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The Week of Culture 2020: The Closing Ceremony

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The administrative centre of Dashoguz Region hosted big celebration concert, which has become the final event of the Week of Culture and dedicated to the Day of Cultural and Art Personnel and the Day of Magtumguly Fragi Poetry, which are widely observed in our country.

Famous performers, professional bands and popular folk groups as well as new artists who just have started in big art took part in cultural action in the northern region of the country. Bright atmosphere of the celebration included numerous activities.

Flower laying ceremony to the Monument of Magtumguly Fragi at the square, which bears the name of great Turkmen poet, took place in Dashoguz on the last day of the forum.

The event on Gyorogly Square was the final chord of cultural activities. Folk tunes and modern rhythms were played from the open stage. Choreographic compositions has adorned the programme.

Symbolical hand over of the baton of the Week of Culture, which is to be held in Lebap Velayat in 2021, was one of the main moments of the celebration.

After, united collective of folk and ethnographic groups has performed ‘kushtdepdy’ dance. Powerful energy of ancient rite, its expressive choreographic lexicology, bright costumes of dancers have made outstanding emotional scene, which highlighted the variety and vital message of national culture and art.


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