Leader of the nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made schoolchild's New Year wish come true
Leader of the nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made schoolchild's New Year wish come true
Published 30.12.2021

As a result of constant care of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for young compatriots, Turkmenistan has turned into a land of happy childhood, where the most cherished dreams of the younger generation come true. This is manifested in a special way on truly magical New Year's Eve days, when children, having sent letters with their desires to Ayaz Baba, are impatiently awaiting their fulfillment. And so, on New Year's Eve, Ayaz Baba walks around the houses so bringing miracles for the children.

Ibragim Rustemov, a pupil of the capital's secondary school No. 64, is one of the many happy children, whose cherished dream came true just before the New Year's holiday.

In the morning, amazing guests came to the house where the Rustemov family lives - Ayaz Baba, accompanied by his granddaughter Garpamyk. Ibrahim greeted them with great joy, because he was waiting for them from the very moment he sent a letter with a wish, which he also told the leader of the nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov during a solemn event at the Main New Year tree of the country. The boy enthusiastically informed the guests that the head of state inquired about the content of his message to Ayaz Baba, in which he asked for the opportunity to take a picture with the President of the country and receive a bicycle as a gift.

As you know, the first part of the boy's wish came true the day before, when, during the celebration at the Main New Year's beauty tree, the leader of the nation was photographed with him. At the same time, the head of state promised that everything he wished for would come true, because Turkmenistan is a land where childhood dreams become reality.

And today Ayaz Baba fulfilled Ibrahim's cherished desire by passing him a new snow-white bicycle on behalf of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

The child's delight knew no bounds. With a feeling of great joy, he accepted the coveted gift. Explaining why he dreamed about a white bicycle, Ibrahim said that he knows that white symbolizes the brightest and purest, and a wish made from a pure heart will certainly come true. The boy and his parents sincerely expressed their gratitude to the President of the country for the long-awaited gift.

Ibrahim wanted to try his new bike in action and hurried out with it.

Clear, happy smiles and sonorous children's voices are the best evidence of the well-being of the Motherland, our confidence in today and tomorrow. And it is wonderful that this “music of childhood” sounds with special notes on the eve of 2022 - the year of new great achievements, which will be held in our country under the motto “The era of the people with Arkadag”.

It should be noted that Turkmenistan, the main principle of the policy of which is “The state is for the person!”, is rightfully considered a country of happy childhood.

Every day of the life of the Motherland is filled with events testifying to the tireless care, great attention of the state and its leader to the issues of motherhood and childhood, the upbringing of a physically strong, spiritually rich and intellectually developed generation of young Turkmen citizens. “In our Fatherland, where the most cherished dreams and desires come true, where any lofty goals are achievable, taking care of children will always be in the center of our attention,” the head of state emphasizes.

Showing a wonderful example of a sensitive, benevolent attitude towards children, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov annually personally congratulates the representatives of the young generation with the coming New Year, presents them with gifts and takes part in celebrations on this occasion. Traditionally, on the eve of their favorite holiday, on behalf of the head of state, the pupils of “Döwletliler köşgi” receive gifts, to which the leader of the nation pays special paternal attention.

Today, thanks to the state care, the conditions created for the celebration, there is not a single child in the country that Ayaz Baba would not visit with a magic bag of gifts. The head of Turkmenistan is convinced that only together we can give children joy and fulfill their cherished desires, making them all feel protected and needed by our society. Tomorrow depends on what we do today, how we treat children's problems now.

For a country where the human factor is decisive in the state policy being pursued, taking care of children, their health and all-round development is very indicative. In the era of power and happiness, young Turkmen people have all the opportunities to engage in creativity, realize their intellectual potential, and achieve high results in various sports. Today they not only successfully perform in national subject competitions, but also adequately represent our independent neutral Motherland at prestigious Olympiads and international competitions, thereby increasing its authority on the world stage. And in our state, the merits of young compatriots are appreciated at their true worth.

It should also be noted that a grandiose construction of modern preschool institutions, schools, as well as aesthetic and art centers for children and youth, sports and entertainment complexes.

It is noteworthy that when holding the annual competition for the best etrap of the country, the implementation of social projects by the regions, first of all, related to the construction of facilities for children and youth in the farthest corners of the country is certainly taken into account.

All first-graders of Turkmenistan annually receive netbooks from the leader of the nation, and from the first year of schooling they master the subtleties of working with their electronic assistants.

The number of unique children's health centers, located in the picturesque town of Gekdere, in the Avaza National Tourist Zone and in other regions of the country, is increasing. All of them have acquired the well-deserved fame of centers for the comprehensive development of children.

All this is evidence that caring for the happy life of the younger generation and their upbringing in the spirit of boundless love for the Motherland is one of the priorities of the state policy implemented under the leadership of the leader of the nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

The energy with which the winged Ibragim Rustemov rushed forward, briskly spinning the pedals of the new bicycle donated by Ayaz Baba on behalf of the President of the country, will undoubtedly accompany him further, for we are all full of faith in tomorrow, in the great future of our beloved Fatherland, confidently following along the path of peace and progress under the wise leadership of Hero-Arcadag.

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