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Smart home from Turkmen developers – the project of digitization of living

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Opening of residential buildings of the 16th phase of urban development with the participation of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in Ashgabat has been memorized by all participants with bright events.

Intellectual smart home systems installed in number of apartments have become a novelty in these magnificent buildings, which have all turn-key conditions for comfortable living.

Turkmen students, including the students of Oguzkhan Engineering and Technology University who study such current directions as automation, electronics, robotics, internet of things and other skills and knowledge, which always expand with the progress of digitization, have also taken an active part.

Today, almost all spheres are transformed in Turkmenistan according to the Concept of development of digital economy initiated by the Leader of the Nation. Teachers and students of the above-mentioned university have demonstrated their competence and creative approach to solution of objectives given by Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, having presented original project of smart home, which has been implemented.

All electronic appliances can be operated remotely, for examples from mobile phone or by voice command. In other words, the user is able to give certain commands not only by dialing these commands on mobile but to talk to his electronics using the same mobile phone.

Specially developed software supports the stability of the process and provides detailed information about properties of all controlled devices.

Such system of automation of living facilities includes control and operation of lighting, heating, ventilation and cooling, security.

For example, sensors located in certain places switch on the light only when people are in the vicinity. The smart homes all have automatic blinds and curtains, which help to use daylight and heat more effectively. Work in automatic mode, when the time of day, season and weather are taken into consideration, is provided by the system.

Mobile or voice operated remote security system has become an integrated solution in home security. It is also programmed for automatic opening and closing of doors and windows, which can be shut during wind or rain owing to special sensors.

SMS, MMS and sound notifications and calls come to mobile device during any of these operations. In addition, there is a feature to receive footages and videos from the apartments when the signal from motion sensor or intercom comes, and to see what’s going on in apartment while you are absent as well as have video control in online mode.

The work of smart home is based on fulfilment of commands, in the meantime, the central controller is able to receive such commands either from the person or from the sensors. In first case, you ask the system to turn on air conditioners or to reduce temperature by voice commands, remote control or smart phone and central processor sends the command to necessary appliance.

In second case, the presence of person is not required. Computer either inform commands to appliances at certain time according to set algorithms or make decisions itself based on sensor indications depending on changing of conditions.

For example, sensors of the temperature and humidity regulation systems transmit data to the system and the latter in its turn sets necessary parameters of heating, air conditioning and humidification. If the motion sensors see the activity at home, when it is not supposed to be there, the computer reads it as a signal to activate an alarm or send message to security.

Technical safety, protection for flooding, water and gas leak, smoke, warning of failures of electrical system, all of these are important objectives of smart home. The system can automatically neutralize emergency and to inform the owner. If any leak is identified, the signal goes to the serves and supply of gas or water is shut down. Notification is sent to the owner at the same time.

In future, new homes will have devices for receiving an earthquake alarm. Once certain amplitude is exceeded, the sensor of seismic station will transmit the signal to apartment and all electrical devices will be switched off.

The smart home system also gives opportunity to receive information about the consumption of electricity, gas and water, to regulate temperature in rooms remotely and other.

Turkmen developers say that home digitization allows setting the mode maximum electricity saving in the house, automatic and distant control of fans and deflectors, gas or electric stove including each burner, water heater and other devices and to set automatic irrigation of home plants following the level of soil dampness.

For this purpose, the apartment is equipped with such appliances as smart sockets, smart mirrors, which are able to show news, weather forecast, time, room temperature and have a note pad.

What is more important that it was own but not foreign developments in the project of the students from Oguzkhan Engineering and Technical University.

Thus, having approach the objectives set by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for transit to digital economy on integrated basis, Turkmenistan expands digitization processes, which covers all spheres of our daily life making it more comfortable.


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