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Election - 2017

Candidate Serdar Jelilov met with voters of the capital

опубликованно 02.02.2017 // 1714 - просмотров

Candidate for the President of Turkmenistan – Chief of the Economy and Development Department of Akhal velayat Serdar Jelilov met with voters in the “Mekan” Palace of the Ashgabat Khyakimlik. The local authorities, representatives of the labor collectives, public and media, as well as the elders and youth take participation in a meeting. Representatives of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights attended a meeting. They arrived in the Turkmen capital to assess the process of preparation and holding of the presidential elections in Turkmenistan upcoming on February 12.

Trusted person of the presidential candidate familiarized the audience with the biography of S.Jelilov, having focused on such qualities as practical experience, professionalism and responsibility.

The presidential candidate made public the election program points. Its priorities include maintaining mutually beneficial cooperation with all countries of the world, the formation of a diverse system of energy exports, and the strengthening of the country’s economic power.

During a productive dialogue with participants in a meeting S.Jelilov pointed out the need to strengthen food security by investing in the technical re-equipment and modernization of the agro-industrial complex, development of the chemical industry which supplied the rural population with chemical fertilizers, and expanding a network of processing plants.


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