11.11 2021

Purposeful work continues within the framework of the program of in-depth study and preservation of the national historical and cultural heritage of Turkmenistan initiated by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the search for its still undisclosed pages bringing its worthy results. New artifacts discovered by Turkmen archaeologists during the autumn excavation season at the Abiverd monument in the Kaakhka etrap of the Ahal velayat are another confirmation of this.

27.09 2021

The performance of masters of the arts dedicated to the 30th anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan was held today at the stage of the capital’s «Mejlisler merkezi». President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov participated in the ceremony.

08.09 2021

Today in the song-musical center “Ashgabat” of our capital took place the final round of TV contest of the amateur performers «Ýaňlan, Diýarym!», which is traditionally is held in honor of the main holiday of our country – Independence day.

05.09 2021

The gala concert of participants of the final round of song and musical competition of young talents "Garaşsyzlygyň merjen däneleri", devoted to the 30th to anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan, took place in the valley today Nowruz where the building in the form of a huge yurt - "Türkmeniň ak öýi" majestically towers.

20.08 2021

The next issue of the quarterly popular scientific magazine "Miras" which is published by the Institute of Language, Literature and National Manuscripts named after Mahtumkuli of the Academy of Sciences, came out. The edition continues to acquaint readers with results of researches in the sphere of the historical and cultural heritage of Turkmen people.

06.08 2021

An exhibition of the national cuisine of the Central Asian countries unfolded on the coast of the Caspian Sea. Among the endless yellow sands, like an oasis in the desert, yurts appeared - portable wagons of Turkic nomads.

06.08 2021

Today in Avaza national tourist zone the gala concert of masters of culture and art of the Central Asian countries took place.

29.06 2021

Today, the capital has hosted a festive concert by performing artists in front of the Älem Cultural and Entertainment Center to mark President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s birthday.  

27.06 2021

Today, our country widely celebrated the Day of Workers of Culture and Art, as well as the poetry of Makhtumkuli Fraghi.

27.06 2021

These days the city on the Amu Darya has become the center of the country's cultural life, which lives in the rhythm of a large and bright creative holiday. Today the program of the Culture Week held here included a briefing for journalists, a methodological conference and the premiere of the play "Saz rowaýaty".

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