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Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon indicates the tasks of sustainable transport

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Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, speaking at the Global conference on Sustainable Transport held in Ashgabat, said that following this important subject submitted for discussion during the forum, he decided to participate personally in this exclusively important event.

Having mentioned that the Goals of Sustainable Development was adopted by the United Nations in September of the last year, Ban Ki-moon specified that current Conference is the second important forum held by the UN on this subject.

Having expressed sincere gratitude to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for organization and conduct of this large event in Ashgabat, high-ranking guest also thanked all the participants.

Speaking of large importance of the transport, Ban Ki-moon noted that the world trade depends on international communications, automobile and rail roads and water lines. This is a source of employment, economic growth and transport sphere affects general development of people as well. All people, wherever they live, have to have opportunity to travel safely from one place to another. Sustainable transport have to envelop everyone who lack for this, the UN Secretary-General highlighted, having mentioned that besides, overcoming of physical distances, it is necessary that members of human family become closer to each other.

Among numerous tasks related to sustainable transport, Ban Ki-moon called ecological issues, in particular those related to reduction of the carbon dioxide emission into atmosphere and deterrence of global warming, environment pollution.

Necessary systems, which would be environmentally friendly and accessible, are required. In this context, the UN Secretary-General voiced number of ideas, having presented overall vision of the programme of development of transport sphere related to the Goals of Sustainable Development.

Calling for innovative measures in development of transport systems with use of advanced technologies, high-ranking guest noted that there are many new developments in these days like electrical vehicles, alternative sources of energy production and other. At the same time, the necessity of investments, solution of financial issues, improvement of cooperation, establishment of partnership between the state and private sector as well as importance of training of specialists were highlighted. The UN Secretary-General noted that, acting together, we are able to reach transport sustainability and make it real.

Ban Ki-moon said that two years ago high-level consultative group, which united private sector, industrial branches, local administrations and central governments, was established two years ago. It represented all types of transport in cargo and passenger sectors. In the last month, the group presented summary report with recommendations for sustainable transport. Its essence is mainly that it is necessary to make more investments into so-called “green”, ecological friendly types of transport for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Having noted that some members of this group are present at the current session, the UN Secretary-general expressed them the gratitude for support and innovative proposals.

Ban Ki-moon also said that this is the last international forum called by him as the United Nations Secretary-General and he would like to finish his job at this position having concentrated the attention at sustainable transport which is important factor of improvement of life conditions in the world, progress of the future generations. The Head of the UN expressed the confidence that obligations for establishment of sustainable transport system would be undertaken during the Conference. It will allow provision of social progress and protection of the environment.

The UN Secretary General finished his speech by the appeal to strive that our world become ecologically stable, more healthy, harmonic and prosperous.


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