The head of the state took part in solemnities on the occasion of 32nd anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan
The head of the state took part in solemnities on the occasion of 32nd anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan
Published 27.09.2023

Today, the united and cohesive Turkmen people with special enthusiasm and pleasure mark the main holiday of the country - 32nd anniversary of sacred independence of their native land.

On the occasion of the significant date, in all parts of the native land the national solemnities personifying a high creative spirit and creative, reformative energy of the Era of Revival of the New Epoch of the Powerful State were organized.

… According an established tradition, the complex of the state tribune, which welcomed numerous honoured guests in the festive decoration served as centre of the main celebrations in honour of the 32nd anniversary of sovereignty of Turkmenistan.

At the podium - members of the Government, Chairman and deputies of the Mejlis, members of the Khalk Maslakhaty, heads of military and law enforcement bodies, ministries and sectoral departments, public organisations, khyakims of velayats and Ashgabat city, heads of diplomatic missions accredited to Turkmenistan and missions, representatives of foreign delegations, which arrived in Ashgabat on this occasion.

On the square in front of the state tribune, servicemen of all types of troops of the Armed Forces of the country lined up.

The clock strikes - 10.00. The gathered with huge enthusiasm welcome President Serdar Berdimuhamedov.

Traditionally the holiday begins with the military parade, during which the defensive capabilities of our fatherland, high professionalism and training of  Turkmen soldiers, who are on guard of peaceful and tranquil life of people, sacred boundaries of our native land and achievements of sovereignty, are demonstrated.

Minister of Defence, Secretary of the State Security Council B.Gundogdyev addresses President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the country, General Serdar Berdimuhamedov with a request to allow starting the military parade on the occasion of celebration of the 32nd anniversary of independence of our native land.

The head of Turkmenistan gives a command to start the parade.

… Commander of military parade colonel R.Ayazov reports to Minister of Defence, Secretary of the State Security Council B.Gundogdyev on readiness of the personnel of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan for the start of the parade.

Having accepted the official report, the Minister of Defence, Secretary of the State Security Council makes a detour of the forces, welcoming ceremonial lines, consisting of military men and cadets of specialized high schools and schools, soldiers and officers of the National Army. 

The national anthem of Turkmenistan sounds. By the flagpole the national flag of Turkmenistan rises, filling in hearts of the gathered with pride for our beloved prospering fatherland. Having unfolded in its all magnificence, the sacred banner personifies such eternal values as true patriotism and selfless love to our fatherland and high creative spirit of our people.

Turkmen soldiers lined up on the square - officers, soldiers and cadets take an oath of allegiance to the fatherland, people and the President. Today, military men of the national army not only piously preserve glorious traditions, which have been developed and passed on for centuries, but also in practice confirm their fidelity to precepts of ancestors.

By tradition, the festive parade opens with a banner group, which under sounds of the solemn march passes before the tribune with the national flag of Turkmenistan and combat banners of all types of troops of the Armed Forces of the country.

Then, in front of the tribune, measuring out their paces, cadets of the specialised military school named after Berdimuhamet Annayev of the Ministry of Defence follow.

Berdimuhamet Annayev, great teacher, fearless soldier, great-grandfather of the head of the state for his personal courage, bravery and merit, shown in protection of the fatherland and fulfilment of the duty of soldier in the Great Patriotic War, was awarded by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation the medal «For courage», a high state award of the Russian Federation. It is an example courage for young soldiers and the personnel of all types of troops of Turkmenistan.

Next pass orderly lines of women servicemen, who honesty serve their native fatherland in military and law enforcement bodies and bring a powerful contribution to maintenance of peace and tranquillity of the country.

They are followed on the square by battalions of officers - National Army, State Customs Service, and State Migration Service.

Cadets of the Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Institute of National Security, and Border Institute became participants of the present parade in honour of the regular anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan.

Soldiers of motorized infantry battalion display a good example of impeccable training and great skill. Turkmen pilots of the Military Air Forces, which reliably protect the peaceful sky over the fatherland, follow them. 

Further, on the square the battalion of tankers, which possess excellent skills of driving powerful tanks of the latest generation march. Military men of artillery and antiaircraft battalions as well as marines follow them. During military training-tactical exercises, they show a high professionalism.

Soldiers of battalions of special purpose «Türkmen edermen» of the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of National Security and State Border Service became participants of the present parade. This generation is worthy of glories of such great commanders as Gorogly beg, Togrul beg, Chagry beg, Alp Arslan, Malik Shah, Sultan Sanjar, Bayram khan, Sultan Jelaleddin, who left great traces in the history of Turkmen people. Compactness and mobility of groups allows accurately and quickly carry out combat tasks facing them.

The military parade proceeds with the festive procession of mounted units of military and law enforcement bodies of the country.

Military men on "heavenly" horses really became a decoration of the celebration in honour of the 32nd anniversary of independence.

The review of military ships of the Naval Forces of the country became a distinctive feature of the present holiday. On the huge screen placed at the square of the state tribune, participants of the festive event watched lively the procession of the flotilla passing simultaneously in the water area of the Caspian seaport.

… Corvette-class combat ship «Deňiz han», which entered service of the Naval Forces and equipped with high-precision modern weapon, opens the festive review.

It is followed by missile boats «Edermen» and «Gaýratly», which provide security of sea borders of our country.

On the screen, spectators observe border patrol vessels «Galkan», which perfectly proved in practice of protection of sea boundaries of the fatherland.

Then, the turn of modern military technologies of the National Army comes. On the square one after another mechanised columns of various combat arms move. 

The military parade in honour of the 32nd anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan proceeds in the air. 

Then, festive celebrations again take place on the ground: on the square in front of the state tribune the separate battalion of the Guard of honour of the Ministry of Defence of Turkmenistan appears.

Showing the faultless training and great skill performed by special-combatant techniques with weapons, soldiers form the image of the monument to "Akhan" established in the new city of Arkadag on the square. As known, in 2018 Akhan was included in the Guinness Book of Records thanks to the fact that walked a 10-metre distance on hind legs.

The combined military orchestra of military and law enforcement bodies of the country added a special colour to the festivity with its musical gift prepared for the glorious holiday.

… The grandiose celebration in honour of the 32nd anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan proceeds.

The attention of numerous visitors and participants of the present event is again directed to the square, on which two horsemen in national costumes bring out graceful Akhal-teke horse of dun colour decorated with magnificent jewellery, which even more underlines the grace and really heavenly beauty of the racer.

The fine wonderful horse of Arkaly literally shining in beams of the sun, the descendant of eminent parents of Melegush and Elvan, famous among experts and connoisseurs of Akhal-teke horses.

This remarkable representative of the elite livestock of the legendary Akhal-teke breed is presented as gift to the President of the country on behalf of members of the Government on the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan as a sign of sincere gratitude for grandiose transformations in the Era of Revival of the New Epoch of the Powerful State and care of happiness and well-being of Turkmen people and further prosperity of the fatherland.

They display the stallion amazing with its beauty and grace, with pride to the public.

Then, a spectacular procession of Turkmen riders with national flags, symbolising a confident gait of our country on the way of sacred independence started.

On horseback, accompanied by skilful horsemen, the image of Aba Annayev - talented seyis, who being an expert of this trade, created famous genealogical lines of the unique breed, "appears". Today, the name of this glorified horse breeder is given to the International Academy of Horse Breeding, which is the first one in the region and trains highly skilled experts of horse breeding and equestrian sports.

The beautiful horse ceremonial prepared by «Türkmen atlary» State Association and the glorified group of national horse games «Galkynyş», famous not only in the country, but also abroad, became traditionally a remarkable dedication to the main holiday of the country.

The unique horse parade and procession of standard-bearers is replaced by dramatized musical-literary paly «Şöhrata beslenýär, şana beslenýär beýik döwrüň şanly Garaşsyzlygy».

On the square, dancing groups as well as actors of theatres who played characters of Alp-Arslan, Makhtumkuli and other outstanding ancestors, recollections of whom passes from father to son for centuries. Glorious sons of Turkmen people warmly congratulate President Serdar Berdimuhamedov with his title of the Hero of Turkmenistan and address with a raised appeal to their descendants, who should increase glory of our sovereign fatherland.

The celebration in honour of the 32nd anniversary of independence of the fatherland proceeds. Thanks to possibilities of modern telecasting and internet communications, our numerous compatriots and residents of the most different countries of the world could share the festive mood of Turkmen nationals.

Members of the Khalk Maslakhaty, deputies of Mejlis, representatives of political parties and public organisations, elders of the country open the festive procession. In the sky hundreds white balloons soar up.

The motor vehicle decorated with national symbols - on the panel near to the State emblem and flag and images of the Main law of the country and its architectural symbol - a breadboard model of the capital Monument to the Constitution are placed.

On the square, there appears the festively decorated platform of the khyakimlik of Arkadag city. The city of future reflecting a huge economic and investment potential of the country, became a pride and glory of our fatherland.

Further, in front of the tribune the truck platform of the khyakimlik of Ashgabat city decorated with images of architectural symbols of the central city of the country accompanied by hundreds workers proceeded.

Then, procession continued by a column representing all five regions of the country. On the photo panels placed on the truck platforms of Akhal, Balkan, Dashoguz, Lebap and Mary velayats following one after another world famous historical -architectural monuments of the past and monumental structures of the present, sights of regions were displayed, each of which brings a worthy contribution to the prosperity of our beloved fatherland.

Representatives of the older and growing generations greet the President of the country and numerous visitors from truck platforms.

The festive atmosphere is added with incendiary music as well as multi-coloured balloons soaring up in the sky.

A spectacular event continues with the "caravan" of smoothly moving truck platforms with the colourful thematic scenery showing achievements and successes of various branches of the country.

Workers of art and culture traditionally take the most active part in the large-scale festive events on the occasion of significant events in Ashgabat and Arkadag cities and in all regions of the country.

Celebrations on the main square of the country are completed by song and musical performance «Arkadagly Gahryman Serdaryň ak ýoly bilen öňe!», devoted to the Era of  Revival of the New Epoch of the Powerful State, today's happy day and bright future of our beloved fatherland.

In memory of today's event, representatives of the younger generation were photographed with President Serdar Berdimuhamedov.

The holiday, which started in the centre of the fatherland, continued widely all over the country. 

* * *

Solemnities in honour of the 32nd anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan were over with grandiose colourful fireworks.

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