Celebrations in honour of the holiday of Turkmen carpet
Celebrations in honour of the holiday of Turkmen carpet
Published 28.05.2023

Today, in the capital, the events dated to the holiday of Turkmen carpet, which is traditionally marked on the last Sunday of May- exhibition and the XXIII Conference of the World Association of Connoisseurs of Turkmen Handmade Carpet Weaving “Turkmen carpet - soul of Turkmens” took place.

An impressive composition of delegations, which arrived from different corners of the world, confirms a great interest of business circles of abroad in our dynamically developing country and aspiration to strengthen their positions in the attractive Turkmen market, and for novices - establishment of direct partnership contacts. Among them - heads and specialists of large enterprises-manufacturers and trading companies, representatives of research and culture centres and also scientists, experts, admirers of art Turkmen handmade carpet weaving from Russia, Turkey, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan.

It is remarkable that Turkmen carpet making art takes a special place in the treasury of universal values.

Certainly, inclusion of this craft in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Human Heritage List promotes its advancement and popularisation abroad.

On the occasion of the holiday and in honour of remarkable carpet makers, whose skill, talent and inspiration creates products unsurpassed in beauty and perfection, all over the country these days scientific forums and creative meetings, competitions and exhibitions were organised.

The national museum of the Turkmen carpet, in which galleries a large- scale exposition of classical and modern original works of national carpet making art, was displayed within the exhibition, became a venue of celebrations in the capital. On the area, adjoining to the museum elegant yurts and improvised craft workshops with all accompanying colours took place.

From the early morning the festive atmosphere here reigns - music and songs play. In bright compositions of folklore-ethnographic ensembles and performances of musical groups of the country the theme of "eternal value» - carefully preserved and transferred traditions of carpet making art from generation to generation sounded.

Heads of the Mejlis, ministries and departments, heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Turkmenistan and international organisations, art workers, student youth, representatives of public organisations, famous carpet weavers of the country took part in the solemn ceremony of opening of the exhibition.

In the welcoming message of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, it is noted that the traditional conference of the World Association of Connoisseurs of Turkmen Handmade Carpet Weaving will fully show national achievements and successes in carpet making art - the unique art adequately continued by our skilled workers, and also will allow to exchange opinions on interesting issues and to make active partner relations.

The present exhibition, which displays fine carpet products weaved by skilled workers at the enterprises of carpet making art of the State Corporation “Türkmenhaly” and in private workshops, became a bright illustration of high achievements of Turkmen carpet weavers. These classical ornamental carpets of pure wool and silk, landscape panels, magnificent subject pictures on which images of glorified Akhal-Teke racers revive. All of them differ with tremendous harmony of paints, unique refinement and individual creative approaches.

In a big variety at the exhibition, an assortment of goods with the label “Made in Turkmenistan” was displayed. Among them - products of carpet weaving, tapestry, a big collection of every possible souvenir products, bright handbags, colourful samples of national embroidery and decorative-patchwork art from brilliant silk fabric ketene.

The gift - a carpet with ornaments “Tazy guýruk”, “It ýatak”, “Güjük yzy” woven with patterns of archaeological finds on the occasion of the holiday arose particular interest in visitors of the exhibition. 

Local and foreign businessmen displayed silk and woollen carpets and carpet products at the exhibition.

The colourful panorama of expositions gave the chance to visitors to familiarise with extraordinary variety of directions of the art glorified for the whole world Turkmen carpet making art and to get an idea of sources of national traditions, features and character of original culture of Turkmen.

On the margins of celebrations, the awarding ceremony of women carpet weavers of carpet enterprises took place and by the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan, an honorary title “Türkmenistanyň at gazanan halyçysy” was conferred upon them. 

In the second half of day in the conference hall of the State Corporation “Türkmenhaly” the regular conference of the World Association of Connoisseurs of Turkmen Handmade Carpet Weaving took place.

On the sidelines of the forum achievements in solution of issues of careful preservation and wide popularisation of the spiritual and a cultural heritage of Turkmen people, national traditions of handmade carpet making art and other kinds of arts and crafts, introduction of the latest industrial solutions in the sector were discussed.

As was marked, in the world there exist not so many things, which throughout centuries invariably remained exclusive and desired, but Turkmen carpets - original masterpieces of human hands and dream of true connoisseurs of art and are considered to this day as those.

Today patterns of Turkmen carpet serve as bright elements of design of architectural composition of Ashgabat city, which was included in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the Design category.

An important role in development of national carpet making art, popularisations of unique handmade weavings play wide cultural and trade and economic relations with foreign partners thanks to what carpets nowadays make a certain share in Turkmen export. Such cooperation successfully develops with the companies of Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Greece, France and many other countries.

During the exchange of opinions considerable successes in research of early archaeological and ethnographic evidence, written records of carpets and carpet symbols in local and foreign sources, unique historical and artistic importance of ancient art of Turkmen people were noted.

Foreign participants stated that in the meeting of the state museum of art of people of the East about 480 Turkmen carpets and carpet products are preserved. It is one of the best carpet collections of Turkmenistan in Europe.

Participants of the exhibition and XXIII Conference of the World Association of Connoisseurs of Turkmen Handmade Carpet Weaving “Turkmen carpet - soul of Turkmens” adopted the Message to President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, in which they expressed their gratitude for his efficient work in development and augmentation of glorious traditions of the national art of carpet making and favourable conditions created for expansion of international cooperation in this sphere.

In the evening celebrations proceeded with performance of creative groups in the Ashgabat concert venue. 

Meetings, exhibitions, scientific conferences, creative competitions, concerts and other actions were held all over the country on the holiday of the Turkmen carpet.

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