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19.04.2018 | Members of international forum speak for activation of work on popularization of music heritage

International scientific conference and festival “Ancient Sources of Music Art” has come to the end in Ashgabat. Representative forum gathered humanitarian scientists and art masters from 13 countries in Turkmen land.

18.04.2018 | Turkmen music heritage preservation is discussed by the participants of international forum

The Mukams Palace of the State Cultural Centre held opening ceremony of International scientific conference and festival “Ancient Sources of Music Arts”.

18.04.2018 | The President of Turkmenistan and the Governor of Saint Petersburg outline priority directions of cooperation

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov received Georgy Poltavchenko, the Governor of St. Petersburg, who arrived in our country as the head of representative delegation.

18.04.2018 | Famous world scientific centres express keen interest to the monuments and historical places of Turkmenistan

Architectural and archaeological monuments remained in Turkmenistan, many of which witnessed turbulent life along ancient trade routes, have much to tell to our contemporaries and descendants. Indeed, due to its geographic location Turkmen land became the main bridge between the Western and Eastern worlds. Important communication channels between the civilizations of Asia and Europe run via our territory.

18.04.2018 | The President of Turkmenistan: Primary sources of music art are unique components of cultural heritage

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov sent greeting message to the participants of international scientific conference and festival “Ancient Sources of Music Art”.

17.04.2018 | Architectural character of time: new quality of life and new life of traditions

A new issue of the journal “Construction and architecture of Turkmenistan” continues to highlight the stages of the implementation of the city planning policy, creating the picture of time in the erected buildings and constructions that adorn the look of our cities and villages, the whole country, embodying the new quality of people’s life.

17.04.2018 | Turkmenistan – Kazakhstan: Direct connections of neighbouring regions

Further expansion of trade and economic, scientific and technical, cultural and humanitarian cooperation between Balkan Velayat in Turkmenistan and Mangistau region in the Republic of Kazakhstan was included in the agenda of the meeting with the participation of the representatives of government structures, industrial and business circles, art personnel of friendly countries in Avaza National tourism zone.

17.04.2018 | New waterway Hyvaabat – Kaahka is opened in Ahal velayat

15-km waterway Hyvaabat – Kaahka was ceremonially opened in Kaahka etrap. Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management, the United nations Development Programme (UNDP), velayat and etrap administration and non-governmental organizations took part in the ceremony.

17.04.2018 | The President of Turkmenistan congratulates personnel of the State Migration Service on their professional holiday

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed congratulation message to personnel of the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan on occasion of their professional holiday.

16.04.2018 | Businessmen in Romania are to widen their presence at the promising Turkmen market

The Intergovernmental Turkmen-Romanian commission on the economic, scientific and technological cooperation held the 7th session. The meeting brought together the heads and representatives of a number of governmental intuitions of the two countries.


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