Opening of a modern children’s entertainment center
Opening of a modern children’s entertainment center
Published 05.08.2022

Today, the ceremony of commissioning of the “Arkadagyň nesilleri” children’s entertainment center took place in Esenguli etrap, which was attended by the chairman and deputies of the Mejlis of the Milli Gengesh, representatives of the velayat and city khyakimliks, public organizations, mass media, honorary elders and residents of etrap.

A joyful mood reigned on the elegantly decorated territory of the complex – incendiary music and songs sounded everywhere.

Creative teams prepared a festive program for the guests. In the bright performances of young singers and dancers, theatrical compositions, sincere gratitude was expressed to the head of Turkmenistan for his full attention to the harmonious development of the young generation.

The speakers at the opening ceremony emphasized that in the era of the Revival of a new epoch of a powerful state, the concern for improving the welfare of the native people, elevated by the President of the country to the rank of a political strategy, finds visible embodiment in the grandiose social project being implemented, providing a system-integrated approach to the formation of the accompanying infrastructure.

As it was noted, the result of the great successes achieved by Turkmenistan in recent years on the path of progress and prosperity is not only the socio-economic growth of the country maintaining high rates, but also the visibly transformed appearance of its regions.

This is evidenced by the recent opening of a “Rowaç” modern complex of cottages, which replenished the resort infrastructure of Avaza National Tourist Zone.

It should be noted that Esenguli etrap of Balkan velayat became the winner of the traditional competition held annually, having achieved the highest results in all indicators among etraps of velayats and cities with the rights of etraps, and in accordance with the Order of the head of Turkmenistan was awarded a cash prize of US$ 1 million.

It was these funds that went to the construction and advanced equipping the facilities of the new entertainment center for children.

Ensuring a happy childhood is a priority of socially oriented state policy, consistently implemented under the leadership of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov.

Special attention to children, love and care for them have remained unshakable principles of the Turkmen people for centuries. Following the ancient traditions, a lot of work is being carried out in our country aimed at educating a physically strong, spiritually rich generation of young Turkmen people, ensuring a prosperous life, creating all conditions for the maximum realization of their intellectual potential. The strategic state programs successfully implemented are targeted at this.

It is important to note that Turkmenistan’s achievements in the field of protection of children’s rights are supported and recognized by the world community. An example of this is the active cooperation of our country with the United Nations and, first of all, with one of its largest divisions – the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Recall that, being a full member of the Community of Nations and having ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Turkmenistan steadily fulfills its obligations in this area, demonstrating the most responsible approach to solving tasks to ensure the most favorable living conditions for its young people.

A vivid evidence of the effectiveness of the steps taken in this direction is the ratification of a number of important UN conventions and protocols, including international legal documents directly related to motherhood and childhood, as well as legislative acts adopted in the country.

The Constitution of Turkmenistan includes almost all the fundamental provisions of international conventions and declarations on human rights, including those relating to the rights of women and children.

The dynamics of the grandiose transformations carried out in Balkan velayat in all spheres is reflected in the scale of the ongoing construction, an important direction of which is the construction of social facilities.

In recent years, multistoried residential buildings and other structures have been put into operation here, intended to ensure high living standards of people, optimal conditions for creative work, comfortable life and recreation of Turkmen people.

In general, the events taking place in our country testify to the tireless care and great attention of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov to the issues of ensuring a prosperous life of Turkmen people, primarily concerning the harmonious upbringing of young compatriots, for whom magnificent educational institutions, sports and cultural and entertainment centers are being built.

New ultramodern schools, kindergartens and health complexes equipped with advanced technologies are being built both in the capital and velayat centers, as well as in various cities and villages of the country.

To ensure a happy childhood, to create all conditions for the development of talents and abilities of the younger generation – the efforts of the President of Turkmenistan are aimed at this, dictated primarily by the highest responsibility for the fate of the Homeland, its worthy future.

A special concern of the head of state, who, as is known, pays maximum attention to the development of physical culture and sports, the establishment of the principles of a healthy lifestyle, is the introduction of Turkmen youth to this.

Every year the number of children’s health centers located in the picturesque town of Gokdere and Avaza National Tourist Zone is increasing, the same centers have been erected in the velayats. Here someone can engage in a favorite hobby, someone can find a new business that will appeal to him, it will be useful and interesting, someone will stronger become friends with sports, participating in fun starts and competitions, broaden their horizons, taking part in contests and quizzes, will develop their creative abilities.

And today there is a joyful event in the region – the commissioning of a new children’s entertainment center “Arkadagyň nesilleri”, where thousands of children will be able to relax and have fun.

This is next wonderful gift to youth of the country, which has become another visual expression of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov’s concern for the younger generation. There are all conditions for a fun, active and at the same time informative pastime of the guys.

The camp, which occupies an area of 1.5 hectares, was built by order of the khyakimlik of Esenguli etrap by the Department of Social Services in accordance with modern requirements for the organization of children’s recreation and construction standards.

Holding leisure and active recreation, various cultural events in this center – spectacular music competitions, colorful festivals, sports competitions – will become a good tradition.

There are all the things needed for a fun pastime and an exciting holiday of youth.

The peculiarity of this entertainment center is that it represents such a popular format as family leisure. Both adults and children, who are instilled the habit of active recreation and sports from an early age, can spend their free time here interestingly and with great pleasure.

A variety of attractions are compactly located on the territory of the center, including carousels, a race track, a Ferris wheel, a slot machine hall, a cafe, a children’s toy store, etc. There are comfortable gazebos and benches for visitors, surrounded by greenery and flowers.

In addition, an administrative building has been built here, where all conditions have been created for the fruitful work of the service personnel. The camp is fully landscaped, in the evening its territory is illuminated by original lamps. There is also a parking lot, various technical rooms and other related facilities.

The immeasurable joy on the faces of happy children, their cheerful, bubbling laughter is the best evidence of the effectiveness of the state policy pursued by President Serdar Berdimuhamedov aimed at comprehensive development, strengthening the health and well-being of Turkmen youth – our hope and a happy future.

The solemn opening ceremony of the children’s entertainment center turned into an inspired celebration for all residents of Esenguli etrap.

The children, the main hosts of the current event, expressed their deep gratitude to the President of Turkmenistan, Serdar Berdimuhamedov, for the wonderful gift presented them and the full concern for their well-being.

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