Ashgabat - 140 years: The capital of healing country
Ashgabat - 140 years: The capital of healing country
Published 08.04.2021

For the last years, Ashgabat has been decorated with dozens of beautiful architectural ensembles and various including medical facilities. Thus, literally during one generation, the main city of the country has turned into big medical center with high concentration of super modern clinics provided with high-technology equipment from the leading world producers.

Academic of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, Doctor of Medicine and Economy, Professor, author of scientific works who supervised national health care sphere for many years, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov was at the beginning of the development of unique national model of health protection, which organically combines century-old traditions of ancestors and modern trends of the world medicine.

“Health of our nation is a guarantee of achievements of the Motherland” - this thesis contains the main principle of the State Health Program, which received a status of strategical, socially oriented project. Few days ago, the Resolution of the President of Turkmenistan has given start to new stage of implementation of this Program approving the action plan for the next five years.

Innovative technologies, advanced equipment from the world famous companies, expanded network of profile facilities, which specialists undergo professional training in the leading European medical centers, all of this provided high level of medical services, decline of diseases and hence, improvement of average longevity of the population.

The structure of the capital’s healthcare facilities has been supplemented with the complex of various new buildings. Big profile infrastructures, which have no analogues in Central Asian region, have been put into operation. it includes International Center of Head and Neck Diseases, International Eye Disease Center, International Neurology Center, International Surgery and Endocrinology Center, Oncology and Stomatology Centers, which were built in Berzengi. International Cardiology Center has been completely renovated.

All these modern clinics, which form up medical cluster in the south of Turkmen capital, are the biggest scientific and research, treatment and diagnostic facilities of the world level. Same as everywhere, the available high-technology equipment from the famous European developers gives an opportunity to make unique specific studies and complex surgeries, which could be dream of before.

Celebration of the Day of Health Protection and Medical Industry Personnel, which is observed on October 10, was marked with the opening of other two big facilities of healthcare infrastructure – International Burn and Aesthetic Centers Certificates and prestige international awards of the center indicate high appraisal of these profile clinics, which has been recognized as the best in the region.

Major works for reconstruction of buildings and modernization of equipment and facility base of existing medical facilities are carried out in the country together with construction of new objects in the capital and all around the country in general.

Digital system is actively introduced to healthcare sphere, direct video conference communication is used for exchange of information. Latest telecommunication and computer technologies allow involving qualified foreign specialists regardless of the distance for planned and emergency medical services as well as for regular consultations and exchange of practice in diagnostics, treatment and prevention of various diseases.

International Scientific and Training Center of the Ministry of Health Protection and Medical Industry has become a base for scientific studies in medical sphere, improvement of doctors’ qualification, post-graduate education in various programs, implementation of scientific achievements for prevention of many diseases into practice.

Myrat Garriyev State Medical University is a birth place of medical personnel by right. White-marble educational complex decorated with gilt stained glass windows have been harmoniously merged into magnificent architectural ensemble made along Archabyl Avenue. Proximity to international medical centers, which form up a unique medical cluster, helps students to improve knowledge received in classrooms and to accumulate necessary experience for further work.

Prestige university, where thousands of students study today, meets high international standards. As is known, the University received international award “European Quality” from international organization “European Business Assembly” in 2011. In addition, TSMU is registered in the World medical educational facility database – the Avicenna’s Catalogue.

According to the Orders of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, Scientific and Clinical Eye Disease Center has been opened under university in 2011, Education Stomatology Center in 2013, Scientific and Education Center of Mother and Child’s Health Protection in 2015.

Complex of facilities of the Directorate of the Infectious Disease Centers, which structure includes Tuberculosis Prevention and Treatment Center, Infectious Disease Prevention and Treatment Center, Central Dermatology and Venerology Clinic, Blood Center and Central Laboratory, National AIDS Prevention Center.

Morphology Center and Center of Prevention of Dangerous Infections have been built few years later nearby. The main direction of activity of the latter is to protect the territory of Turkmenistan from entry and spread of special dangerous quarantine infections.

Complex of medical facilities has been formed up in the southwest of Turkmen capital. Hospital with scientific and clinical cardiology center, which white-marble tall building has become an architectural dominant of this changed part of the city, has been built at the intersection of Gyorogly Street and A. Niyazov Avenue. The hospital is specialized in provision of high-quality medical services, early diagnostics for detection of hidden forms of diseases and conducting scientific studies of actual cardiologic issues.

New Scientific and Clinical Center of Mother and Child’s Health Protection, which opens new ways for development of national pediatrics, is located next to it. Its structure includes almost three dozens of departments allowing giving specialized aid to children and mothers almost in all medical directions.

Intensive care center, which also meets the world standards by the level of its technical provision, is located nearby.

Biggest in the region orthopedic center – International Traumatology Center, which in addition to several departments provided with advanced medical equipment, has specialized facility for production of prostheses, prostheses and orthopedic devices, is located farther along Gyrogly Street.

As is known, special place in the State Health Program is given to construction and upgrade of sanatorium and resort facilities, which by its provision and list of provided services do not yield the best world analogues. Thus, the capital’s Berzengi Sanatorium has received its second life.

Special attention is paid to the development of pharmaceutical industry, owing to which modern facility for production of infusion solutions has been put into operation in the capital. The production is made in accordance with the requirements of European Pharmacopoeia and GMP standards.

Three-store building of Ashgabat’s Sanitary and Epidemiology Service has been opened after overall reconstruction. The Center of Public Health and Nutrition, which was added to wide medical cluster formed up in Turkmen capital, has become the main link if the network of facilities of the State Sanitary and Epidemiology Service.

Special attention is paid to educational work for strengthening of the population’s health. These are mass physical training and health improving movement, popularization of various sports, development of active recreation infrastructure, organization of campaign for strengthening of the principles of healthy life style in the society.


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