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To the participants of International scientific online conference “Neutral Turkmenistan – UNESCO: International cooperation in history and culture”

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Dear participants of International conference!
Dear friends!

Let me extend my cordial congratulations on the beginning of work of international scientific conference “Neutral Turkmenistan – UNESCO: International cooperation in history and culture”, which is held in the year under slogan “Turkmenistan – Home of Neutrality” on occasion of glorious 25th anniversary of permanent neutrality of the country! I wish success to the forum, which is to popularize national heritage of Turkmen nation in the world!

Dear scientists!

The commitment to neutral status, strict compliance with international law and obligations have provided steadfast growth of international authority of Turkmen state, which occupies leading position among the rank of stably developing countries. Today, the whole world knows the monuments of Merv, Nisa, Kuyaurgench, Abiverd and Dehistan located in our country, which make significant influence on human culture, literature and scientific works of great thinkers and outstanding poets of Turkmen nation, which enhance the pride of our tangible and spiritual heritage.

Cooperation with the UNESCO – the UN specialized organization for education, science and culture, is among the priorities of the policy of positive neutrality. Various events held in Turkmenistan are aimed at establishment and strengthening of relations as well as at development of new vectors of cooperation with this organization, serve as a guarantee of the strengthening of international dialog in cultural and humanitarian sphere.

Protection and respect of values and cultural heritage of entire humanity is the main principle of UNESCO. Our initiatives, which are aimed provision of careful conservation and popularization of historical and cultural monuments of Turkmenistan as well as at activation of cooperation with UNESCO, have received wide support of the world community.

Long partnership with this competent organization is indicated by the fact of inclusion of the monuments of Ancient Merv, Kunyaurgench and strongholds of Old Nisa to the UNESCO World Heritage List as well as art of destan “Gyorogly”, art of “Kushtdepdy” singing and dancing and Turkmen national carpet art to the Intangible Human Heritage Representative List. In addition, works for preparation of relative proposals, which are to enhance the world significance of ‘dutar’ making craft, ‘dutar’ playing art and art of ‘bakhshy’ as well as ahalteke horse breeding art, Turkmen alabay breeding art and to include Ashgabat to the UNESCO Art City Network, is carried out at present. All of these is a visual indication of triumph of our cultural and scientific diplomacy for strengthening of peace and prosperity on the planet.

Dear participants of International forum!

Large-scale activity expanded in the epoch of might and happiness on fundamental study of centuries-old history, cultural and spiritual values of native people, introduction of ancient fortresses, caravansaries and monuments located along the Silk Road to humankind, is marked with positive results. It has special significance in education of younger generation in the spirit of love of the Motherland, respectful attitude to rich national heritage of glorious ancestors.

Grandiose success and achievements of sovereign Turkmenistan have expanded opportunities for popularization of rich cultural heritage, tangible, spiritual and moral values of the nation.

Current international scientific online conference, which is organized on occasion of the 25th anniversary of permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan, will support the expansion of humanitarian dialog between the nations of the planet, presentation of Turkmen culture and art to the world community as well as strengthening of peace-making and cultural diplomacy.

I am confident that this forum will be an efficient ground for exchange of practice between scientific community of our country and foreign scientists, establishment of wide cooperation I future and discussion of beneficial projects.

Dear friends!
Dear participants of international conference!

Let me again to extend my cordial congratulations with the beginning of work on international scientific online conference “Neutral Turkmenistan – UNESCO: International cooperation in history and culture” on the threshold of excellent day – glorious 25th anniversary of permanent neutrality of the Motherland!

I wish you strong health, longevity, prosperous and happy life and big success in work!

Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov,
The President of Turkmenistan


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