President Serdar Berdimuhamedov took part in the spring planting campaign
President Serdar Berdimuhamedov took part in the spring planting campaign
Published 20.03.2022

The start of the spring planting campaign was launched today in Turkmenistan, with the participation of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov. The mass planting of trees that took place throughout the country became not only a real celebration of the inspired work of our compatriots, but also another clear evidence of the Turkmen people's loyalty to spiritual traditions and values, one of which is caring for their native land.

It should be noted that in our country the beginning of the spring planting campaign is annually timed to coincide with the International Day of Novruz - the National Spring Holiday, which is deeply symbolic.

This bright holiday, since ancient times personifying the triumph of life, is widely celebrated all over the world. Confirmation of the great importance of Nowruz, glorifying the original traditions and customs of the peoples of the East, including the Turkmen, was its inclusion in the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and the consolidation of the high status of an international holiday - the Day of Solidarity and Good Neighborly Relations, Humanitarian Cooperation and Mutual Understanding between peoples.

In the early morning, numerous participants of the event gathered on the territory of the Berkaralyk etrap of the capital. The festive atmosphere was supported by music and songs performed everywhere by the masters of art, giving a special flavor to today's event.

Day by day, Ashgabat is getting prettier, expanding the boundaries of the rapidly emerging metropolis, as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, where favorable conditions have been created for living and creative work of citizens, their comfortable rest and useful pastime. In recent years, entire districts of the capital have been reconstructed, new residential areas with the necessary infrastructure, landscape gardening complexes have appeared, hundreds of buildings have been built, among which there are many unique objects awarded at prestigious international competitions and listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Thus, a well-thought-out concept of urban development is being gradually implemented. Ashgabat, as the capital of our Motherland, largely determines the image of the whole country, reflecting the economic condition of the Turkmen state, the level of culture and spiritual life of the society, intellectual potential, basic social processes and principles, in the aspect of which all the changes of the present time occur - the Epoch of Revival and Powerful State.

From year to year the population of the capital is increasing, it is also growing with new, actively developed territories.

In the south, the city is getting closer and closer to the Kopetdag foothills, and in the north, it is pushing the desert further and further. Large areas with cottages, household plots, and social facilities have grown here.

This year, which is held under the motto “The era of the people with Arkadag”, a noble action continues, embodying the cherished dream of our people - to turn our native land into a blooming garden. And “The garden is the decoration of the world,” is the wise saying.

The beauty and cleanliness of the capital is an important indicator that characterizes not only the standard of living of the population of a modern city, but also the scope of the transformations carried out here, which increase the creative and patriotic spirit of the people. We are proud to show our guests our garden city, which, even on hot summer days, delights the eye with freshness and splendor of greenery, life-giving streams of fountains, filled with the aromas of numerous flowers.

... The presidential car drives up to the place where the nationwide planting campaign is to start. The head of Turkmenistan is welcomed by numerous participants.

Here, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov was met by Chairman of the Halk Maslakhaty Milli Gengesh, Chairwoman of the Mejlis Milli Gengesha G. Mammedova, members of the Government, representatives of ministries and departments, numerous residents of the capital.

Music and songs increase the festive mood and give everyone inspiration.

Having warmly greeted the participants of the current action, among whom there are many young people who successfully combine study with work for the benefit of the Motherland, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov goes to the site prepared for planting.

A representative of the younger generation approaches the President of the country. The boy greets the head of state, wishes him good health and great success in his many-sided activities, and asks to start a planting campaign.

The President of the country planted the first tree, launching the current planting campaign. Having handed over a memorable gift to the boy, the head of state took a picture with him.

Taking part in this noble cause, the President of the country increased the importance of the planting campaign, which became another eloquent evidence of the modern development of national traditions formed by our wise ancestors.

Following the example of the President of Turkmenistan, all participants of the planting campaign started planting trees. Previously, various seedlings were carefully selected, which are the most stable and adapted to the peculiarities of the soil and climatic conditions of the area. All ongoing work contributes to the creation of forest zones in the foothill valley.

On the eve of the nationwide action, the earth absorbed rain moisture, the air cleared up, which became a good sign and a good help to landscape gardening enthusiasts.

Green spaces play an important role in human life. In this aspect, great importance is attached to scientific achievements in the selection of planting crops.

So, according to the recommendations of scientists and specialists, conifers planted along highways and in areas adjacent to cities and other settlements, and especially in resort areas, have a beneficial effect on people's health.

In recent years, the appearance of the main city of our country has changed beyond recognition. From the place where the landscaping work took place, a beautiful view of the white marble capital opens up. The unique architectural appearance of the city is given by modern buildings that harmoniously combine the best traditions of national architecture and engineering and technical thought. All this is evidence that in the capital, as well as throughout the country, the implementation of the urban development program is being successfully continued.

… In desert conditions, such plantings reliably protect settlements from hot and dusty winds, mudflows, creating a favorable microclimate and transforming the natural landscapes of the country. Juniper or Turkmen juniper groves are distinguished by significant soil protection and water conservation advantages, and close attention is paid to the restoration of their growth zones in the mountainous regions of the country.

As for fruit trees, they can give uniqueness and beauty to any corner of the Fatherland, provide an abundance of fresh fruits. In this regard, in the course of planting campaigns, along with planting shady trees and shrubs, it is necessary to plant garden trees and grapes. Thus, forest zones are formed around cities and villages. At the same time, the active introduction of scientific achievements and water-saving technologies is of no small importance for the economy and environment.

The conscientious work of the participants in the current landscaping campaign is a vivid symbol of the indestructible unity and solidarity of our people, its unwavering loyalty to noble deeds, indicating that the centuries-old traditions of the ancestors are successfully implemented in the modern era.

In addition to planting new trees, work has been carried out throughout the country to care for existing plantations, which are getting stronger and gaining strength.

Today, in Turkmenistan, the fruits of this many years of work are visible everywhere - man-made forests are already spread over vast territories in different parts of the country, the number of trees in them goes to tens of millions. Extensive forest park zones appear around each city, settlement, the foothills of the Kopetdag, adjacent to the white marble city, are dressed in a green outfit.

At the end of the planting campaign, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov thanked the artists for their creative performances, which raised the spirit of the participants in the environmental campaign, and, after warmly saying goodbye, left the forest plantations.

The massive spring planting campaign, which took place on the eve of the International Day of Novruz - the National Spring Holiday, covered the whole country. Thousands of people with great enthusiasm joined the planting of seedlings. Already today one can appreciate how our cities have changed, how comfortable the suburbs of the capital have become. As a result of annual landscaping campaigns, man-made forests have been formed that contribute to the creation of a favorable climate, which directly affects the health of the population. As our wise ancestors said, each person should contribute to this noble cause, which will ensure the beauty of our land and the formation of a quality environment.

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