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To officers, military servicemen and cadet corps of the Armed Forces of independent neutral Turkmenistan

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Dear defenders of the Fatherland!

I cordially congratulate you on the 25th anniversary of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan and Defender of the Fatherland Day, commemorated at the very beginning of a Year of Health and Inspiration!

This holiday symbolizes care, boundless respect and great trust of the state in its Armed Forces, being entrusted with responsible duties. I am convinced that you, faithfully fulfilling your military duty, remaining loyal to the Fatherland and demonstrating a high example of loyalty to the military oath, always will follow military traditions, increasing such qualities of the Turkmen people as generosity, charity, patriotism, courage, and bravery.

Faithful sons of the native Motherland!

More recently, on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan and Defender of the Fatherland Day, we solemnly handed battle banners to military units of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan. The banner is the messenger of victory. Bearing and guarding the banner is the great honor and high responsibility. Honor, glory and sacred duty to the Motherland are multiplied for the units at the handing of such banners. Battle banners being the pride of an army, are worshipped at all times, someone swore allegiance to the Motherland against them.

Battle banners, awarded to you, will put your heart still greater into protecting the Homeland and native people, strengthening the state independence, enhancing security and inviolability of borders of the state!

The courageous military of the Holy Motherland!

A solemn military parade, held in honor of the 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s independence, once more demonstrated our national army’s high defensive capacity and combat strength to the world. Polishing the pace, you have paraded on the square ceremonially, turning this parade into a show of the military power of the country’s Armed Forces and combat training of the Fatherland’s valiant defenders. You managed to demonstrate your growing military skill and eternal willingness to defend the independence of our state. The duty to defend the Homeland for you must always be above all things, you have to master constantly the achievements of military science and art, accumulated both in the country and abroad. Being patriots, loyal to the military duty and oath, you must win prestige by diligent service.

Brave soldiers of our sovereign state!

In accordance with the Military doctrine that has the defensive character, the main purpose of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan, and other troops is enhancing the guaranteed protection of the Turkmen state, preconditioned by national interests and military security.

A new Military doctrine, developed in order to strengthen the defensive ability of the Homeland, is not directed against anyone state in the world. It reflected the ancient traditions of the Turkmen people – the maintenance of good-neighborliness, peacefulness, the establishment of mutually beneficial and equitable relations with neighboring countries, non-intervention in the internal affairs of any state, the non-use of force in solving certain issues. Policy of Turkmenistan is aimed at ensuring a free, peaceful and happy life of the people.

Dear defenders of the Fatherland!

In the epoch of power and happiness, our national army, continuing to follow grandfather peace-loving traditions of brave ancestors, improving the military traditions and art formed over the centuries-long history, has evolved into a defensive army with a high combat capability, its material-technical base is significantly strengthened. In the framework of the large-scale military reform, successfully conducted in the country, it has been formed a new generation of national cadres. Social and living conditions of servicemen and members of their families are successively improving.

The state will continue to pay greater attention on strengthening and modernizing the material-technical base of the Armed Forces, training of career military people, creating of necessary conditions for their decent service and also the life in the enhanced comfort houses.

Valiant defenders of the Fatherland!

In the Year of Health and Inspiration when the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games will be held, you are entrusted with the important responsibilities. I am sure that you will cope with them and make a worthy contribution to the successful organization of the Games.

Once again I heartily congratulate you on the 25th anniversary of Armed Forces of Turkmenistan and Defender of the Fatherland Day! I wish you all sound health, longevity, happy and prosperous life, great success in your sacred service!

President of Turkmenistan,
Supreme Commander-in-Chief of
the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan



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