The infrastructure of horse breeding of Turkmenistan - the native land of "paradise" racers is developing
The infrastructure of horse breeding of Turkmenistan - the native land of "paradise" racers is developing
Published 13.10.2021

Today in Gokdepe district of Akhal region on the instructions of the President of Turkmenistan a solemn stone-laying ceremony of a modern stable for 600 Akhal-teke horses has taken place.

Legendary "paradise" racers were faithful companions of Turkmen people, an ornament of its glorious history in all times. During the new epoch, thanks to the large scale selfless activity of leader of the nation Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov, who is the true expert and judge of "heavenly" horses, brilliant master of riding and tireless popular writer of equestrian sport, a purposeful work on preservation and continuation of unique traditions of national horse breeding and further development of this ancient art is carried out in our country.

The head of the state underlined that the new stable should also meet completely modern requirements like earlier constructed ones and today similar complexes effectively operate in the country. It should have all conditions for cultivation of racers, breeding, and training of horses for jumps and also for fruitful work of breeders.

In an architectural embodiment of this sort of objects the advanced technical solutions and principles of national architecture should be combined organically, in control systems innovative and digital technologies should be used, the head of the state said.

Expanding at the foot of the majestic Kopet Dagh the village of Aba Annayev in which all social conditions for maintenance of high standard of living for horse breeders are created, and International Akhal-teke horse-racing complex should create uniform ensemble with the future stable taking into account natural features of this district, the leader of the nation noted during that trip.

According to the Resolution of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov signed during the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, which took place on October 8, the construction and commissioning of the project on "on a turn-key basis" was entrusted to private enterprise «Nur bina gurlushyk». As the customer «Türkmen atlary» State Association acts.

According to the project the stable will occupy 15,4 hectares of land. In the extensive territory a number of objects, including an office building will take place. The aim of the new complex - further development of horse breeding, increase in number of thoroughbred racers, improvement of their reproduction and thoroughbred qualities.

For supervision over the state of health of horses a veterinary clinic provided with all necessary equipment and high technologies will be constructed. The veterinary clinic will have medical units, including the one for examination of horses.

2 stables by 60 stalls each for pregnant mares will enter into the household of the complex, six - for pedigree mares by 80 stalls, 8 sheds and a number of subsidiary premises. In stables the optimum microclimate and natural ventilation will be supported, and also all conditions for cultivation, riding, corresponding training of racers and their preparation for jumps, fruitful work of grooms and grooms will be created.

With a view of maintenance of the stable with forages, and the daily diet of each horse includes hay, oats, barley, alfalfa, straw and vitamin -mineral additives, erection of an covered warehouse and two open barns will be provided.

According to the project, the complex life-support system includes a technical infrastructure. Besides, it is planned to equip two parking places for the working technics and vehicles and a number of technical constructions. The territory adjoining to buildings completely will arrange well and will be planted with trees and shrubs.

The building of the stable and other objects will be carried out with use of high-quality ecologically safe building materials of domestic production.

Thus, the erected modern stable will be equipped by the last word of world science and technics, with calculation that in due course it will becomes one of the prestigious research centres of horse breeding.

Pure mountain air and natural-climatic features of this corner of the native land, extensive meadows create the favourable environment for maintenance of horses and foals. As leader of the nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov marks, work on care of "paradise" horses, their education and trainings, preparation for sports should be conducted on the basis of primordial national traditions and with the account of modern advanced experience. It will allow to increase further an international recognition of the "heavenly" racers known for their playfulness and unsurpassed beauty.

Today in the horse breeding of the country, which possesses a big selection-genetic potential, new scientific methods and organizational approaches, advanced world experience take root, and there are no doubts that the unique gene-pool will be carefully kept and transferred to future generations of grateful descendants as national property, as spiritual and historical value.

The stone-laying ceremony of the modern stable grew into a big holiday. Representatives of regional and district khyakimliks, agro-industrial complex, «Türkmen atlary» state association, respectable elders, domestic horse breeders, grooms, jockeys, and also numerous judges of Akhal-teke racers and the youth took part in the celebration.

On the site - a place for stone laying of a new building, bright performance of masters of culture and art was organized. By songs and dances, actors with inspiration glorify our beloved Fatherland that confidently goes under the leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on the path of peace, well-being and prosperity, grandiose achievements and high creative spirit of the new historical epoch.

What only epithets are not awarded our legendary racers for centuries and millennia! And Turkmens have still given to the horses human properties and lines, seeing in them not only natural temperament, but also nobleness, warmth, responsiveness, intelligence and very emotional character about what President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov wrote in his books.

Thus, the building of a modern stable which has started today and meets all requirements of world standards became the next step to development of a complex infrastructure of horse breeding and equestrian sports, augmentation of glory of Akhal-teke racers - beauty and pride of Turkmen people, development of fruitful cooperation with foreign partners and education of new generation of Turkmen experts in the given sphere.

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The infrastructure of horse breeding of Turkmenistan - the native land of "paradise" racers is developing
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