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Turkmen president met with the construction workers of the largest Central Asian Medical Center in Turkmenabat

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President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov met with the construction workers of the largest Central Asian Medical Center in Turkmenabat.

Health and education are the basic systems of the society, said the Head of State, motivating young workers to improve skills and to strive for professional and personal growth. The Head of State thanked the construction workers for their efforts and expressed confidence that it will also be appreciated by residents of other countries who will come for treatment at the new medical center in Turkmenabat.

The fact that the meeting has taken taking place during the campaign, has defined the nature of many questions asked to the Head of State as a presidential candidate. Questions concerned the development of Lebap welayat, and the responses received not only contained the regional specifics, but also held a more massive approach: what is significant for the welayat - is significant for the whole country.

When it came to the bridges across the Amu Darya, where soon another rail and road brindes will be added to the three currently existing ones, the theme of transport and transit potential of the country and the role of Lebap welayat in its implementation has been raised. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, taking into account the long-term program of development of Turkmenistan as an international logistics hub, put forward the task of creating an extensive network of interstate transport. And the forthcoming openings of new bridges between Turkmenabat and Farab create preconditions for freight and passenger traffic growth through the country.

Natural and historical monuments, which Lebap is known for, and, in particular, Koytendag Etrap where Garlyk complex is situated, have also been discussed. In the pre-election program, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov mentioned the establishment of recreation centers for Turkmen and foreign tourists in the places of cultural heritage, including on the banks of Amu Darya. The Head of State presented the participants of the meeting his vision of the development of tourism routes in Lebap as a sector that can contribute to improve the welfare of residents of the welayat.

Eco-tourism is one of the most important trends in world tourism, said the President of Turkmenistan. Lebap welayat is famous for its plateau with well-preserved dinosaur traces, gorges with relict groves, Koytendag caves. In order to effectively stimulate domestic tourism, it is necessary to provide for the creation of a whole network of modern centers of recreation, said the Head of State.

Environmental issues have continued in a conversation about the Turkmen lake, the commissioning of the first phase of construction of which has already transformed the land adjacent to the reservoirs, which now have fish. Just a few years ago, there were 7-8 species, and today environmentalists have reported on as many as 36 species, President said, mentioning the importance of the development of halophytic crop cultivation as the expansion of farmland and effective method of soil improvement.

Replying to questions, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov also outlined the prospects for the development of mineral deposits in Lebap and their importance in the country's industrialization. Lebap, as well as other welayats of the country, abounds in hydrocarbon and mineral resources, precious metals, semi-precious stones and so on. The Head of State suggested that Garlyk will soon become famous throughout the world, due to the development of mining and processing plant for the production of potassium fertilizers here.

The participants of the meeting were interested in the development of social infrastructure in the region, especially on reclaimed lands. Noting that in the pre-election program he also talks of the creation of settlements along the collectors, leading to the Turkmen Lake, the Head of State stressed that the construction of new settlements will be accompanied by construction of social facilities and new businesses will provide jobs to the population.

The Head of State drew attention to the evidence-based approach to solving tasks in the areas of health, education, environment and urban planning.

The President also said that he is very pleased with the wide range of interests of young people of working professions, who have asked questions on a variety of topics. This indicates the growing maturity and level of development of our society, the conversation was informative and useful.

During the conversation, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov's speech was repeatedly interrupted by applause; the meeting participants expressed enthusiastic support for the thoughts and ideas of the Head of State. And when in one of his answers he brought a few lines from Magtymguly’s poem, they picked up in chorus: “Steeped are the wide bosoms from swells of Hasar to expanse of Jeyhun…”


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