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20.09.2018 | Caspian media forum: cooperation in the interest of the region development

Those speaking during the 4th Caspian Media Forum held in Astrakhan, that the Turkmen delegation participates in, put forward an initiative to hold working meetings of the Caspian Editorial Office, a noncommercial association of TV media of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Iran, and Astrakhan Region) in various littoral cities. One of such places could be, for example, the Avaza National tourism zone. According to many participants of the forum, they would like to visit Avaza. The excellent conditions for recreation and organization of international events of any level have been created in the young resort that becomes very popular these days.

19.09.2018 | New apartment complex in Turkmenabat

The citizens of the administrative center of Lebap velayat received a wonderful gift for the Independence Day of Turkmenistan. The opening ceremony of four four-storey houses with 24 four- and three-room apartments each took place there. The most advanced technological structures and finishing materials were used during the construction.

19.09.2018 | Ashgabat hosts the XXI Conference of Humanitarian Association of Turkmens of the World

The capital hosted the XXI Conference of Humanitarian Association of Turkmens of the World. representatives of Turkmen diasporas from foreign countries as well as delegates from all parts of the country took part in work of the forum.

19.09.2018 | Turkmenistan delegation participates in the IV Caspian media forum

These days, administration centre of Astrakhan region, the Russian Federation hosts the IV Caspian media forum with the participation of the delegation from Turkmenistan, the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Uzbekistan for the first time.

19.09.2018 | Architectural premiers in Ashgabat

On the eve of the Independence Day, Ashgabat citizens got a wonderful present - two new high-rise apartment houses raised in Mir-7/3 residential estate in the south of the Turkmen capital. The opening ceremony that brought together the representatives of the municipal administration, public organisations, artistic groups, the elders and happy owners of new apartments turned into a big festivity.

18.09.2018 | Turkmen-German partnership: innovations into health care industry

A group of German doctors, professors, whose visits to our country vividly testify to the actively developing Turkmen-German cooperation in the health care system, initiated on the initiative of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, visited Ashgabat.

16.09.2018 | President’s horse Akhan is a world record holder

In addition to the honouring of the winner of the race during bright events on Caspian coast on occasion of the closing ceremony of International rally Amul – Hazar 2018 initiated by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, another event, which would enter the history, took place.

15.09.2018 | The President of Turkmenistan receives the certificate on entry of ahalteke horse Akhan to the Record Book

Certificate award ceremony on inclusion of ahalteke horse Akhan to the Guinness World Record Book took place in Turkmenbashy.

15.09.2018 | The Head of the State visits ‘Avaza’ multifunctional sport complex

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov who is currently on working trip to Balkan Velayat visited multifunctional sport complex in Avaza National tourist zone.

14.09.2018 | Turkmen Village to Boast High Social Standards

The Akhal velayat khyakimlik has hosted a meeting to discuss regional development issues. Among those in attendance were Mejlis deputy Serdar Berdimuhamedov, high-ranking and senior officials of the region’s administration, and representatives of the local community.




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