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International cooperation in study of cultural heritage is a subject of webinar

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National Department of Turkmenistan for Protection, Study and Restoration of Historical and Cultural Monuments has organized international online meeting of scientists.

“Importance of neutral status of Turkmenistan in development of international cooperation in study of cultural heritage” was a subject of the webinar. Together with video conference, which was held in the Museum of Visual Arts, exhibition of findings discovered by scientists at various monuments of our country has been organized.

Archaeologists from Great Britain, Russia, USA, Italy, Spain and France, who work in scientific expeditions on the territory of Turkmenistan for many years, were the participants of the meeting.

It was mentioned during the webinar that original model of monument protection is available in Turkmenistan. Historical and cultural reserves like Nisa, Kunyaurgench, Ancient Merv, Ancient Dehistan, Kerky, Abiverd, Old Serakhs, Gyoktepe Fortress are the organizations under National Department.

The government closely cooperates with the leading scientific centers of many countries for deep study of national historical and cultural heritage.

During the meeting, Director of the Institute of History of Tangible Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences Natalya Solovyeva has spoken of long Turkmen – Russian cooperation in study of Eneolithic monument Yilgynly-depe, which is located in Ahal Region. Doctor Barbara Cerazetti from the Bologna University has dedicated her speech to 30-year old Italian – Turkmen studies in ancient delta of Murgab River.

Doctor of historical sciences Nadezhda Dubova has spoken about results of joint Turkmen – Russian studies in Gonur-depe. Professor Linni Rose has presented Turkmen – American projects of study of the monument on the territory of Ancient Margiana. Doctor Julio Bendezu-Sarmiento and Doctor Joanna L'Huilier have named their joint project “Ulug-depe – the birth place of Central Asian civilization: Study of French – Turkmen Archaeological Expedition”.

Professor Carlo Lippolis has reported on the outcomes of researches of Turkmen – Italian archeological expedition to the settlement of Old Nisa in 2019. Doctor Paul Wordstworth from Oxford and Doctor Martina Rugiadi from New York Metropolitan Art Museum have informed about the first results of international cooperation in medieval settlements of Dandanakan and Kushmeyhan on the territory of Mary Region.

Doctor Jose Louis Blesa has spoken about Turkmen – Spanish archeological researches on the territory of Dehistan.

Professor of the Silk Road department of London University College Tim Williams has dedicated his speech to international cooperation in establishment of electronic base of historical and cultural monument of Turkmenistan.

The past experience shows positive dynamic of development of international cooperation in protection and study of historical and cultural monuments between Turkmenistan and international organizations of this sphere as well as big scientific centers.

Undoubtedly, cultural policy of the country, which is success is mainly provided by neutral status of Turkmenistan, the country with ancient and rich historical and cultural heritage, which Turkmen people is proud of by right, plays special role in this important mission.


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