“Turkmen theatrical art” festival started in Ashgabat
“Turkmen theatrical art” festival started in Ashgabat
Published 22.05.2022

Today, the Turkmen capital hosted the grand opening of the festival “Turkmen theatrical art”, held on behalf and under the patronage of the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov, who prioritizes the implementation of cultural policy, the wide popularization of the national spiritual heritage.

The venue for the solemn opening ceremony of the festival “Turkmen theatrical art” was the Main Drama Theater of Turkmenistan named after Saparmurat Turkmenbashi the Great.

In prelude to to the opening ceremony, there was a colorful procession of the forum participants from the historical building of the Student Theater named after Mollanepes to the main theater of the country, which symbolically emphasized the continuity of the traditions of performing arts.

Under the arches of the theater hall, where government members, cultural and art figures, representatives of public organizations and the media, teachers and students of creative universities and secondary specialized educational institutions of the capital gathered, the words of a welcoming Address by President Serdar Berdimuhamedov to the participants of the festival “Turkmen theater art” are heard.

Much attention is paid by the head of state to the improvement of the legal base of the sphere of culture. This year, in accordance with the 19th article of the Law of Turkmenistan “On theater and theatrical activities”, the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan approved the procedure and conditions for assigning theaters the legal status of “National” or “Academic”.

Separate theater groups prepared original mini-productions as a greeting.

The wishes of creative success were voiced by the artistic director of the Azerbaijan State Academic National Drama Theatre. Artists of the Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater pleased their Turkmen colleagues with a creative performance. They were joined by the team of the Azerbaijan State Theater for Young Spectators.

The heads of the Yerevan State Russian Drama Theater named after K.S. Stanislavsky and the State Academic Kazakh Music and Drama Theater named after K. Kuanyshbaev also addressed their best wishes to the people.

Video congratulations to Ashgabat were sent by the leaders of the State National Russian Drama Theater named after Chingiz Aitmatov of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Russian Academic Youth Theater, the Primorsky Regional Youth Drama Theater (Vladivostok, Russian Federation), the State Puppet Theater of the Republic of Tajikistan, artists of the Khorezm Regional Theater of Musical Drama.

The leaders of the capital's theaters, as well as well-known representatives of the Turkmen stage - called khalipa by the people - addressed their greetings to the participants, foreign colleagues and all those gathered in the hall.

At the end of the solemn ceremony, a patriotic song, performed by a popular vocalist and theater artists - participants of the festival, sounded high and inspiring under the arches of the theater hall.

Representatives of the performing arts expressed their gratitude to the head of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov, Hero-Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for attention to the development of national culture, created conditions for creative work and professional growth. Emphasizing the importance of the festival “Turkmen theatrical art” in the patriotic and aesthetic education of young people, expanding creative contacts, they spoke about their readiness to present their gifts to the audience - a variety of performances that will be held on the stages of the capital's leading theaters until May 25th.

A distinctive feature of this forum is the appeal of theater troupes to the talented and deeply meaningful, patriotic works of the Hero-Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, imbued with great love for the Fatherland.

Today, the theater marathon was opened by the Turkmen State Puppet Theater, where the production of “Gyzyl alma” was held with great success.

In the afternoon, the audience was able to see another festival work - the play “Ýürek söýgi küýseýär” by the Pushkin State Russian Drama Theater. These stage productions reflect the patriotism, honesty and diligence of the Turkmen people, sung in the works of the Hero-Arkadag.

In the evening, the audience was invited to the Magtymguly National Music and Drama Theater for the play “Nuhuň gämisi” (“Noah's Ark”). The dramatic basis of the production was created according to the legend, which is given in the book of the Hero-Arkadag “The Spiritual World of the Turkmens”. The legend of Noah is literary a monument preserved by many peoples of the world, telling about the salvation of the human race. The main idea of the play is that if the conscious is clean, the soul is beautiful and the thought are pure, then one is happy and has the right to be honored with the high honor of being a Human. The dynamics and richness of the stage action was emphasized by magnificent scenery.

The great success of these performances once again confirmed that art, like nothing else, unites and elevates people.

Tomorrow's festival poster will include three performances.

The State Drama Theater named after N. Andalib of the Dashoguz velayat will present its work “Ygrar ataşy” at the National Drama Theater named after Alp Arslan.

The performance “Baýram han Türkmen” by the State Drama Theater named after Saparmurat Turkmenbashi the Great of the Balkan Velayat will be shown on the stage of the capital’s Student Theater named after Mollanepes.

The play “Watan buýsanjy – Jelaleddin soltan” will be shown at the Main Drama Theater of the country, created on the basis of the legend about the fate of the outstanding commander and patriot Jelaletdin Turkmen. The legend is reflected in the work of the Hero-Arkadag “The Spiritual World of Turkmens”. It glorifies the unity of the people, the heroism of Jalaletdin Turkmen, shown in the name of protecting the Fatherland. The book by Arkadag and the performance based on it will present the images of Muhammet Shah, Turkan Khatun, Demir Myalik, Ynalzhyk, Makhynur, Aychichek and others who left an inextinguishable mark on the glorious history of the Turkmen people.

As part of the performance art show, the audience will also be able to get acquainted with the performance “Türkmeniň ýoly” by the National Drama Theater of Turkmenistan named after Alp Arslan. The production talks about the glorious life path passed by our ancient people, who put the Motherland, honor and dignity, spiritual values above all else.

Legends and narratives from the works of the Hero-Arkadag also formed the basis of the festival performances: “Ene” - the Student Theater of Turkmenistan named after Mollanepes, “Mertler Watany beýgeldýär” - the State Musical Drama Theater named after S. Seydi of the Lebap velayat, “Türkmen sahysy” - the State Drama Theater named after Kemine, Mary velayat.

On the sidelines of the forum, a working meeting of the heads of groups and theater figures will be held, dedicated to aspects of the development of the Turkmen stage art in a new historical era, its global trends and social role in modern society, a master class on the topic “Theater is the spiritual mirror of the century” will also be organized.

 On May 25th, the results of the festival “Turkmen theatrical art” will be summed up at the Main Drama Theater followed by a closing ceremony.

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