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Parliamentarians discuss legislative frameworks for artificial intelligence

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Representatives of the Mejlis took part in the online meeting of the parliamentary committee of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The agenda of the online meeting was the creation of the legislative framework for the development and application of artificial intelligence (AI).

Representatives of the groups for the development of AI systems in cooperation with the European Parliamentary Research Service and the European Parliament on the future of science and technology, as well as delegates of the parliaments of several states took part in the meeting.

The work within the framework of the OECD global parliamentary platform, initiatives of the parliaments of countries in the field of artificial intelligence and advanced digital technologies were discussed during the online meeting. As noted, the legal framework for AI should be designed taking into account legislation, human rights and democratic values.

In this context, the use of common standards, including those that guarantee the reliability, security, and trust of AI systems, acquires a certain importance. Our country proceeds from the importance of the principles of artificial intelligence, which should serve global goals - sustainable socio-economic and environmental development, human well-being.

The possibilities of creating the global parliamentary network on artificial intelligence, the impact of COVID-19 on technological relations, etc. were discussed during the online meeting.


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