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International Migration Organization conducts training

опубликованно 24.11.2020 // 175 - просмотров

The seminar on the Role of Mass Media and Non-governmental organizations in informational and educational work for combating human trafficking and minimization of risks of vulnerable migrants in Central Asia has been held in video conference format by the representative office of the International Migration Organization.

Journalists of printing and electronic mass media, the State news Agency (TDH), Orient News Agency, representatives of National Society of Red Crescent, Women Union and Youth Union, other public organizations and associated partners of the IMO have been invited to participate in the online meeting.

The seminar has been organized with support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway under the Regional project of enforcement of combating human trafficking and protection of vulnerable migrants in Central Asia in response to regional and global challenges.

Speaking of a big role of mass media in highlighting migration issues, the expert of the International Migration Organization highlighted the importance of strengthening of potential of mass media in informational and educational work, promotion of positive image of migrants, increment of their awareness regarding their rights, possible risks and necessary precaution measures.

The training has been focused on global migration challenges and legal system, which is aimed at prevention and solution of problems related to working migration and human trafficking. In this context, an integrated approach of the IMO to available positive practice in this sphere was a subject of interested exchange of views.

In the end of the meeting, the participants have made special mention of the necessity of further strengthening of cooperation between mass media, NGOs, government authorities and international organizations. Their joint efforts have to be directed to prevention of human trafficking and minimization of impacts for victims as well as to elimination of this crucial problem, which raises serious concern of entire humankind.


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