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17.10.2017 | The President of Turkmenistan gives start to Ashgabat golf club

During opening ceremony of the golf course, the Head of the State made symbolical strike of the ball with the club signifying the beginning of new life of the complex.

17.10.2017 | The Head of the State: Turkmen used to compete in chilik, the game reminding the golf, in ancient times

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the golf club in Ashgabat, the President of Turkmenistan expressed the confidence that new sport complex is to be popular place for active leisure.

17.10.2017 | President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov takes part in the opening of the first golf club in the country

The opening of the first golf club in Turkmenistan is carried out in Ashgabat with participation of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

15.10.2017 | Türkmentelekom and City Telephone Network Launch Promotional Campaign to Reduce Tariffs on Unlimited Internet

On the occasion of the 26th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s independence, the State Internet Provider, Türkmentelekom, and the City Telephone Network will launch a promotional campaign: from 5 to 31 October subscribers will be offered to connect to unlimited Internet under reduced tariffs.

13.10.2017 | "Ak öýi" buildings will be constructed in velayat centers

Buildings of "Ak öýi", which in their manner are repeating the traditional shape of Turkmen white yurts, will be built in all velayat centers of Turkmenistan. Such an instruction was given by the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to the vice-premiers responsible for the regions of the country and to the khyakims of the velayats.

11.10.2017 | Presentation of a new book of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov was held

In Ashgabat, the Public Organizations Center hosted a presentation of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov's book "Turkmenistan is the heart of the Great Silk Road".

10.10.2017 | A number of women of Turkmenistan are decorated with the Order of Zenan Kalby for their contribution to the unity and solidarity of society

The President of Turkmenistan has signed a Decree on decorating the following citizens of Turkmenistan with the Order of Zenan Kalby for their big personal contribution to strengthening independence and sovereignty of Turkmenistan; enhancing the unity, integrity and moral principles of Turkmen society and every family; ensuring the continuity of the Turkmen nation’s spiritual roots and traditions; promoting cultural development; fostering respect to our national values, historical heritage, ancient customs and rites in young people, cultivating love for their native country and work; upbringing them in the spirit of courage and heroism; in recognition of their special fruitful public activities, impressive job performance and conscientious work as well as in celebration of the 26th anniversary of independence of neutral Turkmenistan:

10.10.2017 | Representatives of the elder generation were awarded the title “People’s Honorable Elder”

Taking into consideration the great contribution to strengthening Turkmenistan’s independence, development of the national traditions and customs, consolidating the unity and solidarity of the native people, education of the younger generation, and for an exemplary life example, as well as on the occasion of 26th anniversary of the great independence of neutral Turkmenistan, the President of Turkmenistan issued the Decree on conferring the title “People’s Honorable Elder” on the following citizens of the country:

10.10.2017 | The list of holidays and memorial dates, celebrated without time off

In accordance with the Decree of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the list of holidays and memorial dates, celebrated in Turkmenistan without time off (if they fall on working days) is approved:

10.10.2017 | New charges for gas, electricity, housing and communal, transport and communications services

With the aim to continue the development of free market relations in the economy of Turkmenistan as well as to regulate prices for gas, electricity, housing and communal, transport and communications services for all users, the President of Turkmenistan has signed a decree, which establishes the following charges for natural gas (inclusive of VAT) as from November 1, 2017:




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