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18.12.2017 | The conference devoted to results of the Year of Health and Inspiration took place

As organizers of the forum which took place at the National Institute of Sports and Tourism, acted the State Sports Committee together with Ministry of Health and Medical Industry. Heads and representatives of sectoral establishments, higher educational institutions, public organisations and the mass media took part in the meeting.

18.12.2017 | Cambridge University Press Licensed Bookstore Opens in Ashgabat

In the educational system of modern Turkmenistan, advanced approaches to learning foreign languages are being introduced at all levels of education; and methods of teaching are being improved.

16.12.2017 | The 2nd congress of the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan took place

In Ashgabat the 2nd congress of the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan on the agenda of which reports on the work of the head of the central council of the party and the chairman of the revision committee and also organizational issues included, took place.

16.12.2017 | At auctions of SCRMET oil products took the lead

Past week at the auctions of the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan 21 transactions were registered.

15.12.2017 | The tour of Russian circus artists in Ashgabat

Festive shows will continue the New Year’s events that started in the Turkmen capital. Among them is the traditional tour of the circus artists from the Russian Federation, organized with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan, which started on December 17.

15.12.2017 | Work of State Commission on Food Security Analyzed

Work of the State Commission on Ensuring Food Security has been discussed at the session of the Government of Turkmenistan.

15.12.2017 | In the Akhal Velayat a new glass plant began its work in a test mode

Construction of a large industrial complex with a factory for the production of quartz sand - the main raw material for glass production started in 2015. The project was implemented within the framework of state import substitution and export-oriented programs.

15.12.2017 | International standards of accounting and financial reporting will be introduced in Turkmenistan

The national system of accounting and financial reporting will be brought into compliance with the current international standards. To this end, during 2018 it is planned to conduct preparatory activities, including the development of guidelines, the introduction of software and organization of seminars with the participation of experts from leading financial institutions.

15.12.2017 | Lighting ceremony of the main New Year tree of the country takes place

The main New Year tree of the country switched on the lights, having announced on the arrival of New Year, long awaited and the most favourite holiday.

15.12.2017 | The construction of Serhetabat – Turgundy railway is carried out according to the schedule

The construction of the railway in Afghanistan for the support the development of Turgundy railway station is carried out according to the schedule.


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