Multiplying the Motherland’s creative potential
Multiplying the Motherland’s creative potential
Published 23.06.2022

The Culture Week’s events dedicated to the Day of Culture and Art Workers, as well as the poetry of Makhtumkuli Fragi, continue in Mary velayat.

And today, for the delegates of this large-scale creative action, the morning began with festive children’s performances of the Zehinlije körpe ensemble, which took place in the building of Kemine State Drama Theater of Mary velayat. Musical and song celebrations, accompanied by bright performances, gave the audience a lot of unforgettable impressions. The faces of the audience shone with special joy when the choir of Mary City Children’s Art School named after Mollanepes appeared on the stage, presenting everyone the beautiful composition ‘Halkyń Arkadagly zamanasy’.

Then songs and foot tapping dances by young artists of the Joşgun and Altyn nesil Children’s and Teenagers’ Creativity Houses of Mary city, Takhtabazar etrap Children’ Art School and Joşgun, Çeşme, Bahar gülleri, Merdana nesil children’s dance groups continued the performance.

Our people have always attached great importance to the upbringing of children, developing their creative abilities and identifying talents. At the same time, telling about the history of the Fatherland, the main thing was to instill in the child such qualities as love for the Motherland, reverence for national heroes and eternal values, and conscientious attitude to work.

It has become a good tradition to attract not only professional artists, but also students of the country’s creative educational institutions to participate in the Week. Young musicians, dancers, singers, artists and readers are given the opportunity to perform with a separate concert program.

Thus, within the framework of the cultural forum, a concert was held with the participation of People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Atageldi Garyagdyev (Kemine State Drama Theater of Mary velayat) and the creative team of Mary Special Music School named after Yolaman Hummaev, where works of Turkmen and foreign classics are presented. The speakers got their shine on their talents, performing skills, delighting the audience. Master classes on the art of vocal with teachers and students of the same school were also organized.

Further, the events of the Culture Week continued in Iolotan etrap of Mary velayat, and the screenings of the films Hajygolak and Bakyş, shot by Türkmenfilm association named after Oguzkhan, took place.

The plots of the films, as well as their original fable generally, testify to the high level of development of the Turkmen cinema art, talent and hard work of directors who create wonderful film productions in the current era of the Revival of a new epoch of a powerful state.

The next in the program of events of the cultural action became Baba Gammar religious complex of Iolotan etrap, where cultural workers, creative collectives, folk performers, representatives of the media gathered to honor the memory of the patron saint of singers and musicians.

The ancient art of storytellers is especially popular today among the younger generation, which continues to develop the domestic school of Bakhshi.

At the beginning of this year, the receipt of a certificate on the inclusion of the craft of making this musical instrument, performing musical art and the art of bakhshi in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO was greeted in the country as a real holiday. Its recognition as a value of world significance testifies to the enduring role of folk music.

The current celebrations demonstrated the permanence of the foundations of the national school of Bakhshi, the deep knowledge of the Turkmen destans and songs by the musicians-storytellers, which are a link between generations, affirming the enduring values of the people – selfless love for the Motherland, justice, conscientiousness, humanism.

Today, in continuation of the large-scale forum, the State Energy Institute hosted a creative meeting with the Hero of Turkmenistan, the winner of the international Makhtumkuli Prize Gozel Shagulyeva with the participation of students, university teachers, cultural figures, where poetic compositions filled with love for the Motherland, glorifying the beauty of the Turkmen land, dedicated to the large-scale transformations of the modern era, carried out under the leadership of head of state Serdar Berdimuhamedov.

Competitions, conferences, folklore performances, master classes, concerts, exhibitions of works of art, film screenings, meetings with film directors and other events are held throughout the Week of Culture.

Participation in the forum of creative figures from all over the country facilitates a wide exchange of experience, improving their professional skills.

The events of these days reflected the enormous creative potential of the national culture. Having formed into a single whole, they reproduced a colorful panorama of the achievements of our Motherland, its rapid progress under the leadership of Arkadagly Serdar to the heights of spiritual progress.

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