Turkmenistan holds the international exhibition and conference “Türkmentel-2022”
Turkmenistan holds the international exhibition and conference “Türkmentel-2022”
Published 10.11.2022

Today, the capital has hosted the opening of the 15th International Exhibition and Conference “Turkmentel-2022” dedicated to the development of telecommunications, telemetry, information technology and broadcasting equipment. The event organized by “Türkmenaragatnaşyk” Agency and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the country is held not only in the traditional format but is transmitted online from Ashgabat in tens of world countries.

With every passing year, the scope of its orbit of participants grows and it is stipulated with a great interest in our fatherland, which actively integrates into the world economic space and beneficial prospect of cooperation.

Participation of delegations from about twenty countries, which represent various foreign state sectoral structures, leading world companies, manufacturers and suppliers of high tech equipment, developers of advanced technologies and services, large international operators of communications and software in the present exhibition also testifies to this fact.

In the solemn opening of the forum “Türkmentel–2022” members of the government, heads of the Mejlis, ministries and departments, heads of diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited to our country, representatives of public organizations, higher educational institutions, mass media and elders took part.

With great inspiration, the gathered heard the welcoming message of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov to participants and guests of the forum, which reads that based on innovations and progressive practice in technology, national economy is modernized, great achievements are made in social development of the country as well as radical scientific technical reforms and large projects are realized through regular improvement of structural, material, technical and legal basis of the digital sphere.

Among foreign participants of the forum are such leaders of markets of various communications and information technologies as «Тhales Аlenia Space», «Nokia», «HUAWEI», «BHS», «LS TELCOM AG Heidelberger», «Hermes Datacommunication international LTD», «Kazakhtelecom», «Delta telecom Ltd», «Tranzit Telecom», «AMD», «Comfone», «Vostochnii veter» and others. Not only business circles, but also leading scientists and experts in the given area also showed a great interest in the Ashgabat exhibition.

Today, Turkmenistan provides a wide range of new online services of network and cellular communications, electronic transmission of data on the basis of telecommunications networks, ensures high quality broadcast of national TV and radio as well as express postal services in the country and abroad. Stands of “Altyn Asyr” cellular communications enterprise and branch offices of “Türkmenpoçta” also highlight all this.

It should be noted that a significant volume of services is provided to population by Turkmen entrepreneurs, who thanks to the state policy, successfully expand the market of high technologies ensuring not only efficient channels of direct supplies of the latest equipment, devices of transmission and video surveillance for enterprises and institutions of sectoral departments, but also carry out construction, installation and commissioning work in the given area.

Among them are such national enterprises as “Imdat elektronik”, “Diýarkom”, “Kepil piker”, “Sitkom”, “SGM”, “Ýüpek ýoly”, “Ýokary tilsimatlar merkezi”, “Türkmentehnogurluşyk”, “Belgi”, “Uly Gaýa”, “Minara Nur” and others.

Visitors to the exhibition can familiarize themselves with work of “Türkmen ýyldyzy” enterprise, which displays its capacities in installation, minor and capital repair of substations, power generators and transformers, test of all types of power equipment.

The expositions of “Türkmenawtoulaglary”, “Türkmendemirýollary”, “Türkmenhowaýollary”, “Türkmendeňizderýaýollary” agencies speak of plans of realization of initiatives in this sphere as well as further development of these areas.

Globalization of market space and application of information technologies are based on use of information as a basis strategic resource. So, a great area was occupied by expositions devoted to international cooperation of Turkmenistan by “Türkmenaragatnaşyk” agency, which is a full-fledged member of the Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications (RCC).

The exhibition «Türkmentel-2022» is oriented first of all, to the most demanded information technologies of today.

So, the pavilion highlighting achievements in the field of development of fibre optic telephone communications enjoy a great interest of visitors. And not only digital telephone stations, but namely modern ones supporting standards of new generations – NGN (Next Generation Network), where from one telephone point will be provided telephony, IPTV and internet, are displayed there. At that, information is transmitted and commutated by batches and speech, data and video can be transmitted in any combination, irrespective of access means.

The unified portal of state services and functions, the pavilion of which takes a special place among exhibits of the exhibition also displays successful implementation of the Concept of development of digital economy in Turkmenistan for 2019–2025 (https://e.gov.tm/).

Besides it, an important place is taken in the exhibition by «Aýdyň gijeler» economic society, which makes a worthy contribution to the development of national electronic industry. Here one can see many types of production of modern electronic industry developed by an active participation of national specialists.

Here one can also see the exposition of Oguz Khan University of Engineering and Technology, Institute of Telecommunications and Informatics of Turkmenistan, which familiarize guests with developments of potential students and researches.

The topic of satellite communications also finds reflection at the exhibition. National enterprises “Türkmen hemrasy”, “Ýokary tilsimatlar merkezi” and foreign companies also display their achievements in this field.

In the second half of the day, within the framework of the program the scientific conference was held and local and international scientists, experts and businessmen made their proposals there as well as through the digital system.

Among delegations were representatives of Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, United Kingdom, Germany, France, UAE, Monaco, Switzerland, Israel, Estonia, Thailand, Latvia and Afghanistan.

The first day of the forum was devoted to development of digital transformation of innovative, information and communications technologies in Turkmenistan, new satellite technologies and applications as well as solutions and modern trends of management were discussed.

In papers, it was noted that recognition of Turkmenistan as a key link in the Central Asian region, the most important information and communications bridge between the East and West, North and South, facilitates development of the national telecommunications system meeting international standards in quality of information communications.

It was underlined that our fatherland, which has embarked on the path of innovative development, sets before itself a number of key tasks in accordance with requirements of the time. Today, in thee epoch of internet and satellite communications, introduction of digitization has changed all primary industries and models of their development.

Participants pointed out that global digitalization of economy requires from enterprises, organizations and companies special attention to the issue of accelerated acquisition of innovative technologies by specialists and ensuring of cyber security. Indeed, the future of communications sphere is directly dependent on such notions as internet platforms, cloud services, transition to 5G, Big Data technologies, mobile finances, means of monetization of the content and many others.

In their papers, the Turkmen side also marked that the launch of the first Turkmen artificial satellite into space opened great opportunities and created conditions for development of relevant world standard telecommunications systems, high quality TV and radio broadcasting.

The country continues to improve its legal and normative regulations of activity of information and telecommunications services. An efficient work is carried out to introduce digital economy in Turkmenistan and the system of e-government fully works now.

It was noted that modern tendencies of development of world economy are closely connected with a growing role of information technologies and knowledge in the life of society. Economy changes and becomes more innovative and use of high-speed broadband networks of internet and communications lie in their basis. Today those countries, which constantly improve their capacities taking into account technological innovations and introduce them in management of their economies, are more competitive.

Today, investment attractiveness of Turkmenistan is stipulated with not only enormous reserves of energy. An inseparable part of its assessment by international business circles is an analysis of socio-economic indices of living standards of population, the growth of which is the result of the state policy.

New projects on development of the country in communication and telecommunications technologies are also aimed at improvement of living standards of Turkmen people and their wellbeing. Presence of such plans themselves evoke the interest of leading foreign investors.

Papers of foreign experts on new areas of development of information and communications technologies were also delivered and great attention was paid to prospects of introduction of new technologies, which make a significant impact on development of the internet all over the world.

Tomorrow, the 15th International Exhibition and Conference “Turkmentel-2022” dedicated to the development of telecommunications, telemetry, and information technology and broadcasting equipment will continue its work. On the margins of the conference, two sections on such areas as “Communications” and “Cybersecurity and data protection. Digital transformation in postal service” will work and the final stage of the regular students’ competition “Digital solution –2022” will be summed up.

Delegates of the forum will not only get information on the state, prospects of development of key areas of the communications complex, but will be also able to exchange opinions on such issues as satellite communications technologies and market of software, digitization, cybersecurity and outline forms of further cooperation and investment opportunities.

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