An exhibition of products of the Islamic Republic of Iran opened in Ashgabat
An exhibition of products of the Islamic Republic of Iran opened in Ashgabat
Published 15.02.2023

Today, the Specialized Economic Exhibition of the Islamic Republic of Iran, organized with the assistance of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of our country, began its work in the Turkmen capital.

The exposition of products of Iranian manufacturers has become another step in the development of mutually beneficial trade and economic cooperation between the two neighboring states, giving it a new impetus in many promising areas.

The exhibition, being a good platform for demonstrating the latest achievements in the field of scientific and industrial developments and technologies of neighboring Iran, presented the key sectors of its economy.

It should be noted that by expanding the range of international business contacts, including with Iran, our country ensures the introduction of the best world experience, advanced technologies, and investments into the domestic industry, thereby opening the way for Turkmen manufacturers to the foreign market.

A large delegation arrived in Ashgabat to participate in the current review, which includes representatives of about 70 Iranian companies and firms. Among them are both long-term partners of Turkmenistan with many years of experience in productive cooperation in various fields, and companies for which the current review is a launching pad for demonstrating their products in our country, exploring opportunities for joint activities with Turkmen colleagues.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was attended by the leaders of the Mejlis, members of the Government, heads and representatives of diplomatic missions accredited in Turkmenistan, sectoral ministries and departments of our country, public organizations and the media.

Turkmen folk melodies and songs performed by bakhshi-sazandars brought a bright national flavor to the festive atmosphere of the show.

With enthusiasm, the participants listened to the welcoming Address of the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov, which emphasizes that in the era of the Revival of the new era of a powerful state, relations between the two peoples based on the principles of good neighborliness, brotherhood and mutual understanding, bilateral trade and economic cooperation receive a qualitatively new impetus, the necessary conditions are created to build up cultural and humanitarian ties.

In the context of the fact that one of the priorities of our foreign policy is the expansion of mutually respectful dialogue with the countries of the world, especially with the closest neighbors, Turkmenistan attaches great importance to the development and strengthening of relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran is a major trade and economic partner of Turkmenistan. Interaction is effectively developing in such areas as the fuel and energy complex, transport and communications, industry and agriculture.

“In recent years, the coordination of joint efforts in using the existing potential ensures the Turkmen-Iranian trade and economic relations reach a qualitatively new level, which led to an increase in the volume of mutual trade, opening up wide opportunities for the comprehensive development of industries,” the message of the head of state says.

Then the Minister of Cooperation, Labor and Social Security of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Soulat Mortazavi, addressed the participants and guests of the ceremony, saying that the heads of the two countries always emphasize the need to strengthen bilateral cooperation, especially in the economic sphere, and show political will to expand cooperation through the exchange of delegations for various levels.

The presence of opportunities in the transport sector of Iran and Turkmenistan, the quantitative and qualitative growth of infrastructure capacity, the replenishment of the railway, automobile and marine fleets contributed to the creation of new transit routes.

Speaking about the prospects for bilateral and regional relations, the head of the Iranian delegation noted the great potential for building up cooperation in many sectors of the economy, especially in the field of transit, energy and trade. And the holding of such economic exhibitions helps to intensify partnership between the public and private sectors of the two countries.

The large-scale multifaceted exposition, which is based on stands of industrial enterprises of Iran, using the latest scientific and technological achievements in production technology, aroused great interest among visitors.

For the first time, manufacturers of ceramic tiles, wall and floor coverings - "Firozeh tile Co.", polyethylene and polystyrene - "Knowledge based mazeroon foam gaem Co." presented their products here.

The pavilion of Palmiran Co., which also demonstrates its products in the Turkmen capital for the first time, attracted the attention of the guests of the exhibition with a variety of flowers and ornamental trees.

Part of the exhibition space was occupied by large companies operating in the construction industry, in the production of industrial equipment for heating and cooling systems, poultry and livestock complexes, food industry enterprises and greenhouses.

Numerous pavilions housed samples and models of equipment and machinery for the oil and gas, electric power and road transport sectors, the chemical industry, water and agriculture. Among them are such companies as "Jam Petrochemical company", "Chemical industries Kimiagaran emrooz", "Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industry Commercial Co." etc.

The largest Iranian manufacturers of the "Iran Khodro" consortium, as well as "Tavan energy resources development" demonstrate the capacities of the automotive industry.

A significant part of the exposition was occupied by stands and pavilions of the companies Adrian shimi arvand co., Aria Baron, Arman sazeh alamot, Azar rokesh, which presented insulating, decorative, finishing building materials, various coatings.

Visitors to the exhibition can also get acquainted with the textile and food products of Iran.

Much of the equipment and products demonstrated here, which meet international quality and environmental standards, is actively supplied to the Turkmen market and is distinguished by high productivity, economy, and a wide range.

Bafeh sim golestan and Hesam sanat shargh presented their achievements in the production of transformers, lighting fixtures and electrical equipment.

The company "Razavi hospital" offers its services in the medical field.

The expositions of the companies "Goldaneh sahra", "Kian Shargh", engaged in the production of feed for birds and animals, aroused particular interest among the guests.

Stands at the exhibition were also deployed by the representative office of Saderat-Iran Bank in Turkmenistan, which makes a significant contribution to creating conditions for establishing close contacts between the business circles of the two countries.

Numerous visitors to the economic review during the three days of its work will have the opportunity to learn more about the multifaceted exposition, decide on future plans and business initiatives based on mutual interests.

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