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Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan XXV International Conference

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XXV Turkmenistan Oil and Gas 2020 International Conference, which was organized by the State Concern Türkmengaz and Türkmennebit at the request of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, has started its work at the Trade and Industrial Chamber yesterday.

This year, which is marked with glorious date, the 25th anniversary of neutrality of our country, this big specialized forum, which is aimed at strengthening and development of international cooperation in energy sphere, is held not only in traditional format but also broadcasted from Ashgabat to dozens of countries online.

Taking into account restrictions on international travelling in the world, many foreign delegates have joined the discussions on current matters through online media.

Representative level of the speakers, which included head of famous corporations that play influencing role on hydrocarbon market, was impressive. More than 100 big companies from 30 countries have registered for participation in current conference, which says about growing investment attractiveness of Turkmenistan for foreign business circles.

Representatives of the government structures, profile ministries and departments, leading international oil and gas, service and consulting companies, competent international organizations and financial structures, diplomatic and scientific circles as well as mass media participate in anniversary conference including by video conference method.

Opening ceremony of OGT-2020 forum has been held in the afternoon. The participants have listened to the greeting speech of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to the members of the conference with great attention.

The plenary session was dedicated to energy diplomacy of Turkmenistan, which successful integration is supported by neutral status of the country.

It was mentioned in the reports that oil and gas industry is a leading branch of the economy, which plays an important role in implementation of major programs of industrialization of the country on innovative base and expansion of its export capabilities.

Turkmenistan has made a big journey toward establishment itself as leading regional energy power in the last years. This is visually indicated by accomplished and current big projects in oil and gas complex, in particular the project of construction of Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India gas line, which is supported by big world powers and competent international financial institutes.

Construction of 214-km section of Turkmen part of new energy line, which total length would be 1,840 km with annual throughput capacity of 33 billion cubic meters of gas, is under completion at present time.

Representative of TAPI Pipeline Company Limited Consortium, Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and other organizations have noted big progress achieved in promotion of TAPI project and its huge significance in the context of peaceful restoration of Afghanistan, rehabilitation of social and economic infrastructure of this country.

The status of our country as one of the biggest energy powers of the world has been confirmed by evaluation of natural gas reserves. After opening of super giant Galkynysh Deposit and number of other big fields, Turkmenistan confidently occupies the 4th position in the world by proven gas reserves, having become one of the big players in Asian gas market.

Entry of this deposit into industrial development is one of the large-scale projects in gas sphere. As of today, three plants with total production output of 30 billion cubic meters of sale gas per year have been put into operation in this place. Work for development of Galkynysh Deposit is continued.

At present, the People’s Republic of China is the biggest importer of Turkmen natural gas. Around 40 billion cubic meters of gas is supplied through three lines (A, B and C) of transnational Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan – Kazakhstan – China gas main, which was put into operation in December 2009.

At the same time, the resource base of transnational pipeline, which construction serves as an evidence of long-term, constructive and efficient cooperation aimed at certain result until today, is strengthened. In future, annual supply volume of Turkmen natural gas to the PRC will be increased to 65 billion cubic meters per year.

In addition, Turkmen gas is supplied to Russian Federation by Central Asia – Center gas line. There are also technical capabilities and resource base for export of eco-friendly fuel to southern direction.

Big work is carried out for diversification of oil and gas industry, opening of new facilities for deep processing of oil and natural gas making various petrochemical production with high added value, which is on high demand in local and foreign markets.

Thus, polymeric plant has been put into operation in Kiyanly settlement in 2018. Opening of the first plant for production of synthetic gasoline from natural gas in Ahal Region was a remarkable event. Opening ceremony of unique petrochemical complex has been held in June 2019.

According to the program of social and economic development of Turkmenistan, it is planned to implement range of big projects in petrochemical complex of the country including the construction of plant for production of polypropylene, low-density polyethylene, polyvinylchloride, caustic soda, Sulphur acid and liquefied chlorine as well as petrochemical complexes for production of methydiethanolamine, polyvinyl acetate, styrene-butadiene and polystyrene.

The priority attention is paid to increment of production capacities of Turkmenbashy Refinery Complex. Today, one quarter of industrial production made in the country belongs to the flagship of Turkmen petrochemical industry owing to reconstruction and technical rearmament of the complex. The ground breaking ceremony of two energy blocks of gas turbine power station with proposed output capacity of 70 MW/h has been held last September.

Special focus has been made in the speeches of the UN Permanent Coordinator in Turkmenistan Elena Panova, Secretary General of the Energy Charter Urban Rusnak and other participants of the forum on the fact that strengthening of positions of global economy is directly depends on stability of the world energy system i

Wide access to cheap, reliable and modern sources of energy has a decisive importance for steadfast development of all countries and wealth of all nations. The efforts of the world community are aimed at the achievement of this goal, including in accordance with the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has repeatedly presented the position of our country on these matters at the sessions of the UN General Assembly and other international forums. Constructive initiatives of Turkmen leader have found full understanding and support of the world community, which has been laid out in the UN Resolutions on Reliable and stable transit of energy carriers and its role in provision of sustainable development and international cooperation in 2008 and 2013.

Based on these initiatives, our country has developed proposals for modernization of the Energy Charter Treaty. As is known, the Energy Charter Treaty is the only multilateral agreement, which is aimed at solution of complex political, economic and legal problems related to trading of energy resources and their transit by interstate oil, gas and power lines.

This document has been signed by more than 50 states including but not limited by Turkmenistan, Japan, UK, European Union countries, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other.

At the same time, significant changes, which brought out the necessity to modernize the Treaty developed in the 90s to the agenda, have happened in the world. The third round of the talks related to this subject and held in video conference format by the Secretariat of the Energy Charter in Brussels (Belgium) will take place in November.

Numerous subjects including the role of the Energy Charter Treaty in establishment of international investment mode, details of investment to new transit transboundary energy infrastructure, legal and commercial aspects of regulation of partnership relations between the countries and other participants of energy projects is discussed at the talks.

Environment protection is also an important aspect. New Treaty has to take into consideration that all members of the Energy Charter have undertaken obligations on the Paris Treaty under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, which regulates the measures for reduction of carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere starting from 2020.

Work of the forum was continued with the session, under which current situation of energy markets and global trends of their development, the role of natural gas in the energy world after COVID-19 pandemic have been analyzed in details.

In general, according to the experts, gas industry has suffered less rather than oil industry from the drop in demand on energy resources due to complex situation in the world economy. With regards to the future, the pandemic will stop sooner or later and the economy will have to be recovered using fuel and energy complex.

At the same time, reduction of emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and the growth of demand on natural gas respectively are the main long-term trend in development of the world energy sphere related to the intent of the world community to combat against the climate change.

Same as before, the highest consumption rates of natural gas are expected in China and other countries of Asian Pacific Region. Renewable sources of energy, especially solar and wind energy, will receive active development.

Implementation of advanced technologies, wide digitization of the industry are the main ways of enhancement of efficiency of oil and gas business.

Turkmenistan Oil and Gas 2020 International Conference will be continued on the next day. Such subjects as attraction of investments to offshore blocks of Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea, new investment capabilities of petrochemical sector and other will be discussed. Foreign companies working in our country will make presentations of their activity.

Online meetings between the head of structural divisions of national fuel and energy sector and their potential partners are also planned to be held for discussion of strategic directions of cooperation in this field.


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