Brand “Made in Turkmenistan” - an indicator of the quality of goods and the competitiveness of the economy of the Motherland
Brand “Made in Turkmenistan” - an indicator of the quality of goods and the competitiveness of the economy of the Motherland
Published 16.06.2022

At a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on April 22, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov approved the decision to develop a national brand (label) of the “Made in Turkmenistan” trademark.

Emphasizing the relevance of this issue in the context of a socially oriented state course, Arkadagly Serdar focused on the need to search for new formats and approaches when creating it, noting that Turkmen designers should focus on best practices in this area and world standards, as well as use the capabilities of the digital system.

The brand is designed to build confidence among foreign consumers in goods made in Turkmenistan. Its presence is a guarantee that these products are 100% competitive and environmentally friendly.

Already today, Turkmenistan is known in the international community as a state with great potential in the production of goods. During the years of sovereign development, concrete steps have been taken in this direction. At present, environmentally friendly Turkmen textiles, magnificent carpets, as well as agricultural products are widely known abroad.

The international business contacts of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of our country have been specified in a number of signed agreements and the establishment of partnerships with world business circles, as well as in the opening of trade missions and trading houses abroad.

Tools that increase the confidence of foreign business partners in Turkmen enterprises should help strengthen the positions of domestic business at the international level. In addition to the use of automatic identification solutions, including barcode marking, in order to increase competitiveness, it is also necessary to certify management systems according to ISO standards and internationally recognized accreditation of national laboratories, including food ones.

In recent years, not only export volumes have grown, but also its nomenclature and assortment. Today, Turkmenistan is acquiring valuable experience necessary to increase the competitiveness of private business products.

As President Serdar Berdimuhamedov noted during a government meeting on June 11, the improving global epidemiological situation encourages the continuation of international exhibitions in Turkmenistan and the opening of Turkmen shopping centers abroad, which will increase the country's export potential and create new jobs.

One of the current trends in international trade is also electronic commerce, which is based on technologies for automatic identification of subjects and objects of trade, electronic data exchange and automation of business processes, taking into account the growing volumes of domestic production and demand for high-quality Turkmen goods.

As for the development of the “Made in Turkmenistan” brand, work in this direction is carried out in accordance with the specific instructions of the head of state. Remind that President Serdar Berdimuhamedov focused on the need to improve activities to create conditions for active promotion and implementation of the plans.

The first stage is the development of a provision on the national brand, which provides for the solution of a whole range of tasks arising from its implementation.

In particular, these issues were entrusted to solve the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the country. At present, the work has been completed, the contest has been announced.

According to the CCI, both public and private structures, IT companies, designers, artists, students of the Academy of Arts and special educational institutions can take part in it. All applicants will also be considered.

The label provides for the creation of a bright and concise image and slogan in Turkmen, English and Russian, which should be distinguished by capacity and at the same time semantic expressiveness, contain a patriotic idea. According to the results of the competition, the best projects will be selected and the corresponding project will be approved.

Applications and projects are supposed to be considered in the established formats. At present, the application form and information on the conditions for participation in the competition are posted on the CCI website.

The second stage is the development of a provision on brand assignment. To obtain it, it is necessary to prove that the product is worthy and meets high quality and environmental safety standards. This provision will also include articles on the use of the brand in the domestic and foreign markets.

It should be emphasized that the creation of the “Made in Turkmenistan” brand will open up even wider opportunities for strengthening trade and economic relations of our country with foreign partners, diversifying export deliveries, and expanding their range. And in general, it will contribute to the implementation of the socially oriented policy of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, the main goal of which is the well-being of Turkmen citizens.

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