Regular issue of Miras Magazine is released
Regular issue of Miras Magazine is released
Published 27.05.2021

Regular issue of quarterly scientific and popular magazine Miras, which is published by Magtumguly Institute of Language, Literature and National Manuscripts of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, has been released.

The magazine continues the series of publications about new discoveries and results of researches of historical and cultural heritage of Turkmen people. Turkmen and foreign scientists (historian and archaeologists, language and literature scientists), which goals are to preserve and popularize national cultural heritage, are the authors of the articles.

Traditional section “Discoveries and New Developments” includes articles of –Co-director of French – Turkmen Archaeological Expedition Julio Bendezu – Sarmiento “The History of Domestication of Horses in Turkmenistan and Other Regions of Asia in the end of the III beginning of the II BC”. 

The author notes that the earliest date of domestication of horses is related to 9,000 – 8,000 BC. At the same time, he propose a hypothesis about the first facts of domestication of horses and their breeds.

The scientists uses the information from the excavations made in Gonurdepe carried out by Margiana archaeological expedition chaired by Victor Sarianidi, particularly the excavations of ancient royal burial site where unique artefacts indicating domestication of horses on the territory of modern Turkmenistan have been found. 

The archeologist says that horse breeding in the Bronze Age was very important in life of representatives of Bactrian and Margianian cultures. It is proven by the artefacts from Altyn-depe, where terracotta sculpture of horse and similar artefacts have been found.

Article “From the history of study of Turkmen language” highlights unbreakable relation of the language with centuries-old history of our nation and its spiritual values.

Article “Nowruz – Celebration of Nature, Friendship and Fraternity” gives interesting facts, legends, stories, folk materials and literary works on this subject.

Section “Relations between cultures, peoples and civilizations” has an article “Great Silk Road: History and Presence”, which includes rich material on this subject. The author notes the currency of restoration of this transcontinental route, its modern role in unification of continents and peoples, provision of social and economic development of our country,

“Scientific Loom at the Language of Abu Ali Ibn Sina” is a theme of publication, which analyzes phonetic treatise “Formation of Speech Sounds” by the great scientists of the medieval East.

The materials note the main value of phonetic treatise of Ibn Sina, in which he not only presented sound composition of the language but also described acoustic features and articulation of sounds. The book of Avicenna about language left for future generations is still thought to be priceless treasury of the world science and culture.  

Article “Poetry without Limits” by Senior Teacher of Erevan State University Amalia Petrosyan refers to the history of Turkmen – Armenian relations. Turkmen – Armenian literary relations, which according to the author were rapidly developed in the last century and are continued to be developed at modern stage, are the themes of this work.

Traditional section “Chronicles of Scientific and Cultural Life” gives the review of events in the first quarter of the year. Numerous photos, including photos of museum and archive artefacts, are excellent additions to the articles of the authors of Miras magazine, which is published in Turkmen, English and Russian languages, which make the magazine affordable for wide reading audience. 

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