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10.04.2019 | Turkmen kick boxers perform with success at international tournament in Anatolia

Turkmenistan national team had success at the 4th International Turkish Open Kickboxing European Cup, having won five medals including two gold, one silver and two bronze medals.

08.04.2019 | Dovletjan Yagshimuradov: It is great honour and pride for me to compete under the flag of our country

Reforms in national sport sphere, huge work for popularization of sports, physical training and healthy life style bring its results – health-improving movement becomes more public, ranks of supporters of active leisure grow. The country has all conditions for training of high class sportsmen of international level.

07.04.2019 | The Head of the FIAS meets with representatives of sport community of Turkmenistan

President of the International Sambo Federation, who is currently in Ashgabat, had a meeting in the Martial Art Complex of the Olympic village with representatives of sport community of our country including titled sambo wrestlers, winners of prestige awards at different competitions of the world level.

25.03.2019 | Turkmen sportsmen win seven medals of Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi

Our sportsmen won three gold, two silver and two bronze medals at the World Summer Games of Special Olympics, which were held in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).

24.03.2019 | Turkmen sambo westlers are the winners of 12 medals at Harlampiyev Memorial Championship

Turkmen sambo wrestlers won three silver and nine bronze medals at the Harlampiyev Memorial World Cup, which started in Luzhniki Sport Complex in Moscow on March 22.

24.03.2019 | Turkmen national team win 9 medals of Eurasian Ashihara Karate Championship

Eurasian Ashihara Karate Championship, which was held in Anatolia (Turkey) on March 20 – 24, ended up with nine medals I collection of Turkmenistan national team.

24.03.2019 | Turkmen wrestlers are the winners of silver medals of Asian Junior Championship

Asian Wrestling Junior Championship, where our sportsmen Doveltmyrad Orazgylyjov (up to 86 kg) and Azat Gajiyev (up to 92 kg) won silver medals, has finished these days in Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia.

16.03.2019 | Turkmen wrestlers win three medals of ethnic festival “The World of Nomads”

Turkmen wrestlers take part in International Ethnic Festival “The World of Nomads”, which is held in Saudi Arabia.

11.03.2019 | Turkmen weightlifter wins bronze medal at junior world championship

Our fellow countryman Bektimur Reyimov won the bronze of the World Junior Weightlifting Championship in held these days in USA.

10.03.2019 | First Turkmenistan Futsal Super Cupis won by Kopetdag

The winner of Turkmenistan Futsal 2019 Super Cup has been defined in the Olympic village of the capital. It was contested between the winner of Turkmenistan Cup Denizchy and the country’s champion Kopetdag.




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