis on the creation of a high-capacity production infrastructure, an increase in the output and range of quality goods based on its own raw materials and natural resources, Turkmenistan attracts an increasing number of interested partners who seek to strengthen their position in our rapidly growing and promising market, open to foreign companies and investments.

The purpose of the current International Exhibition and Scientific Conference is to promote development of the construction, production and energy sectors, the chemical industry, road construction, as well as to show the great potential and opportunities of the country’s commodity producers, and equipment, the latest machinery and services of foreign participants.

The opening ceremony of the show was attended by members of the Government, deputies of the Mejlis and the Halk Maslakhaty of the Milli Gengesh, representatives of ministries, departments and public organizations of the country, heads of diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited in Turkmenistan, foreign and domestic business people, media and many residents of Ashgabat.

The official part of the opening ceremony of the sectoral exhibition was preceded by musical performances given by creative groups of the capital, which added special joy to the festive atmosphere of the event.

The participants listened with great attention to the Welcoming Address from President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, in which the head of state, heartily congratulating the International Forum participants on the event opening, noted that during the Revival of the New Epoch of the Powerful State, as well as in other areas, profound transformations are taking place in the construction, production and energy sectors.

“We are carrying out large-scale work aimed at enhancing the material and technical facilities for ministries and sectoral departments with regard to the construction and industrial complex of Turkmenistan. Modern innovation technologies and advances in international practice are widely introduced into the industry”, the message of the head of state underscores.

Serdar with Arkadag stressed the great importance of such international exhibitions and scientific conferences for the exchange of experience with foreign partners and the implementation of mutually beneficial projects.

...In the exhibition hall of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry there were sectoral expositions showing the progress made in the unprecedented reform process of modernization and diversification of the construction and industrial sectors of the national economy, being successfully carried out under the leadership of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov as part of implementing state programs and innovation projects.

The theme of the show covered basic areas such as construction, industry and production of building materials, the electric power and chemical industries, gas and petrochemistry, and road construction. The exhibits at stands of state and business organizations of the country and foreign companies fully reflect the success of partnership in carrying out joint projects.

In this regard, products that are necessary for the country and competitive on the world market of building materials are presented at the exhibition by both the “titans” and newcomers in the industrial sector.

The exhibits include pipes, bricks, reinforced concrete structures, waterproofing materials, washed sand, cellular polystyrene, claydite, various emulsions and paints, electric cables and hoses, curbstones and tiles, dry building mixtures, various types of glass from the enterprise “Türkmenaýnaönümleri”, as well as oil and air filters, batteries, etc.

Exhibition pavilions have many videos demonstrating new products and construction technologies, automatic lines and mini-factories for the production of building materials, as well as pumps and water treatment plants, panel and wall blocks, aluminum and plastic shapes, plumbing and finishing materials.

The leading partners of our country such as “Bouygues Turkmen”, “General Electric”, “Gap Inşaat”, “KSB”, “Rönesans Endüstri Tesisleri Inşaat Sanaýi we Tijaret”, “Sumimoto Corporation”, CA “Interbudmontazh”, “Altkom Road Construction”, “Çalık Enerji Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.”, “PA Vozrozhdeniye” JSC and others presented models of construction facilities, innovation advances and technologies, including such areas as water supply and lighting, road construction, the active leisure industry, etc.

Large-scale construction ongoing throughout the country as part of the implementation of comprehensive socio-economic programs initiated by President Serdar Berdimuhamedov has resulted in ever-increasing demands for high-quality building products, having given impetus to the rapid development pace of production thereof from local raw materials. It is today one of the leading objectives of industrializing the national economy, based on the advances in world science and practice.

Special attention of the exhibition guests and participants was attracted by new architectural projects, which showed models of administrative and office complexes, shopping and entertainment centers, residential houses of superior comfort to be built in the near future. The exhibition is of interest not only for specialists, but also for a great number of residents and guests of the capital. Such a representative sectoral show was a wonderful opportunity for them to look into the future of the country, to imagine how the streets of Turkmen cities and villages will look like in the near future thanks to the latest technologies.

The domestic private construction sector, which has carried out large-scale projects in recent years, is especially widely represented. Thanks to the unabated attention of the President of Turkmenistan to development of this sector of the national economy, entrepreneurial activity has become one of the most effective areas in the construction industry.

Speaking about the importance of building up the potential of the building industry through the introduction of innovations and modern technologies, the head of state outlined the successful implementation of the Smart City and Smart Home projects, as well as housing construction using technological developments in the field of regenerative energy sources, among the priority objectives.

In this context, it should be noted that the architectural model of the Ashgabat City mega-project has become a highlight of the exhibition.

This is a project of a large residential area, the construction of which is planned in the northern side of the Turkmen capital, will become the embodiment of the “smart city” concept. The organization of life in the new megalopolis was initially based on digital control systems, robotic and intelligent networks.

A special significance is attached to development of the construction and industrial complex in large-scale state programs, including the Program “Revival of the New Epoch of the Powerful State: the National Program for Socio-Economic Development of Turkmenistan in 2022-2052”.

In accordance with the targets set by President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, new villages are being built in all regions of our country, which have become a reflection of the creative spirit of the present epoch. A vivid example in this respect is the large-scale construction work that is in full swing today in the new modern administrative center of the Akhal Velayat.

Today, Turkmen companies are rapidly adopting and applying world advances in the field of construction, when designing and building modern offices, residential areas, and large industrial, social and cultural facilities.

At the same time, individual enterprises of the country have launched the production of dozens of types of building materials that meet international quality standards. This is clearly illustrated by the stand of the “Derýaplastik” Business Entity, the plants of which manufacture more than 1500 types of high-quality import-substituting products that are in demand both in our country and abroad. These include hundreds of types of pipes, cables, suspended ceilings, shapes for windows and doors, and other materials made of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride, widely used in public utilities and construction.

A number of exhibitors such as “Ajaýyp gurluşyk”, “Ussat inžener”, “Ugurly ýol”, “Ak bulut”, “Berk menzil”, “Sapaly jaý”, “Aga gurluşyk”, “Myradym”, “Weli gurluşyk”, “Kämil ymarat” and others demonstrate the capabilities of the private sector in the construction industry.

The stands reflecting the projects of facilities, the construction of which requires special engineering and technical solutions and the application of the latest technologies, including autobahns, bridges, overpasses, underpasses and multi-level interchanges on the most important highways of the country, aroused increased interest among exhibition visitors.

The pavilion of the State Agency for Road Construction Management, monitors show high-performance construction machinery from leading world manufacturers, which have been actively operated in the implementation of road transport infrastructure projects in recent years. These are various types of compaction rollers, bulldozers, earth-moving machines, motor graders and other machines that meet the highest modern requirements.

The successful implementation of the country’s road construction program, in particular carrying out the Ashgabat-Turkmenabat high-speed autobahn construction project, will contribute to dealing with the issues related to the development of transport and transit corridors in Turkmenistan and the country’s integration into the regional and international system of multimodal links, the effective use of its geo-economic potential.

The State Corporation “Türkmengeologiýa” and the State Concern “Türkmenhimiýa” are closely related by the nature of their activities. The President of Turkmenistan pays special attention to increasing the capacity of the chemical industry, which is reflected in the Program on Socio-Economic Development of the Country for 2022-2028.

The production of various fertilizers to fully meet the demand in growing domestic agriculture and the strengthening of food security are priority development areas for this industry. Natural resources, impressive reserves of hydrocarbon and hydrogen sulfide raw materials, the latest technologies being introduced for processing and production of finished goods are the factors that have provided an opportunity to significantly expand the range and increase mineral production.

Professionals and foreign experts paid special attention to the products of the “Garabogazkarbamid” plant. The Turkmen Bay of Garabogazkol is one of the few sites on the planet where sodium sulfate and other valuable salt minerals crystallize on an industrial scale under natural conditions.

In consideration of the rich potential of the Balkan Velayat, in particular, the hydro-mineral resources of the Garabogazkol Bay, there are great prospects for the integrated adoption of new production practices in terms of import-substituting chemical products. Work is underway at the Kiyanly polymer plant to launch the production of demanded chemicals.

The development dynamics of the electric power industry is demonstrated by the large-scale projects being carried out on the initiative of the President of Turkmenistan, in particular, to create a ring energy system of the country. Along with this, dozens of power distribution substations have been built in recent years, and the renovation of the power supply and lighting system of the capital, other cities and towns is in progress.

The large-scale work ongoing in this area makes it possible to steadily provide with electricity large industrial complexes and a great number of social facilities that are annually commissioned in our country, as well as to supply it to neighboring states.

The stands of “Sumimoto Corporation” and “Çalik Holding”, which show projects for the construction of new and modernization of operating facilities in the electric power industry, attracted special attention of the exhibition visitors and participants.

The presented models of modern buildings, including centers for the repair and maintenance of power equipment, “green: generating stations, etc., provide an excellent opportunity to trace the development trend of the Turkmen energy sector in the near future.

Domestic exhibitors also showed their developments in the field of renewable energy production such as solar panels and wind generators.

A mini-model of the Monument “My White City Ashgabat” was installed in the pavilion of the Ashgabat City Khyakimlik. The pavilion also comprehensively displays unprecedented achievements in socio-economic development of the capital aimed at ensuring a happy life for the population.

The pavilion of the “Aýdyň gijeler” Business Entity, a manufacturer of modern industrial and electronic products, also causes interest among visitors. The product range of this company is constantly expanding to include cell phones with two SIM cards, smartphones, various types of monoblocks, smart TVs, split air conditioners, Internet network distributors (routers), as well as devices for cooling and heating drinking water.

The main focus of the show is to demonstrate, along with the current successes, the potential, quality transformations that have taken place in development of economic sectors, and most importantly, the effectiveness of public-private partnership aimed at the prosperity of the Homeland.

The especially exciting event in the work program was the Scientific Conference “Development of the Construction, Industrial and Energy Industries of Turkmenistan”, where the heads of sectoral ministries and departments of the country, representatives of the domestic business community, professionals from companies and enterprises of a number of foreign countries spoke with their proposals both in a traditional form and online.

The speakers highlighted that the policy of innovative development of Turkmenistan, being pursued by President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, is based on the diversification of the construction and industrial sectors, and infrastructural transformations in the economy in general.

Foreign delegates, speaking via a digital system, focused on the prospects for cooperation in precisely those areas that the head of state indicated in his Welcoming Address to the forum participants.

The presentations described the proposed progressive seismic protection systems for buildings and facilities from Swiss manufacturers, the capabilities of the Rick logistics module and the mechanism for calculating transport costs, determining cost-effective transport routes for the delivery of products, installations and equipment from a Russian company, construction projects management and consultations organization methods from Turkish developers.

Foreign forum participants expressed their readiness for a broad partnership with their Turkmen colleagues in the development of new technologies, participation in joint projects, test trials of experimental models for their further introduction into production, pointing out the availability in our country of the modern infrastructure, opportunities and conditions created for innovation activities thanks to the support and attention from the President of Turkmenistan.

As part of today’s dialogue, issues were raised in relation to improving the efficiency of research in the field of electric power, conservation of water resources, production of building materials, innovations in development of the road construction industry, etc.

Domestic experts and entrepreneurs also offered a number of presentations on the implementation of the largest state orders, including the construction of the Ashgabat-Turkmenabat autobahn, the new administrative center of the Akhal Velayat, and the Ashgabat City facilities. As was reported, the state development strategy being implemented under the leadership of Serdar with Arkadag implies shaping the national economy that has a long-term potential for dynamic growth and provides a consistent improvement of the population’s wellbeing.

The participants expressed their sincere gratitude to President Serdar Berdimuhamedov for the opportunity to organize this forum, paying great attention to the implementation of investment projects in the country, its integration into the world space and increasing competitiveness.

Thanks to the successful implementation of large-scale programs initiated by the head of Turkmen state to upgrade and diversify the national economy, develop the construction and industrial sectors, the demand for products manufactured in the country is steadily growing both in the domestic and foreign markets.

This was clearly demonstrated by the set of documents signed during the forum by the State Concern “Türkmenhimiýa” with representatives of a number of foreign companies and business people. These include three export contracts for the purchase of ECO-93 gasoline produced at a plant for the production of gasoline from natural gas in the Akhal Velayat, 3 import contracts with leading companies from the Great Britain, Germany and Italy, as well as a Memorandum of Understanding between the State Concern “Türkmenhimiýa” and the German Company “KSB Group”.

Tomorrow the International Conference will be continued. The agenda will include several issues such as the role of science in the chemical industry, domestic gas chemical products on the world market, the adoption of new equipment in production, development of energy diplomacy in the period of the Revival of the New Epoch of the Powerful State, gas turbines in the electric power industry, energy-saving devices, etc.

The ceremony of awarding diplomas to the participants in the International Exhibition “Construction, Industry and Energy of Turkmenistan-2022” has also been scheduled.

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