Events of the week
Events of the week
22.05 2022

Last week, in a big way our country celebrated the remarkable date of the national calendar – Constitution of Turkmenistan and State Flag of Turkmenistan Day.

09.05 2022

The past eventful week was yet another evidence of systematical and successful realization under the leadership of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov of the country’s foreign and domestic policy aimed at further economic progress of the country, provision of welfare and prosperous life of the people in the new historical epoch.

02.05 2022

Prosperity of the Motherland, provision of happy and well-off life of the people is the goal of the President Serdar Berdimuhamedov’s progressive policy, which is buttressed and guided by such basic vectors as large-scale transformations, enhancement of the country’s economic potential, strengthening of its international authority in the world arena.

26.04 2022

Relying on the richest historical experience and national traditions, our country under the leadership of the head of state Serdar Berdimuhamedov pursues the policy aimed at strengthening of sovereignty, steady socioeconomic development, growth in the people’s prosperity, intensification of the constructive international relations.

18.04 2022

The past eventful week was yet another evidence of success of large-scale transformations ongoing in Turkmenistan, in which the triumph of the socially-orientated policy based on the fundamental principle “State – for Man!” found its vivid replication.

12.04 2022

Abound in the weighty matters of state, the last eventful week was a new vivid evidence of Turkmenistan’s confident stride toward progress and creation.

06.04 2022

Building up of Motherland’s economic power, guiding it into the rank of developed countries of the world, raising the standard of living of the people – these are key goals the President Serdar Berdimuhamedov’s policy is aimed at.

30.03 2022

Colorful celebrations the past eventful week started with were a striking demonstration of the inviolable and everlasting values, which underlay Turkmenistan’s policy of openness and respect for the interests of different nations, active position of peacefulness, and spiritual richness of the nation buttressed by grandiose achievements of the era of Revival of New Epoch of the Powerful State.

22.03 2022

One more time, the past week’s events have confirmed that our Motherland is taken by the world community as the country committed to the principles of democratic transformations, pursuing steadily the course toward maintenance of peace, welfare and sustainable development, open for the constructive business partnership and active cultural mutual enrichment.

14.03 2022

The past week of the first spring month was saturated with the events significant for the life of our country. It has begun with the striking festivities devoted to our nice representatives of fair sex, working successfully in the political, economic, social, and cultural spheres, who play the leading part in the spiritual life of modern society.

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