Day of knowledge and student youth celebrated in Turkmenistan
Day of knowledge and student youth celebrated in Turkmenistan
Published 01.09.2022

Today, Turkmenistan solemnly celebrates the Day of Knowledge and Student Youth, on the occasion of which the first bell rang in all educational institutions of the country, announcing the beginning of the new, 2022-2023 academic year.

According to the established tradition, the first day of autumn began for Ashgabat schoolchildren and students with a flower-laying ceremony at the Monument of Independence and the monument to Berdimuhamet Annayev, installed in secondary school №27 of the village of Yzgant, Gokdepe etrap, Ahal velayat.

A joyful event for those who crossed the school threshold for the first time was the presentation on behalf of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov and Hero Arkadag of a wonderful gift - a training computer “Bilimli” with specially installed software.

Caring for the younger generation, educating them on the basis of national and universal values is one of the priorities of the state policy of Turkmenistan. As part of the ongoing grandiose transformations, special importance is attached to the improvement of the national educational system, which is considered as the basis for the further progress of society and the state.

And today, by the beginning of the new academic year, a series of architectural premieres took place in all regions of the Fatherland, in which representatives of local executive authorities and public organizations, honourary elders, residents of cities and villages took part.

Thus, the opening of the building of a secondary school for 720 students in the Yasmansalyk residential complex in the Bagtyyarlyk etrap of Ashgabat turned into a big holiday.

Young residents of the Dushak village of the Kaka etrap of the Ahal velayat also celebrated housewarming today, where a general education school for 600 children and a kindergarten for 320 children were opened. The kindergarten, built in the city of Gokdepe, Ahal velayat, is designed for the same number of places.

Residents of the village of Saganly in the city of Balkanabat of the Balkan velayat also celebrated the Day of Knowledge and Student Youth with a celebration on the occasion of the commissioning of a new secondary school for 600 students.

The opening of secondary schools for 600 places each in the north of the country: in the city of Dashoguz and the village of Buyanly of the etrap named after S.A. Nyyazov of the Dashoguz velayat became a big holiday.

240 children of the administrative centre of the region - the city of Dashoguz - are celebrating housewarming in the kindergarten.

Significant events marked today for the residents of the Lebap velayat, where the opening ceremony of a kindergarten for 160 children in the village of Gushchy of the Lebaby gengeshlik of the Sayat etrap and a secondary school for 600 children in the village of Gyzylgaya of the Esgi gengeshlik of the Sayat etrap of the Lebap velayat took place.

Students of the city of Bayramaly, Mary velayat, received an excellent opportunity to study in a new modern school designed for 500 students. And in the village of Chonur, gengeshlik of Hojadepe, Sakarchaga etrap, Mary velayat, a kindergarten for 320 children hospitably opened its doors.

Each preschool institution has everything necessary for comprehensive education, intellectual development and comfortable rest for kids. For different age groups, there are cozy play and sleeping rooms with beautiful and comfortable furniture, classrooms equipped with modern systems of preschool education.

In order to develop creative talents, there are special halls for music and dance classes, and to improve the health of children - sports and playgrounds, including outdoors.

The new schools have also created all the conditions for the harmonious development of students, the disclosure of their creative abilities. There is everything you need for training sessions, educational work, physical culture, sports and cultural events, organizing educational leisure.

Light and spacious classrooms with comfortable furniture and modern educational equipment, language laboratories for in-depth study of foreign languages, classrooms for computer science, biology, physics, chemistry, etc. are compactly located in the educational buildings. There are also sports and assembly halls, rooms for labour training classes.

The opening of new buildings resulted in a grandiose holiday, which was given a special flavour by the performances of creative teams.

All the architectural premieres of this day, which took place in an atmosphere of high creative enthusiasm, once again demonstrated that in the current era of the Revival of a new epoch of a powerful state in Turkmenistan, special attention is paid to the worthy upbringing and harmonious development of children.

The participants of the solemn ceremonies, emphasizing the great importance of further improvement of the national education system, expressed their heartfelt gratitude to President Serdar Berdimuhamedov for his comprehensive care for the younger generation, wishing the head of state good health and great success in his many-sided activities for the benefit of the people and the prosperity of his beloved Motherland.

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