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Online Meeting between Parliamentarians of Turkmenistan and EU

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A regular Turkmenistan-EU Interparliamentary meeting, which was held online, focused on prospects for the further development of bilateral relations.

Opening the meeting, the head of the European Parliament’s delegation Fulvio Martusciello spoke for wider interparliamentary cooperation as part of the EU Strategy for Central Asia. Particular emphasis was placed on the special role of Turkmenistan and its status of neutrality contributing to greater effective cooperation with the region’s countries.

Members of the Turkmen delegation introduced their European counterparts to the institutional structure and key functions of the Mejlis, goals and objectives of the socio-economic and democratic reforms ongoing in our country.

The lively and meaningful discussion also centered on priority aspects of Turkmenistan’s efforts to ensure peace and security in Central Asia, to boost economic cooperation between the region’s countries, and to tackle important environmental issues.

The European Union applauds neutral Turkmenistan’s constructive activities in the region. This was particularly highlighted in the speech delivered by the European Union Special Representative for Central Asia Peter Burian.

By mutual agreement of the sides, the date, time and venue of the next Turkmenistan-EU Interparliamentary meeting will be negotiated via diplomatic channels.


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