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20.02.2018 | Chronicles 2017: Agricultural Complex

Comprehensive system of state support of agricultural complex has been elaborated and successfully operates in Turkmenistan. Investments to the modernization of the infrastructure, technical rearmament of agricultural complex and service branches including the construction of agricultural production facilities and fertilizer production plants are the main elements of such system.

17.02.2018 | Petroleum and cotton products became lots of exchange auctions

Past week at the auctions of the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan 86 transactions were registered.

15.02.2018 | Chronicles 2017: Industry

Leading branches of national economy received strong impulse to rapid growth in 2017 under the course of large-scale industrialization of national economy successfully realized by Turkmenistan and under bringing of the country among developed country of the world.

13.02.2018 | 2017 Chronicles: Construction and electrical energy

Successful social and economic development of Turkmenistan is proven by numerous indices including by high investment activity. Today, the construction complex is oriented to the realization of large-scale state programmes for industrialization, creation of modern transport infrastructure, import substitutive production and increment of export goods, living construction and reformation of the regions. Modernization and reconstruction of existing enterprises as well as construction of new industrial and social facilities are carried out under these programmes.

13.02.2018 | Objectives of water management are discussed in Turkmen capital

Agricultural Complex of the capital held the conference where the matters of further development of water sphere of the country have been discussed. Hyakims of the velayats, deputies of the Mejlis, heads and leading specialists of agricultural complex, number of ministries and departments, State Commercial Bank Dayhanbank as well as representatives of the Academy of Sciences, personnel of water management, professors and lecturers of profile universities, personnel of scientific and research institutes took part in the meeting.

10.02.2018 | Products of TORC took the lead at the exchange auctions

Past week at the auctions of the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan 20 transactions were registered.

09.02.2018 | Ring power-transmission system in Turkmenistan

Reporting during a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers D. Amangeldiev noted that in order to ensure the uninterrupted power supply to consumers, it is planned to build up a ring energy system.

06.02.2018 | Chronicles 2017: Oil and gas complex

At the extended session of the Cabinet of Ministers on January 26 dedicated to the outcomes of 2017, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that during the realization of the objectives on diversification of fuel and energy complex, the utmost attention should be paid the consolidation of Turkmenistan positions in the world’s energy markets, to the satisfaction of growing internal requirements on energy carriers, to the increment of the production volumes received from oil and gas processing. Construction of TAPI and other gas pipelines has to be under special control.

03.02.2018 | The amount of export transactions at SCRMET auctions made up about 10 million US dollars

Past week at the auctions of the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan 15 transactions were registered.

03.02.2018 | Exhibition of industrial technologies: the world business community is interested in the Turkmen market

The International Exhibition of Industrial Products, Equipment and Modern Technologies completed its work in Ashgabat. The large-scale forum demonstrated the achievements of the domestic industry, as well as the huge potential of this sphere, to which President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov attaches the most important role in the Country Development Program for the next seven years.




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