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Aiming to Increase Land Use Efficiency

опубликованно 30.11.2020 // 748 - просмотров

The President of Turkmenistan has signed a Resolution approving land allocations from the Special Land Fund for agricultural producers.

Under the Resolution, agri-producers are granted a 99-year land lease subject to the condition that the areas of land (with a minimum of 70 percent of land) be cultivated and planted with crops specified by the state order, and the rest of the farmlands be used for scientifically based production of crops not specified by the state order with a view to ensuring its fulfillment. The conditions attached to the production of agricultural crops do not apply to areas planted with perennial trees.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Protection, jointly with velayat khyakimliks, is authorized to formalize acts on leasing land to agri-producers for a long-term period from the above-said Land Fund and to exercise control over the rational and proper use of the agricultural land.

Producers may either use crop surpluses left after the production targets are met for their own needs or may sell them to the state at state-set purchase prices.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Protection is prescribed to offer guidelines for good agricultural practices and assistance to agri-producers to ensure scientifically based crop rotation and production of high crop yields on the land plots allocated from the Special Land Fund.

Velayat khyakimliks are prescribed to prepare production plans for wheat, cotton and other agricultural crops specified by the state order, and exert control over their implementation.


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