President of Turkmenistan makes a working tour of the capital
President of Turkmenistan makes a working tour of the capital
Published 15.06.2021

Today, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has made a working trip of the capital at the request of Cabinet Deputy Chairman Sh. Durdylyev to become acquainted with the massive urban redevelopment efforts ongoing in the context of preparations for the 30th anniversary of the home country’s sacred independence.  

During the tour, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov examined project designs and location plans of new facilities under construction in the capital’s southern part at the intersection of Bitarap Turkmenistan and Archabil Avenues. On the site, the head of state was welcomed by the Cabinet Deputy Chairman, responsible for the construction and energy sectors as well as the capital, minister of industry and construction operations, minister of energy, and Ashgabat city khyakim.  

Cabinet Deputy Chairman Sh. Durdylyev delivered a status report on the construction of roads and related facilities in the capital, their locations, and special design characteristics of road and transport infrastructure facilities.   

The Vice-Premier presented for consideration by the nation’s leader samples of mosaics to be used as decorative surface materials for the road bridges located at the intersections of Bitarap Turkmenistan Avenue, S. Turkmenbashi Avenue, N. Andalib Street and Bekreve Street with Archabil Avenue, and at the intersection of Kopetdag Avenue and Bekreve Street.   

After examining the proposed project designs and location plans, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov offered a number of issue-associated remarks and made some amendments. As the head of state highlighted, alongside with the construction of buildings and structures in accordance with their specific purposes, the aesthetic aspect plays an integral role in the urban development program implementation. While on the subject, the nation’s leader pointed out the need to explore modern design and decorative ideas for road and transport infrastructure facilities suggested by students and teachers of Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute and the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan.  

A project design of a modern Creative Center to be erected in the eastern part of Bitarap Turkmenistan Avenue, and plans and layouts of its premises were submitted for consideration by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. The Center will boast all necessary facilities for interesting leisure-time activities of children and adults, art lessons in a range of mediums, including painting, design, and a mastery of skills in these areas. The head of state was fully briefed on the would-be Center’s exterior and interior designs, and landscaping and improvement efforts in the area adjacent to the building.  

A location plan, a general layout and design solutions of the Nusaý Hotel as well as designs of projects and motor roads planned for construction and reconstruction in this part of the city were also presented for consideration by the nation’s leader. Besides, the head of state was informed about designs of facilities to be constructed in the northern part of the capital. 

After inspecting the presented project designs and plans, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stressed that the new buildings and the ones to be remodeled should harmoniously blend in with the capital city’s architectural splendor. The motor roads should be provided with everything necessary to ensure effective traffic management and guarantee safety of drivers and pedestrians.  

In his turn, Minister of Energy Ch. Purchekov reported on a master plan and design solutions of the under-construction Power Equipment Repair and Maintenance Center as well as on project designs of soon-to-be-built facilities in the sector he is in charge of. Once opened, the Center that covers an area of 29,000-plus square meters will create new jobs.   

The report also included the information about the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan power line project, and the ongoing efforts to boost export energy supplies.   

In addition, a 10 MW hybrid solar-wind power plant project at the Altyn Asyr Turkmen Lake, an action plan for combining the Akhal and Dashoguz State Power Plants into an integrated management system, as well as relevant information and plans for Turkmen energy exports to neighboring countries were submitted for the approval of the head of state. 

As informed, the measures will allow increasing the efficiency of energy production from 34 percent to 52 percent.  

The 10 MW solar-wind power plant project design has been developed by the Scientific and Production Center of the State Energy Institute of Turkmenistan in accordance with the Action Plan for the 2019-2025 Development Strategy for the Altyn Asyr Turkmen Lake.  The combined power plants will bring benefits of higher production capacities without any additional natural gas consumed and of environmentally-friendly production methods.   

In his report, Minister of Industry and Construction Operations B. Annamammedov covered the state of affairs in the departments directly managed by him, the construction progress of the second phase of the Baherden and Koitendag cement plants, and the ongoing practical measures to renovate the existing cement production complexes. As reported, the construction of new sectoral facilities and renovation of the existing ones enable to keep construction sites all across the country well supplied with building materials. 

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov commissioned to ensure control over the quality of cement and to offer a broader range of modern cement products. This necessitates adopting a responsible and science-based approach to the processing of raw material resources and the manufacturing of high-quality products, the head of state emphasized.  

The continuing efforts to promote the white marble-clad capital’s harmonious development were in the center of the report made by Ashgabat khyakim Ya. Gylyjov. The report also provided the detailed information about the work on keeping the capital’s streets and parks litter-free and tidy, maintaining the fountains in good condition, and creating new green areas and flower beds. 

The head of state Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov drew attention to the importance of ensuring the effectiveness and high-quality of the ongoing work in the capital aimed to place Ashgabat among the most beautiful and most livable cities in the world, having given some issue-related assignments to the khyakim.

Summing up the working tour, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov once again noted that the Ashgabat Redevelopment Program specifies as key requirements the compliance of construction projects with international quality standards, the use of national decorative elements in exterior and interior designs of buildings, and preserving the harmonious ecological balance in the city. The head of state wished the event participants every success in tackling the tasks, and departed from the venue.  

* * *

Today, students of Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute and the State Academy of Arts made a trip to the capital’s southern part to get acquainted with the unique architectural landmarks built there as part of the comprehensive urban development program. As instructed by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov during the working tour of Ashgabat, presentations were held on projects prepared by the city administration and students of the field-specific higher education institutions.    

As the head of state highlights, the introduction of practical training into the academic curricular of the higher education institutions preparing specialists for the domestic building industry is regarded as the vital factor in training highly qualified and skilled professionals. 

Stressing the need for actively engaging students in the implementation of large-scale projects and bringing to life their fresh and novel ideas concerning construction and exterior and interior designs of social and road-transport infrastructure facilities, the nation’s leader expresses his confidence that their work will prove worthy of praise. 

Fully recognizing the trust placed in them by the President of Turkmenistan, students participate with great zeal and enthusiasm in designing and implementing projects crucially important to their country.  This offers eloquent testimony to a growing number of highly intelligent and quick-witted young people, who possess extensive and in-depth knowledge and are technologically adept, as well as to the provision of a supportive and stimulating environment for youths to discover their talents and hone their professional skills.  

The familiarization of students of the field-specific higher education institutions with the projects prepared as part of the Ashgabat Development Strategy initiated by the President of Turkmenistan and proposals presented by the future specialists have considerable importance for the development of the domestic construction sector. 

The students expressed their sincere gratitude to the nation’s leader Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for the trust put in them and the opportunity to take part in tackling the top-priority state objectives and assured that they would do their best to make a meaningful contribution to the successful implementation of the assigned tasks. 

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