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«“Turkmenistan: News Weekly”

Dear readers!

Subscription to the weekly news bulletin –“Turkmenistan: News Weekly”, published by the State News Agency of Turkmenistan in the Turkmen, Russian and English languages, is well under way.

The weekly bulletin highlights official news related to the activity of the President of Turkmenistan and the government of the country, Ukases and Resolutions, as well as news and major events of the week in all most important spheres of the country. On its pages you can find information on activities of the national economy’s leading sectors, results of transactions at the State Commodities and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan, news from velayats, in a word, the information that will help you to get a full picture of the scope of grandiose changes ongoing in the country.

The weekly bulletin “Turkmenistan: News Weekly” is a reliable source of information for leaders of ministries and departments, heads of diplomatic missions accredited to Turkmenistan, embassies of Turkmenistan in foreign countries, khyakims of velayats, etraps, cities, archins, executives of state and private sector of economy.

Subscription to the weekly bulletin “Turkmenistan: News Weekly” will keep you informed of all the events taking place in the country.

You can subscribe to the weekly bulletin at offices of the “Turkmenpost” State Postal Service Company.


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