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17.08.2019 | Shakirjan Durdiyev wins gold medal of international track and field tournament in Tashkent

International track and field tournament Uzbekistan Open Cup has started in Tashkent. It will last for two days.

17.08.2019 | Turkmen archer is a winner of gold medal of the XX World Crossbow Championship

XX World Crossbow Championship has finished in Ulyanovsk (Russian Federation). It became a record by the number of participants – more than 350 sportsmen took part in it.

08.08.2019 | Turkmen juniors win 2 medals of Asian Boxing Championship

Turkmenistan boxing team participates in Asian Junior championship, which is held in Kuwait on August 1 – 9. Representative tournament has brought together 150 sportsmen from 21 countries.

01.08.2019 | Turkmenistan enhances authority in international sport arena

These days, our country prepares to host 2020 World Sambo Championship and 2021 World Track Cycling Championship. Preparation to these large-scale competitions is carried out in accordance with the documents signed by the Head of the State on June 18.

29.07.2019 | Turkmen judo wrestler is a bronze winner of Asian and Oceania junior championship

Cadet Asia and Oceania Judo Championship is held tin Taipei (China) these days. 176 sportsmen from19 countries participate in the tournament. Junior team composed of 7 wrestlers represent Turkmenistan in the tournament.

25.07.2019 | Opponents of Turkmen futsal players in qualification round of 2020 Asian Championship are defined

National Iran and Kyrgyz Republic teams are the opponents of Turkmenistan by the results of the drawing of Qualification Tournament of Asian Futsal Championship, which took place in the Headquarter of Asian Football Confederation.

14.07.2019 | 2 medals of the Asian Junior Greco-Roman Wrestling Championship are in the collection of national team

Asian Junior Greco-Roman Wrestling Championship has started in Chonburi (The Kingdom of Thailand) on July 9 and would last until July 14. 130 sportsmen from 14 countries participate in the tournament.

08.07.2019 | Turkmen free style wrestlers win two medals at Spanish Grand Prix Tournament

Representative international free style wrestling tournament Spanish Grand Prix was held in Madrid on July 5 – 8. More than two hundred strongest wrestlers from 47 countries of the world took part in the competition.

06.07.2019 | Turkmen athletes win three medals of XXIX Gusman Kosanov Memorial

International Gusman Kosanov Memorial Track and Field Tournament, which is held for 29 times already, has started in Almaty.

06.07.2019 | XXX World Summer Universiade is opened in Napoli

Opening ceremony of XXX World Summer Universiade was held at Sao Paolo Stadium of Napoli (Italy) on July 3.




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