Towards the new heights of progress
Towards the new heights of progress
Published 26.07.2022

The next, 14th volume of the book “Toward New Heights of Progress”, prepared for printing by the Archival Fund of the President of Turkmenistan of the Main Archival Department under the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, has been published.

The publication contains the most important publications of 2020, which cover all aspects of the internal and external strategy of the state and give a visual representation of the cardinal transformations in the political system of society, the economy, the social and cultural spheres, and the scientific and educational field.

The materials included in the book, including statistical data, reflect the many-sided successes achieved in all areas of socio-economic development, leading our Fatherland to new heights of progress.

The innovation of the large-scale reforms carried out in the country, grandiose projects, national programs that ensure the sustainable prosperity of independent neutral Turkmenistan, the strategic goal of whose internal policy is expressed in the principle "The state is for the person!", is revealed.

The pages of the publication present a multifaceted panorama of the dynamic and rich life of the Motherland, the main events of national and international significance.

As is known, the chronicle of 2020 was marked by the 25th anniversary of the permanent neutrality of the Turkmen state. This glorious date is dedicated to the work of the Hero-Arkadag "Turkmenistan - the birthplace of Neutrality", in which the emphasis is on the neutral legal status, which contributes to the successful establishment of constructive and mutually beneficial cooperation between our country and many states of the planet.

One of the main events of the year was the International Conference "The Policy of Neutrality and its Importance in Ensuring International Peace, Security and Sustainable Development" held in Ashgabat on December 12, where an objective and comprehensive assessment of its role in ensuring peaceful life was given.

The materials of the publication reflect the historical meeting of the Halk Maslakhaty, held on September 25th. As a result, the people's representatives adopted the Constitutional Law "On Amendments and Modifications to the Constitution of Turkmenistan", in accordance with which a qualitatively new structure of the National Parliament -  Milli Gengesh of Turkmenistan was created, consisting of two chambers -  Halk Maslakhaty and Mejlis.

The political decisions of the national forum gave a new impetus to the democratic processes in our country, helping to strengthen the legal foundations to improve the efficiency of the activities of public authorities and administration.

Among the bright and memorable events are solemn events in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. The Turkmen people respect the unprecedented feat of the heroes who gave their lives for the freedom of the Motherland, and the selfless home front workers who made a great contribution to providing the front with everything necessary.

This holiday was marked by the fact that our country was given the Battle Banner of the 748th Infantry Regiment of the 206th Infantry Division of the 2nd Ukrainian Front and the personal file of the grandfather of Hero-Arkadag - Corporal Berdimuhamed Annayev, whose life and battle path became  a model of service to the Motherland, courage and loyalty to military and civic duty for the Turkmen youth.

The humanistic essence of a constructive and peaceful foreign policy based on the principles of positive neutrality and broad international cooperation is evidenced by publications on various forums and meetings, within which constructive initiatives were voiced to address a number of global problems.

All the presented works are an example of a deep understanding of the geopolitical processes taking place in the region and the world, far-sighted and pragmatic implementation of the foreign policy strategy of the state. They clearly demonstrate how much the authority, role and influence of our country in the international arena has grown.

All materials clearly trace the course pursued by Turkmenistan, aimed at developing a constructive dialogue with the international community, expanding trade and economic partnership, strengthening good-neighbourly relations in the humanitarian sphere in the name of world peace and prosperity.

In general, the publication gives an idea of the regularity and success of the implementation of tasks in all areas of domestic and foreign policy of Turkmenistan - a country looking to the future, but at the same time maintaining the continuity of the spiritual culture carried through the millennia.

Ensuring high rates of industrialization, diversifying the economy, creating modern infrastructure in the regions, increasing the well-being of the people are the main goals of the large-scale transformations carried out in our state, which have laid a solid foundation for its prosperity for decades to come.

Materials of theoretical and practical value published in the book "Toward New Heights of Progress" will become the most important scientific, documentary and information sources for historians, political scientists, social scientists, reflecting the content and essence of the modern ideology of Turkmenistan, the large-scale transformations taking place in the country, the significance of the implemented national programs.

The publication plays an invaluable role in popularizing the progressive domestic and foreign policy of the Motherland, highlighting the grandiose changes in the political, economic, socio-cultural life of society, in educating young people in the spirit of patriotism, hard work and high morality.

The published volume is equipped with a scientific reference tool. It ends with a photo chronicle illustrating the achievements of independent neutral Turkmenistan in the modern era.

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