An exhibition and conference of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs are being held in Ashgabat
An exhibition and conference of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs are being held in Ashgabat
Published 12.04.2022

Today, the capital hosted the opening of an exhibition and conference of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs dedicated to the 14th anniversary of the formation of this large organization, which unites more than 27 thousand representatives of domestic private business and carries out large-scale work on the development of the non-state sector of the economy, and support for entrepreneurial initiatives.

The way to achieve these goals is outlined in the Program “Revival of a New Epoch of the Powerful State: The National Program of Socio-Economic Development of Turkmenistan in 2022-2052” adopted on February 11 at the historic meeting of the Halk Maslakhaty of the Milli Gengesh.

This is also mentioned in the welcome message of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov to the participants of the UIET exhibition and conference. The head of Turkmenistan noted the importance of sectoral cooperation between the state and the private sector, the widespread introduction of effective management methods, and the active involvement of entrepreneurs in these works in the conditions of market relations. “We will continue to pay special attention to the development of small, medium and large businesses, increasing the share of the private sector in the national economy. We will continue to activate the investment policy aimed at supporting business initiatives of young people, the development of production structures,” the Appeal emphasizes.

The participants of the opening ceremony of the exhibition, including members of the Government, heads and representatives of the Halk Maslakhaty and the Mejlis of the Milli Gengesh, ministries and departments, public organizations, the media, as well as diplomatic missions accredited to Turkmenistan from different countries and international organizations, enthusiastically granted a hearing to the message of the head of state.

The festive atmosphere was supported by performances of creative teams.

The exhibition of achievements of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan is a mirror image of the positive processes taking place in the development of the non-state sector of the national economy. The main focus of the review is to demonstrate not only the successes, but also the potential, not so much quantitative as qualitative transformations that have taken place in the development of small and medium-sized businesses, its innovative foundations.

The need to continue targeted work to support small and medium-sized businesses, involve entrepreneurs in the implementation of reforms in the economy, increase the share of the private sector and ensure its active role in the country’s economy, to create a modern entrepreneurial sphere, head of state Serdar Berdimuhamedov noted during the Government meeting on April 8.

About two hundred exhibitors demonstrate their stands at the exhibition, particularly the UIET structural divisions, Rysgal Joint-Stock Commercial Bank, large enterprises and business companies implementing large-scale state projects both in the capital and in the velayats.

Traditionally, the activities of the UIET members specializing in the field of agriculture, food and processing industry are widely represented here. Entrepreneurs not only promote strengthening the food independence of the state, but also strive to achieve their goal – to turn Turkmenistan into a country with a powerful export-oriented economy.

Agricultural producers are increasing the production of melons, vegetables and fruits, including exotic ones, for our country. A clear confirmation of this is the environmentally friendly and attractive products of Ter, Ýigit, Ter önüm ES, Has, Erkin Gurluşyk, Miweli ülke, Altyn gala gurluşyk, Altyn tug, Kanagatly nesil enterprises, and others demonstrated in the exhibition pavilions.

The high quality and environmental safety of food products of domestic enterprises are evidenced by the international ISO and HACCP certificates they have received. The country has the first laboratory center for the examination of food safety in Turkmenistan, created on the initiative of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs by Hil Standart Economic Society. The competence of this structure in the field of food products expertise is confirmed by International accreditation according to ISO/IEC17025:2017.

Among the exhibitors of the demonstration are large agricultural enterprises, production and processing complexes for poultry farming, animal husbandry and fish farming, processing of vegetable crops and fruits. Among them are Hazar balyk complex for breeding and processing fish, Ak Toprak enterprises, Hoş Zaman Poultry Farm, Elin Balyk, Bereketli, Toý zaman, Altyn Hilal ES, Nurly Meýdan Daikhan Association.

A rich assortment of sweet products is demonstrated at the exhibition by Hasar, Misgär ES, Duýgy, Altyn Ýunus IE, entrepreneurs who produce products under Bars, Kindi, Oguzhan, Ak gar, Datmeni trademarks, and many other manufacturers, whose the products are very popular. All of them have prepared new types of sweets, cookies, delight and other sweets for the review of the achievements of the UIET. In addition, there are varieties of bread and bakery products of Talhan and Tomus brands in the original festive decoration.

The exhibition also shows dairy products of Zamana, Ak çeşme, Elin, Salkyn brands, as well as Täze aý ömleri, Ýüpek ýoly gurluşyk, Şawat JSC, Sahabatly, Gönezlik ES, etc. Every year, the range of ice cream brands such as Erteki, Täze aý is expanding, which has become an export-oriented product as well.

A variety of natural vegetable and fruit juices, nectars and beverages, clean drinking water are demonstrated by the enterprises of the famous brands such as Arçalyk, Ak ýol, Akdaş miwe içgileri, Berk Akar, in addition Ýakymly kümüş suwy, Miweli oba, Biýat, Döwür gurluşyk, Çäksiz lezzet, Mahmal Zip ES, etc.

The exposition of Parahat IE, the largest modern high-tech exporting enterprise, presents baby food – various vegetable and fruit purees made on the basis of local natural raw materials. These are export-oriented products popular in our country – Joş, Eçil juices, drinks of various flavors of OZI, ZOR, OK, TAP brands, iced tea, ketchups and concentrates for the production of juices from local raw materials, ultra-pasteurized milk and dairy extended storage period products, and drinking yoghurts of Däp brand.

Among the latest offers of the manufacturer is Ýeserje chocolate paste, 72% dark chocolate will appear soon in the country’s retail outlets, as well as milk-cereal and milk-fruit porridges for babies.

One of the exposition’s highlights was the presentation of the opportunities of the UIET members in the implementation of the Digital Economy Concept for 2019-2025. Among its participants are economic societies and enterprises specializing in the field of IT technologies: Ýokary tilsimatlar merkezi, Adyl açar, Milli ulgam, Awtomatizasiýa tehnologiýalaryń merkezi and others. These are manufacturers of modern industrial and electronic products, payment terminals, online training programs, and smart homes.

For the first time, Turkmenportal, the country’s leading Internet resource, is also taking part in the exhibition, which presents its information products and capabilities in the fields of IT services, marketing and PR technologies.

Manufacturers of domestic household appliances – gas and electric stoves, ovens, microwave ovens, smart TVs, which are in no way inferior to foreign analogues and are in wide consumer demand, demonstrate their achievements here. The exhibitor of the show – Abat şekil company is engaged in the production of filament lamps.

The visitors’ attention is attracted by the pavilion of Aýdyń gijeler Economic Society – a manufacturer of modern industrial and electronic products. The range of products of this ES is constantly expanding and includes cell phones with dual SIM cards, smartphones, various types of monoblocks, smart TVs, split air conditioners, Internet network distributors – routers, as well as coolers for cooling and heating drinking water.

The models of smart TVs with a liquid crystal 32- and 42-inch screen manufactured by the Tolkun company, and 55-inch ones by Zemin have an appropriate interface, network utilities and are worthy regard as a competitor to the best world analogues. Among the latest offers presented today are the developments of domestic traffic lights, as well as road signs powered by solar energy. The manufacturer sells his products directly – through the official website on the Internet.

It should be noted that private companies engaged in trade and services, expanding online commerce, creating mobile electronic applications, as well as using extensively the capabilities of popular Internet platforms for the remote sale of manufactured goods. Among them is Ýakyndar online trading platform, which sells a wide range of auto parts and car accessories, the popular Ýnamdar online market and others.

Visitors of the exhibition can get acquainted with the work of Türkmen ýyldyzy company, demonstrating its capabilities for installation, maintenance and overhaul of substations, electric motors, generators and transformers, testing of all types of electrical equipment.

The UIET members are building a long line of residential areas, cottage complexes, park areas, administrative and business districts, large-scale infrastructure facilities in the capital. Among the largest state orders are the construction of the Ashgabat–Turkmenabat Highway, the new administrative center of the Akhal velayat, and the Ashgabat City facilities.

Visitors of the exhibition can get information about the contribution of entrepreneurs to the production of construction materials that are not inferior in quality to foreign analogues.

A significant range of building materials – high-quality isogam, emulsions made using innovative technologies, is represented by Çaly individual enterprise. Modern equipment allowed it to establish the production of new products – insulation material used in the construction of various facilities, gas main pipes, etc.

Ak hünji, the largest domestic manufacturer of expanded polystyrene and products made from it, demonstrates an ever-expanding line of its products. Today, there are more than 200 types of such products in the assortment of this IE. The manufacturer is successfully developing a promising food market, offering various types of special containers for its needs. Moreover, it’s established the production of foamed extrusion polystyrene, staples for staplers and furniture, stationery files and scrapers for washing dishes, which are among the new products presented at the current show.

The development of the domestic construction industry is largely connected with the activities of one of the permanent exhibitors of the UIET exhibitions –Derýaplastik Economic Society, which factories produce more than 1,500 types of high-quality import-substituting products being in demand not only in our country, but also abroad. These are hundreds of names of pipes, cables, suspended ceilings, profiles for windows and doors and other products made of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride widely used in public utilities and construction.

In addition, the manufacturer presents glazed tile and faience sanitary products manufactured under the Derýakeramika trademark, characterized by high quality, a variety of models, and modern design. Domestic water heaters (boilers) of different volumes are installed at the site of the UIET Expo-center. Among the latest things are aluminum radiators for heating systems.

Achievements in the industrial segment are also demonstrated by enterprises producing suspended ceilings, iron profiles, ceramic tile, basalt fiber, pipes, bricks, reinforced concrete structures, waterproofing materials, washed sand, expanded clay, electric cables and hoses, curb stone and tile, dry building mixes, as well as oil and air filters, batteries, etc. Among the exhibitors of this direction are Ak bulut, Ak gaýa, Saka HO, Gujurly Inžener, Hindiwar, Berk önüm, Algap enterprises, and Sapaly jaý IE for the first time taking part in the exhibition, etc.

The exhibition site presents the capabilities of individual enterprises and companies providing transport and logistics services. Among them are Bir dünýä, Ulag ekspeditorçylyk hyzmatlary ES, Bir Kuwwat IE and others. Not so long ago, it was enough for Turkmen entrepreneurs to organize only the delivery of goods from the supplier to the recipient, but now a steady demand has envolved for an increase in the range of services for the organization of transportation of goods, intermodal transportation, packaging, storage of goods, etc. The work of transport and logistics companies is of particular importance in the light of the implementation of large-scale international projects in this area.

Household chemicals products are widely presented at the exhibition. Thus, Täç hil demonstrates its innovations in the domestic market of synthetic detergents and disinfectants, cosmetics and perfumes. In addition to a wide range of household cleaning chemicals, the company produces liquid foam soap, windscreen wipers, air fresheners, a means for cleaning kitchen stoves, a new budget version of wet wipes, as well as plastic bags. For the first time in this segment, Ýeke Damja Company presents its products.

Gündogar şöhlesi Economic Society monthly produces 4 million ballpoint pens under Nusga trademark, which allows the manufacturer not only to provide this stationery to the domestic market, but to export it as well.

In general, the exhibition, which reveals the production potential of the UIET members, presents more than 100 new products in various fields of entrepreneurs.

One of the practical goals of the current exposition is to attract investment in the implementation of promising projects. In the chemical industry, these include enterprises for the production of liquefied gas, urea and ammonia from natural gas, graphite electrodes.

A number of exhibitors demonstrate the capabilities of the private sector in increasing the output of consumer goods. Among them are textile and shoe manufacturers who have established the production of modern clothing, model shoes and other popular products – Röwşen, Batly Gadam enterprises, Muhammet Balkan, Ak suw ES, as well as individual entrepreneurs engaged in the production of fashion accessories, school backpacks, sports shoes, etc.

Specialists of the advanced consumer service enterprise – the popular metropolitan MAÝAM Dry Cleaning Company advertise a wide range of their services. Here you can also write up an order for services and receive a gift certificate. Within the framework of the show, the enterprises of the furniture complex – Abraýly önüm, Köşkli oba, Çigildem, Belent akaba will present their achievements and opportunities.

Abadan Haly Ashgabat Carpet Company presented at the exhibition a variety of carpets and original color palases. These products, most of which are made from polypropylene yarn based on local raw materials, are in great demand not only in our country, but also abroad. Moreover, carpets and carpet products are purchased via digital technologies.

The popularization of the national cultural heritage is promoted by the work of members of the Turkmen business community engaged in handicrafts, decorative and applied arts. At the exhibition, you can get acquainted with magnificent carpet canvases, unique works of zergers, embroiderers. Souvenirs made in the national style, including images of historical places, are also displayed here.

Mähirli Zenan fashion house demonstrates magnificent models of national women’s outfits – dresses and dons, embroidered according to ancient patterns with magnificent embroidery. An ethnographic cafe has become a kind of continuation of the “fashion pavilion”, where you can not only feast a cup of tea or fragrant coffee, but also enjoy works of fine and decorative arts.

The possibilities of the educational activities of the UIET members within the framework of the exhibition are demonstrated by the Entrepreneurship School, which implements dozens of educational projects, as well as private educational centers that organize various training courses, including foreign languages and computer literacy.

The forum participants heard reports on the UIET work in various directions, discussed the progress of the implementation of the tasks set by President Serdar Berdimuhamedov to the private sector, including the implementation of major government orders and investment projects, and other relevant topics. Decisions were also made on organizational issues of the UIET activity.

As the speakers emphasized, a distinctive feature of the current exhibition is its practical content. During the review of the UIET achievements, bilateral trade agreements were concluded between local and foreign companies. Thus, private producers of our country have concluded 63 contracts with foreign partners totaling US$145,398,770. Of these, 16 are export contracts – for US$3, 247,441 and 47 import contracts – for US$142,151,329.

At the same time, it is important to note that the members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs have concluded 51 agreements on mutual internal trade totaling 36,174,933 manats. They mainly concern trade in various types of food products and the means used in production, which demonstrates the multilateral effectiveness of this exhibition as well.

The participants were unanimous in the opinion that the support of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, the favorable conditions created by the state for the development of private business allow Turkmen entrepreneurs to look to the future with confidence, work with inspiration in the name of increasing the economic power of the Motherland, and the well-being of their native people.

Within the framework of the forum, “The Best Entrepreneur of the Year” UIET competition results were summed up.

The exhibition will continue its work tomorrow.

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