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People of Turkmenistan celebrate the Harvest Festival

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Events on occasion of the Harvest Festival, which embodies people’s pride of the results of selfless work of farmers and generous harvests produced in Turkmen land, have been held all around the country. Ashgabat Equestrian Complex, on which decorated square best personnel of agricultural complex have been honoured, was the main place of celebration events.

Members of the Government, heads of the Mejlis, representatives of departments, capital and regional administrations, public organizations, mass media, scientific and cultural personnel, masters of arts, elders and students were among the participants of the event.

This year, which is held under slogan “Turkmenistan – Home of Neutrality”, generous harvest of cotton has been produced. Great labour victory has been won by Turkmen grain producers, having accomplished the state order for production of grain. Producers of fruit, vegetable and cucurbitaceous crops have also demonstrated high results. The achievements of agricultural personnel have become a deserving present to remarkable date – the 25th anniversary of neutrality of the Motherland.

On the threshold of the Harvest Festival, the award ceremony of tenants, cotton producers, machine operators, agronomists, breeders and other agrarian specialists, who make deserving contribution to ddevelpment of agricultural complex of the country, took place in the conference hall of Turkmen Agricultural University at request of Leader of the Nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

During current session, the best personnel of the industry, who reached high results this year, have been conferred with the state awards according to the Order of the President of Turkmenistan.

Turkmenistan has become a country of advanced farming systematically enhancing the efficiency of agricultural production.

Tenants, farmers, farming associations and entrepreneurs have provided the abundance of local markets with various products as well as opportunity of export of high-quality food products.

Colossal resources are invested for development to rural areas, which is laid out in National program of region development of Turkmenistan. Agricultural complex, which construction has been started in Ahal Region in February 2019, can be brought as an example. It includes the facility for annual production of 360,000 of high-quality beef and lamb, which will allow export supplies of meat products. The farm for breeding and processing of fish with annual designed output of 240 tons of production will be built.

Similar complexes will be added to the list of new facilities in other regions of the country. It is planned to put into operation and modernize 56 facilities in agricultural complex in 2019 – 2025.

… Exhibition of achievement of various spheres of agricultural complex of the country has been arranged at the main entrance to Ashgabat Equestrian Complex in honour of glorious work of agricultural producers. Expositions prepared by profile departments presented production of cotton producing and processing, grain production, livestock, food and textile industry, elite breeds of seeds, samples of advanced agricultural equipment loaded with grain and cotton.

Regions of the country have also opened their celebration exhibition halls demonstrating saddlebags filled with cotton as well as wheat ears, freshly baked bread, tasty sweets and other national treats. Big variety of cucurbitaceous crops, fruits, vegetables, berries and grocery, which is sold in shopping centres and markets of the country, is presented at the exhibition.

Turkmen sculptors, painters, jewellers have also presented their best works at the exposition, having organized bright art part of the exhibition.

The atmosphere of the celebration, which was filled with spirit of national culture, has been adorned with performance of national singers, wrestlers and players of various national games as well as fosters of sport schools of the country.

Popular singers and art bands of the capital, which inspired performances glorify initiator of progressive reforms – President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and major changes happening in the Motherland in the age of might and happiness, have performed from the stage.

Literature and music compositions performed by dance collectives and folk groups were dedicated to field workers, caring and responsible hosts who produce generous harvests from century to century.

The participants have presented friendly applauses to performers of Turkmen dance of kushtdepdy, which embeds not only beauty and harmony but also a life-affirming concept. As is known, the kushtdepdy dance has been entered to the UNESCO Representative Intangible Heritage List in 2017.

Performance of song «Hasyl toýy gutly bolsun, Arkadag!», which elvated mood has filled the hearts of participants and guests of the celebration with a pride of the Motherland and its leader, was a final chord of the concert performed by leadign artists.

The participants have listened to the greeting message of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to the personnel of agricultural complex, producers of big harvests, people of independent neutral Turkmenistan, in which deep meaning of organization of this celebration on the government level is noted.

In his message, the Leader of the Nation highlighted that Turkmen land respond to selfless work of the farmers with rich harvests of agricultural crops, which supports to strengthening of food abundance of the country.

Greeting message of the Head of the State has been welcomed with loud applauses.

Beautiful ahalteke horse has been presented to the President of Turkmenistan on behalf of personnel of agricultural complex.

The Harvest Festival at the hippodrome of the capital has been continued with horse races, which were organized in honour of national celebration. By the results of the races, the winners have received deserved prizes.

The participants of the event have addressed gratitude message to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, in which they have expressed sincere gratitude to the Leader of the Nation for permanent care and attention to personnel of agricultural industry and assured that they would put all efforts for further development of agricultural complex of the country.


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