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20.05.2020 | President of Turkmenistan congratulates compatriots on Gadyr gijesi

“I congratulate you on the blessed Gadyr gijesi - the Night of forgiveness, crowning the holy month of Oraza! I firmly believe that prosperity, mercy and prayers, as well as the symbolism of this Night - Gadyr gijesi, when Almighty Allah sent down the first surahs of the holy Quran, will strengthen our unity”, says President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in his congratulatory address.

19.05.2020 | Priorities of regional and capital development discussed at working session

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held video conference working session with participation of hyakims of the velayats and the capital. Priorities objectives of social and economic development, seasonal agricultural works as well as preparation to celebration events have been reviewed at the session.

19.05.2020 | Turkmen chemists activate cooperation with Russian and Turkish colleagues

The Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan hosted online scientific conferences with colleagues from scientific and research institutes of Kazan Technological University, the Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation as well as with scientists of Maltaş Maden Kimýa Mak. Nakl. Ltd. Şti, the Republic of Turkey with participation of specialists of the Ministry of Industry and Construction Production of our country.

19.05.2020 | Turkmen side presents priorities of the state policy in agricultural sphere at the online meeting under FAO

Current issues of agricultural development and production of food were the subjects of agenda of the session of heads of profile ministries of Central Asian states, including Turkmenistan, with participation of representatives of the UN Food and Agricultural Organization, which was held in online format.

19.05.2020 | Representatives of Turkmenistan and Russia share the vies on cooperation in stock exchange activity

Export potential of Turkmenistan and Russian Federation in textile industry and import interests as well as opportunities of cooperation the stock exchange activity were subjects of working session between Trade and Industrial Chambers of two countries. Heads and representatives of the Ministry of Textile Industry and the State Commodity and Raw Material Exchange have also taken part in the meeting, which was held in video conference format.

19.05.2020 | Medical methods in work of checkpoints were the subjects of seminar

Special seminar held in video conference format in Ýyldyz Hotel of the capital was dedicated to medical methods used in work of checkpoints for counteracting of dangerous infectious diseases.

19.05.2020 | Representatives of the Ministry of Health Protection and Medical Industry participate in online meeting on combating the pandemic

The 73rd session the Assembly of the World Health Organization was the main subjects of the meeting held in video conference format with participation of representatives of the Ministry of Health Protection and Medical Industry and Permanent Representative of Turkmenistan at the United Nations Organization in Genève (Switzerland).

19.05.2020 | Session of Turkmen – Uzbek Commission for international transport communications takes place

Türkmenawtoulaglary Agency hosted regular session of Turkmen – Uzbek Commission for international transport communication in online format, during which perspectives of intensification of beneficial cooperation in transport sphere have been discussed.

19.05.2020 | Perspectives of partnership with International Road Transport Union discussed

The Foreign Ministry hosted online consultation with International Road Transport Union, during which perspectives and main direction of bilateral relations have been discussed.

18.05.2020 | The President of Turkmenistan takes part in the events on occasion of the Constitution and State Flag Day

Turkmenistan observed the Constitution and State Flag Day. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in the events on occasion of this remarkable date in Ashgabat.


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