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President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov visits Motor Sport Center

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President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has visited the Motor Sport center of the Ministry of Interior of the country located in the northern part of the capital. Upon arrival, Turkmen leader has inspected conditions made of organization of motor sport competition and training. The Head of Turkmenistan has also held working session with participation of leaders of relative structures.

Being a supporter and promoter of active life style, the President of the country regularly finds time in his tight working schedule to do physical exercises and various sports. The same was on this day when the Head of the State went to the Motor Sport Center of the Ministry of Interior early in the morning.

Having made physical exercises, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov started Nordic walking, which is thought to be a good method to support muscles toned. At present time, medical science has recognized the efficiency of this physical activity that has certain methodology and technique of using special walking sticks.

The Head of the State noted that everyone, depending on his health condition, has to determine own speed of walking. It improves work of heart, respiratory ways and make favorable effect on entire body of human being. Works of muscles is distributed evenly during the exercises, which is also good gymnastics for joints

Excellent sport skills of the Head of the State are the results of long physical training and sport exercises. Being at school and university, the President was engaged in classic and free style wrestling, participated in various competitions and achieved high results and victories, having become the Champion of Ashgabat in 1972 in classic wrestling and the Champion of the country in shooting in 1973.

It is also worth to mention that President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov was awarded with 6th dan black belt in karate in 2008 and with Order of Honor of the Olympic Committee of Asia (OCA) in 2009.

Certificate of Honored Member of Japanese Karate-do Federation has been awarded to the Head of the State in March 2010 for big input in development of national sport movement and big merits in spread of Japanese martial art in Turkmenistan, certificate of the 7th grade black belt in taekwondo in April of the same year and diploma of the 10th dan in karate in September 2012.

Efficiency of measures undertaken in the country for popularization of healthy life style and involvement of the population in physical training and sports has become one of the reasons of significant results of social policy of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. In this regard, it is worth to mention that in 2014, the World Health Organization has conferred Turkmen leader with special award for big contribution in combating tobacco smoking.

Back in 2014, the President of the country has been awarded with honored title «Türkmenistanyň ussat halypa çapyksuwary» for outstanding achievements in restoration of glory of Turkmen horses, enhancement of prestige and popularization of horse riding art of our people in the world, development of equestrian sports and horse breeding industry, wide international cooperation in this sphere as well as for high skills in horse riding.

Personal example of the Head of the State in strive for physical and spiritual improvement supports increment of number of fellow countrymen, especially the youth, in engagement in various sports. At the same time, it supports to assertion of principles of healthy life style in society and provision of deserved and happy life of people.

… Further, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has held working session with participation of Minister of Interior M. Chakiyev and Ministers of Sports and Youth Affairs G. Agamyradov.

The Head of the State has asked about the main directions of activity of the Motor Center and measures for activation of international cooperation in this sphere as well as to strengthening of equipment and facility base.

The Minister of Interior has reported about organization of training work in the Center, measures for development of national motor sports and bringing of this sport to the world level. Preparation of Turkmenistan Volkicar Team Motor Sport Championship and Turkmenistan Volkicar-drift Motor Sport Championship in honor of the 25th anniversary of permanent neutrality of the country was separate subject of the report.

It was also informed that kart competitions and other events, which are to support to the transit of dynamically developing motor sports to new level, are organized.

Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs G. Agamyradov has reported on preparation to Turkmenistan Rally Raid Championship «Garagum ýalkymy», which are dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s neutrality. Various teams will take part in the competitions. Racers, who skilfully drive various sport vehicles, will compete in 100 km distance across Karakum desert.

It is worth to mention that the country has positive experience in organization of similar competitions. Turkmen racers have shown high results, having demonstrated good skills in driving sport cars at International Rally “Amul – Khazar 2018”, which was organized by initiative of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Turkmenistan Rally Ride «Garagum ýalkymy», which is some kind of continuation of international competitions, will be very important in improvement of professional level of our sportsmen.

Coming competitions, which are timed to the anniversary of neutrality of the country, will be organized by the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs. The Ministry of Industry and Construction Production is the sponsor of this competitions.

Continuing the meeting, it was reported to the Head of the State that new sport cars have been delivered to the Motor Sport Center.

In the last years, special attention is paid to development of motor sport in the country, which is also popular in the world, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted, having highlighted that in future, all conditions would be made both for training and for organization of various level competitions as well.

In the end, the Ministers have asked the Head of the State to test one of new racing cars. Having addressed relative officials with number of certain assignments for provision of high organizational level of the competitions, the President looked around new models of sport cars presented in the Center.

Further, the Head of the State has tested one of new vehicles. Skillfully driving high-speed car, the President made several sharp turns.

Development of sports of the highest achievements is one of priority directions of the government policy. Our sportsmen take active part in international competitions and their medals and victories improve prestige of the country and pride of Turkmenistan citizens for their home country, open big perspectives for further improvement of national sport school.

Big resources are invested to expansion of modern sport and health improving infrastructure and its compliance with the world standards. Projects of all educational and pre-school facilities, which are under construction in the country, include excellent gyms with good equipment, basketball and volleyball fields, swimming pools, tennis courts and other facilities. Sport complexes designated for organization of big competitions are built in all regions.

Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov pays special attention to organization of various competitions including international tournaments in the country. The best conditions are made for this.

Today, Turkmenistan actively develop sport diplomacy. Being a member of International Olympic committee, Olympic Council of Asia, our country makes deserving contribution to development of the Olympic movement.

The motor sport has received rapid development in the country under patronage of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. This is indicated by participation of our teams in international rally competitions as well as International Rally “Amul – Hazar 2018” successfully held in the country, which route has run along historical Silk Road.

It has become the biggest off-road race in Asia by its scale and significance. Grandiose competition has united professionals and amateurs of one of the most captivating sport from more than 20 countries like France, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, Great Britain and other countries. Part of the route laid across complex terrain of the Karakum Desert.

Sports receives more and more supporters and bigger significance in modern Turkmenistan. Making of conditions for sports and physical training would become normal occurrence in the country, especially among growing generation, is the main goal of development of strategy of development of sport and assertion of healthy life style in the country.

There are all capabilities for every people to be able to choose the sport they prefer. It allows an individual finding suitable way to keep himself in excellent physical state.

Conduct of nation-wide competitions, which involves thousands of Turkmenistan citizens, has become a good tradition under implementation of the government policy, where health protection of people is one of the main priorities.

Having tested new sport car, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov blessed conduct of Motor Sport Championships in the country and presented new vehicle to the Motor Sport Center of the Ministry of Interior.


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