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German healthcare professionals are awarded with honored titles

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At the request of the Head of the State, the award ceremony of the title of Honored Professor of Myrat Garriyev Turkmen State Medical University to German doctors from the German delegation of healthcare professionals, which are currently in Turkmenistan, has been held in International Endocrinology and Surgery Center on November 28.

The following professors have been awarded with the title of Honored Professor of Myrat Garriyev Turkmen State Medical University for personal contribution to expansion of range and improvement of quality of medical services in our country: orthopedic surgeon of Grosshadern Clinic of Munich, Germany Volkmar Jansson, orthopedic surgeon of the same clinic Matthias Pitschmann and implantology dentist Günther Dom.

In their feedback speech, German specialists have expressed big gratitude for high appreciation of their activity and highlighted that successful development of such cooperation, both in clinical work as well as in the sphere of scientific study, is provided by comprehensive support of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Our goal is to continue this work and we would be always happy to come to your hospitable country and to receive Turkmen colleagues and students, increase the exchanges, German professors noted.

During current working visit, the doctors from Germany have also made several successful operation, hold consultations and medical symposiums.
In particular, Doctor Claus Parhoffer, the Professor of Grosshadern University Clinic of Munich and Honored Professor of Myrat Garrieyv Turkmen State Medical University, who works with Turkmen colleagues since 2008, has met with Turkmen endocrinologists and discussed actual issues of this field of medicine.

It is worth to remind that International Endocrinology and Surgery Center, which was opened in Ashgabat on September 1. 2017 with participation of Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, has received the Certificates of German Diabetic Disease Association and Healthcare Fund for External Environment, which prove the best provision among similar clinics in Central Asia as well as high level of medical services for patients with diabetes.

During work in the clinic, German doctors have given high appraisal to the provision of the facility, which allows giving efficient treatment to the patients. For example, all medical equipment in intensive care department is connected to the central monitor by Infiniti Omega computer system from Dräger, which connects work places of doctors and nurses as well.

This system registers indicators of all sensors in the department, provides permanent monitoring of the conditions of patients and warns about any changes and situation requiring immediate help, collect statistical and scientific data.

Implementation of high-technology equipment in the clinic has given opportunity to doctors to get over complicated diseases of the patients who could not be cured before.

Doctor Claus Parhoffer has noted the establishment of effective model of national health protection system based on modern infrastructure and best developments of the world science, provision of the population with high-quality medical services, development of healthcare of mother and child, assertion of healthy life style in society, popularization of sports among the main successes of our country achieved under the leadership of the Head of the State.

Claus Parhoffer said that Turkmenistan demonstrates high level of political responsibility and excellent example in these matters, having made special mention of the personal role and outstanding merits of the President of the country, Academic of the Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Medicine Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

German medics have also discussed the agenda preliminary program of regular joint healthcare forum, which became an efficient ground for development of the partnership in medical sphere between two friendly countries for the years of its existence.

Thus, new methods of diagnostics, treatment, surgical interference with minimum trauma have been introduced to medical practice of our country in the result of bilateral exchange. Scientific and practical conferences and training seminars are held regularly with participation of the professors from the leading clinics of Germany for improvement of qualification of Turkmen medical professionals.

Actively developing international cooperation of Turkmenistan in health protection sphere is a multidimensional sphere of activity, which occupies a remarkable place in foreign and home policy of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, who sets the prosperity of native people, which health is the main value of the country, as his main goal.


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