President Serdar Berdimuhamedov took part in the ceremony on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance
President Serdar Berdimuhamedov took part in the ceremony on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance
Published 06.10.2022

Today, a mournful date is celebrated in Turkmenistan - the Day of Remembrance of the victims of the Ashgabat earthquake of 1948, as well as the heroes who fell on the battlefields of all wars. President Serdar Berdimuhamedov took part in the funeral ceremony of laying flowers at the monuments of the Halk hakydasy Memorial Complex.

In the mists of time, a national tradition has begun to celebrate especially significant dates all together. This unity of generations is unshakable in modern Turkmen society. Multiplied by the extraordinary fortitude that has always been inherent in the Turkmen, it helped to overcome all the difficulties and pain of loss. So it was in the history of the people more than once. Thanks to special character traits - selfless love for their native land, solidarity, faith in their own strength and love of life, which are the basis and essence of the national spirit, the Turkmens survived the years of heavy losses.

The thread of memory, linking together the past and the present, gives strength to the new generation of Turkmen citizens to confidently move towards a bright future, not forgetting the path passed by the people through the years marked by both heroic and sad events.

Sorrowful ceremonies in memory of Ashgabat residents and fallen soldiers who died in the earthquake are held at memorial complexes, at monuments to the best sons and daughters of the Turkmen people.

Today, on the 74th anniversary of the catastrophic Ashgabat earthquake, we pay tribute to the memory of those for whom the night of October 5-6, 1948 was the last. The natural disaster claimed the lives of more than 170 thousand people, completely destroyed the Turkmen capital. And no matter how many years pass, the memory of relatives and friends will forever remain in the hearts of the living, the sharpness and pain of loss will never dull.

Early in the morning, thousands of our compatriots came to the Halk hakydasy Memorial Complex, located in the southwestern part of the capital and serving as a majestic symbol of deep reverence for valiant heroes, respect for the Turkmen people for their past.

The car of the President of Turkmenistan stops at the site in front of the Memorial Complex.

The head of state is heading along the alley, along which the valiant soldiers of the National Army, who are entrusted with protecting the peaceful sky of our independent country, are frozen in the guard of honor. In the best traditions of great ancestors, young Turkmen warriors are brought up, for whom there is nothing higher than selfless service to the Motherland.

The National Anthem of Turkmenistan sounds.

President Serdar Berdimuhamedov lays a wreath at the majestic Ruhy Tagzym monument, paying tribute to the memory of those who died during the 1948 earthquake.

At this moment, a feeling of sincere empathy seizes those gathered on the square, sharing grief with the head of state, who lost his great-grandfather Berdimuhamed Annayev that tragic night, a veteran of the war of 1941-1945, a teacher and educator who devoted himself to a noble cause - educating the younger generation.

In mournful silence, a stream of people moves towards the majestic monument.

The feeling of sadness is intensified by the sounds of the heart-rending, heartfelt melody “Kechpelek”, which has become an expression of people's grief for those who died in a natural disaster, for the fallen defenders of the Fatherland.

Today, the people of Turkmenistan again and again experience the pain of loss and, at the same time, they are sure that the world was created for good. The real day of our country was bright, the appearance of its modern white marble capital, which during the years of independence became the most beautiful city in the world, a true oasis of happiness and prosperity, is delightful.

One of the priority tasks set by President Serdar Berdimuhamedov in the Epoch of the Revival of a new era of a powerful state is the development of Ashgabat in line with national traditions and advanced urban development trends.

Modern projects are aimed at achieving this goal, contributing to the enhancement of the glory of the Turkmen capital as a major business, scientific, cultural and sports center of the region and the world.

The construction of comfortable housing, medical centers equipped with innovative technologies, schools and children's institutions, sports complexes, social and cultural facilities are signs of a new era of sovereign development of our country. The ongoing transformations are aimed at the progress and prosperity of Turkmenistan, the growth of the welfare of the population, ensuring a high standard of living for every family.

In continuation of the ceremony, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov laid beautiful wreaths of autumn flowers at the foot of the Milletiň ogullary and Baky şöhrat monuments erected in honor of the Turkmen soldiers who fell in the battle against fascism and the heroes of all wars who died in the battles for the freedom of their native Fatherland, for the happiness of future generations. As an imperishable symbol of the inextinguishable people's memory of the valiant sons of the Turkmen land, the Eternal Flame burns.

Thousands of our countrymen demonstrated unparalleled steadfastness, loyalty to military duty, selfless love for the Motherland on the fronts of the war of 1941-1945, including the great-grandfather of the head of state, Berdimuhamed Annaev, whose life path today serves as an example of true patriotism and devotion to duty for the Turkmen youth.

Then wreaths and bouquets of flowers were laid by members of the Government, leaders and representatives of the Mejlis and the Halk Maslakhaty Milli Gengesh, military and law enforcement agencies, diplomatic missions accredited in Turkmenistan and international organizations, the hyakim of the city of Ashgabat.

They were joined by representatives of political parties and public organizations, ministries and departments, respected elders, student youth, residents of the capital. In a matter of minutes, the foothills of the monuments are covered with a bright floral carpet.

Remembering all its sons and daughters who gave their lives for freedom and peace in their native land, Turkmenistan is building friendship and brotherhood relations with the peoples and states of the planet. The initiatives put forward in the Community of Nations testify to the invariability of the peace-loving course of our independent neutral Motherland.

In this regard, let us recall the proposal voiced at the 77th session of the UN General Assembly to develop a draft resolution "Dialogue is a guarantee of peace." This document is intended to confirm the commitment of all member countries of the Organization to negotiated methods of resolving conflict situations, regardless of their complexity. Turkmenistan also made a proposal to declare 2025 the Year of Peace and Trust.

Our memory, our boundless gratitude to the older generation is reflected in concrete deeds aimed at strengthening peace, the progressive development of an independent Turkmen state, and the preservation of high humanistic traditions in society.

Then President Serdar Berdimuhamedov proceeded to the sadaqa room.

The head of Turkmenistan warmly welcomed all those who, continuing the noble traditions of courageous ancestors, came today to the Halk hakydasy Memorial Complex to honor the memory of the victims of the Ashgabat earthquake and the heroic ancestors who fell on the battlefields.

Remembering them, we give sadaqa, read memorial prayers “ayat-tovir”. May the sadaka and prayers given on the Day of Remembrance in memory of the untimely departed be accepted by the Almighty, the head of state said.

Then the mufti of Turkmenistan read the “tebarek” prayer service and blessed the ritual meal.

In accordance with the traditions, dishes of national cuisine were served. All this has become a clear reflection of the noble customs of wise ancestors, which are a worthy example for the modern generation.

At the end of the meal, the words of the “ayat-tovir” prayer were offered and wishes that the Almighty accepted this sadaqa and the prayers read on the Day of Remembrance. Kabul is a bastard!

Then President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, expressing his wish: “Let peace, unity and prosperity always reign on the Turkmen land!”, once again thanked all the participants of the sadaqa and left the place of the event.

The flower-laying ceremony held today at the Halk hakydasy Memorial Complex and the funeral sadaqa have become another bright symbol of the continuity of the traditions of great ancestors, the inseparable connection of generations in the name of increasing the high spirituality of our people. We remember, we grieve, experiencing the pain of loss, and continue to create, live peacefully and work in an independent, prosperous Motherland.

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