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Healthy life style – the key to health of every citizen

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Following a habit to do sport exercises and physical training on weekends, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has spared his time days off on it and visited equestrian complex.

In the morning, the Head of the State has made a cycling ride as a warmup. Fresh mountain air makes favorable effect on people, charges with energy and inspire for creativity.

The President of Turkmenistan pays special attention to environment protection and propaganda of healthy life style in the society, popularization of sports among the youth, which are the main priorities of the government policy.

All reforms, major programs and grandiose projects in Turkmenistan are based on care of human being, which is the main value of our state and society. Sports and active life style help people to reveal their potential.

During the ride, the Head of the State has looked around picturesque outskirts, which natural landscape harmonizes with forest zones. Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that while playing exclusive role in life of people, the nature inspires and ennobles.

Having joined international natural protection documents, Turkmenistan also works effectively on environment protection and wide implementation of the principles of healthy life style.

Integrated measures aimed at development of physical training and sport of the highest achievement, popularization of healthy life style in Turkmenistan are under permanent attention of the President.

Number of sport facilities provided with advanced equipment increases every year in the country, modern profile infrastructure is formed up.

The fact that June 3 has been announced as International Bicycle Day by Special Resolution of the UN General Assembly is an evidence of recognition of Turkmenistan’s success in development of sport sphere and ecological policy reached under the leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on the world level.

Targeted work is carried out owing to steadfast efforts of the Head of the State in the country for development of the cycling, which is included in the program of the Olympic Games and considered to one of the most eco-friendly sports.

The Head of the State has founded good tradition to hold wide public cycling rides in the country, which unite thousands of Turkmenistan citizens and not only them. In addition to participation of foreign diplomats and businessmen in this action in Ashgabat, the embassies of Turkmenistan to other countries also organize cycling days attracting residents of many cities of the planet. Therefore, International Cycling Day is an international holiday, which opens wide opportunities of sport as a messenger of peace and friendship.

Preparation to organization of the World Track Cycling Championship 2021 in turkmenistan is ongoing these days. According to the Resolution of the Head of the State, the composition of Organization Committee of the competitions has been approved for provision of high level of the Championship.

The Head of the State has repeatedly mentioned that regular cycling exercises strengthen people’s health, enhance activity and help to improve physical fitness. Number of supporters of this sport is growing in the country, especially among the youth.

Thus. Physical, health improving and sport activity in the country is an organic combination and consolidation of efforts of the state and society. In this regard, Turkmenistan can be easily named as a country, which gives positive examples to other states in development and propaganda of healthy life style, physical training and sports.

Further, the President of Turkmenistan has started Nordic walking, which has become more popular in many countries of the world recently as modern type of health improving exercises. It strengthens the joints, leg and arm muscles, stimulates cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Back and shoulder muscles are strengthened while making Nordic walking, which does not happen during normal jogging. It is very efficient, however, certain technique shall be followed. For example, correct size walking sticks have to be chosen, they have to be put in certain matters and big pressure should not be applied on them.

Today, special attention is paid in the country to protection of environment, right nutrition and sports for healthy growth and development of younger generation owing to the efforts of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Taking care of development of noble traditions of our ancestors at modern stage, the Head of the State pays special attention to ahalteke horses and always finds tie to visit his horses, which are national pride of Turkmen people.

Turkmen leader has ridden on Khanbeg horse from the equestrian complex. According to national horse coaching traditions, the President has looked after the horse carefully and after started to walk with it.

Throughout the years, Turkmen breeders and coaches improved ahalteke breed, having kept its unique characteristics. The fact that Turkmen horses are distinguished with typical silky tint, fine exterior, light as a bird’s flight but at the same time fast run.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov notes that improvement of ancient national horse riding art is one of the main directions of Turkmen horse breeding.

The President of the country also highlights that the history of formation of ahalteke bred and unique character of Turkmen horses have to be thoroughly studied while the principles of ancient horse breeding have to be enriched with modern scientific data in order to pass it to future generations.

Turkmen people used to treat ahalteke horses with special love, bred the horses, having elaborated training system, Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted. This has increased the devotion of horses to their masters. Owing to this, Turkmen horse breeders have made independent direction in horse breeding.

Having received the world recognition, century-old national principles of horse training are successfully developed at modern stage. This is reliable guarantee that ahalteke horse breeding will be developed not only in Turkmenistan but also in all parts of the planet.

From the old days, Turkmens treated a horse as a family member. It has strengthened unbreakable tie between ahalteke horse and human being. Today, success has been reached under the leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdmuhamedov in all spheres of national economy, which growth rates are comparable with fast run of ahalteke horse.


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