To brave silkworm breeders, specialists of their field, producers of cocoons, people of independent neutral Turkmenistan
To brave silkworm breeders, specialists of their field, producers of cocoons, people of independent neutral Turkmenistan
Published 09.06.2021

My beloved people!

Dear silkworm breeders!

Let me extend my cordial congratulations on working victory – the fulfilment of contractual obligations for producing of cocoons won in the year under slogan “Turkmenistan – Home of Peace and Trust” and on delivery of more than 2,100 tons of quality raw material to bins of the Motherland. 

The government makes all conditions for development of textile industry including for inspired and productive work of silkworm breeders and producers of cocoons in the epoch of might and happiness. The work of these people is highly appreciated.

Production of silk occupies special place in development of textile industry, which is one of the most important branches of national economy. At present time, production base of silk production industry is fully modernized, ancient national art of making ‘keteni’ is restored. New types of panne have started to be produced from Turkmen silk in the country for the first time. 

In future, we plan to increase the volumes of investments to silk production industry, expand production base of the branch. It will allow us opening additional workplaces and increasing the production of valuable material.

Dear producers of cocoons!

Hardworking silkworm producers!

Being one of the ancient craft of Turkmen people, the silk production originated in the depth of the centuries. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors have arranged the production of cocoons in order to make various fabrics out of silk threads. Centuries-old traditions of silk production was passed down from generation to generation being permanently improved. Reliable weaving techniques of beautiful silk carpets and fabrics, which remained until our days, have been made. 

Stretching from the east to the west across plains, mountains and deserts, ancient caravan routes were called Great Silk Road, which is directly related to the name of expensive trade item – the silk. Special facilities for production of cocoons were available in the medieval times in Merv, one of the most ancient centers of Turkmen land. 

Silk production branch has its second birth in the epoch of might and happiness. The silk production is organized according to time requirements. Being the main facilities for processing of silk, Ashgabat Silk Factory and Turkmenabat Silk Production Association are modernized and provided with the latest equipment. New workshops making silk carpets, traditional fabrics and other production have been opened at the facilities. Ashgabat Panne Factory, which produce highly demanded women fabrics, is provided with silk fiber on permanent base. 

Special attention is paid these days to development of silk production for support and stimulation of entrepreneurship in rural areas. Thousands mulberry trees are cultivated in special shelters and number of farming associations every year. Planting of mulberry trees around the fields protects cotton and other agricultural crops from hot dry wind, supports reinforcement of the banks of irrigation channels, makes favorable ecological environment. It also allows combining silk production with cotton growing and receiving additional production and income.

Dear fellow countrymen!

Hardworking cocoon producers!

Let me again extend my congratulations to you and people of the country with big work achievements made in the year of celebration of the 30th anniversary of the state independence of Turkmenistan – fulfilment of contractual obligations for production of silkworm cocoons!

I wish you strong health, prosperous life, achievements of high levels in work for further development of sovereign Motherland!

President of Turkmenistan 

Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov

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