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17.07.2017 | Turkmenistan produces artificial graphite of petroleum coke for the first time

Key role in improvement of production potential of the country, transit of the economy to innovative development diversification of industrial sector by stimulating of new directions is given to the State and private partnership. Targeted selection of such “points of growth” according to economic strategy developed by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov is represented by the process of formation of investment portfolio including the most promising projects, in other words, those, which were tested and found to be ready for quality assurance and analysis from the investments and business plan points of view.

17.07.2017 | Ashgabat hosts the training for specialists of the Caspian States

The capital holds 5-day training course “Marine Spatial Planning” organized by International Ocean Institute (IOI) and the State Office of the Caspian Sea Affairs under the President of Turkmenistan.

17.07.2017 | The system of monitoring of the National action plan for human rights became a topic of the «round table» meeting

In the United Nations Organization representative office in Ashgabat the round table meeting devoted to realisation of the «national action plan for human rights in Turkmenistan for 2016-2020» took place. Representatives of the United National Development Program (UNDP) and members of a working group of the interdepartmental commission for maintenance of fulfilment of international obligations of Turkmenistan took part in it in the field of human rights and international humanitarian right.

16.07.2017 | Galla Bayramy is a holiday of bread and farmers

Galla Bayramy, a holiday based on primordial traditions of reverence of bread as a symbol of prosperity, is traditionally observed on the third Sunday of July in Turkmenistan.

16.07.2017 | Commissioning of the new gas chemical giant in Garabogaz

At the construction site in the city of Garabogaz (Balkan velayat) plant for the production of carbamide has entered a phased start-up and adjustment work

16.07.2017 | The national air carrier actively develops a cargo segment

Air transport is one of the most dynamically developing modes of transport, whose importance grows with the increase in the structure of world trade of the proportion of ready and expensive products.

16.07.2017 | The share of non-primary products in Turkmen exports continues to grow

Export of Turkmenistan in January-May 2017 compared to the same period in 2016 has increased by 1.3 percent.

15.07.2017 | Exhibition, dedicated to traditions of agriculture opened in the State museum,of Turkmenistan

Exhibition"The land of white wheat" has opened in the State museum of the State cultural center of Turkmenistan.

15.07.2017 | Production of gas processing and textile industries became a subject of export transactions at auctions of SCRMET

At the auctions of the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan 27 transactions were registered this week.

15.07.2017 | The traffic capacity of the road communication network of the Turkmen capital grows

In the northern part of Ashgabat Street Khoja Ahmet Yasavi - one of the significant city roads has been reconstructed. The decision on reconstruction was accepted in connection with the growing transport congestion of the rather narrow street. As a result the road has been expanded and replaced, new engineering communications have been laid - the highway with a length of 4 thousand metres has found a modern look according to the international standards, including a road marking, systems of street illumination and an accompanying infrastructure.


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