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Election - 2017

President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov: our common goal is to make a meaningful contribution to the large-scale transformations in Turkmenistan

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After voting in the election of the President of Turkmenistan at the polling station № 48 of Kopetdag etrap of Ashgabat city, acting President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov addressed the audience and noted that today was a significant day in the life of the country.

Recently at the Council of Elders a new edition of the Constitution of Turkmenistan has been adopted, which reflects the principles of international law, provisions, which have been formed and which play a guiding role for the development of the democratic secular state, civil society, the President continued.
According to the new Constitution the presidential term extended up to 7 years that is a choice made by us today determines our destiny for the next seven years.

Reminding that as candidates for highest state post in these elections take part nominees from political parties and initiative groups of citizens - a total of 9 candidates, the President noted that the program of each candidate is aimed at further development and prosperity of the country, its worthy future.
Having wished much success to other candidates, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov emphasized that all candidates for the post of country's leader are united by the common goal - to make a meaningful contribution to the large-scale reforms in Turkmenistan.

If we talk about our foreign policy, we are the only neutral country in the world, the status of which has been twice recognized by the UN, and the fact that recently the United Nations has declared December 12 as International Day of Neutrality indicates the growth of our country's prestige, said the Head of the State having congratulated all on this significant event.
In the context of internal policy, said President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov a number of programs designed for the period till 2020 and aimed at the socio-economic development of our country, improving the living conditions of the population have been developed and are successfully implemented.

One more large-scale national program aimed at transforming the country into a major industrial power. In this aspect, we do a great job, the President said, noting the importance of ensuring not only economic interests, but also to create new jobs, opening new specialties. Thus for the next seven years, big tasks stand before the country, said the President of Turkmenistan, once again having wished success to each candidate.

The President also expressed his appreciation for the participation to representatives of other states and authoritative international organizations, mass media, who acted as observers.


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