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Drawing of the final part of Asian Futsal Championship is held

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Drawing of the final part of Asian Futsal Championship, which is to be held in Ashgabat on February 26 – March 8, took place of the Olympiysky Hotel of the capital.

As per the drawing, 16 best futsal team of Asian continent have been distributed into four groups.

National teams of Oman, Tajikistan and Vietnam will be in the A group together with Turkmenistan team – the host of coming tournament.

Futsal players from Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon and Japan are in the B group. Teams from Indonesia, China, Bahrain and Uzbekistan will compete for quarter final in the C group. National teams of Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Thailand will try their best with existing champion of Asian Futsal Confederation – the team of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The group leg of the tournament will take place on February 26 – March 2, after which we will see the playoff round with participation of two best teams from each group.

Winner of the Asian Futsal Championship as well as winners of five qualifications for 2020 World Championship in Lithuania will be known on March 8. It will be four participants of semi-final matches and the team that will take the fifth place in the tournament.


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