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Presentation of Chinese version of book of the Head of the State “Spiritual World of Turkmens”

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Conference hall of the Institute of International Relations of the Foreign Ministry hosted presentation of book of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov “Spiritual World of Turkmens” published in Chinese language.

Representatives of the Foreign Ministry of our country, Embassy of the PRC to Turkmenistan, international organizations accredited in our country, mass media, universities as well as political scientists, diplomats, directors of local news and magazines, student took part in the event.

It was mentioned at the ceremony that huge reading audience of China has received another opportunity to expand their knowledge about ancient history and rich culture of Turkmen people, its spiritual world, philosophy, mentality owing to translation of “Spiritual World of Turkmens” into Chinese language. Undoubtedly, it would serve to strengthening of friendly relations between two countries, the participants noted.

Greeting the participants, Charge d’affaires a.i. the PRC in Turkmenistan Xiang Bo has highlighted that high ideas, which put in the base of new book of Turkmen leader, are close and cleat to Chinese people as they are interrelated with its traditions and moral values.

The participants of the presentation noted that our country builds foreign policy aimed at establishment of beneficial partnership with all interested countries for the interests of peace and sustainable development. In this regard, symbolism of publishing of book “Spiritual World of Turkmens” in the year held in our country under slogan “Turkmenistan – Home of Neutrality” was highlighted.

Chinese student studying in D. Azadi Turkmen National Institute of World Languages has noted special role of book of the Head of the State in development of Turkmen – Chinese humanitarian dialog and expansion of scientific and educational contacts. Study of Chinese language in schools and universities of Turkmenistan as well as active student exchange are important indicators of successful partnership in educational sphere, the student representative said.


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